The Ultimate in Wood-Burning Appliances: A Green Refrigerator

The debate continues as to whether or not a green refrigerator designed by Stephen A. Sieradzki truly is the ultimate in wood-burning appliances or whether it will simply crash and burn

| January/February 1976

green fridge

Converting your regular refrigerator to a wood-burning appliance is just one more creative way to "go green."

Photo By Fotolia/Jaroslav Machacek

In Response to The Wood Burning Alternative Refrigerator Project.

I'm not sure, but I think Dale Degler's going to blow his head off with that wood-burning contraption! These fridges are designed to be used with a small flame. When you hit them with intense heat — such as that of the wood fire you pictured — you're going to boil the water, not only lowering efficiency to the point where the machine won't work, but building up steam pressure in the unit to destructive levels. 

BOOM! Thar' she blows! And the explosion will have an added bonus, lots of ammonia, a toxic compound. 

H. Hartzog. Bellingham, Wash. 

You're right, H . but only partway. The intermittent absorption refrigerator does work. In fact, the "Icy-Ball" model (also mentioned in the article), was a widely used, dependable commercial product. And it was heated by being placed over a fire.  

1/23/2009 9:29:51 AM

You can see the photos in the Image Gallery of The Incredible Wood-burning Refrigerator in the original article that these comments are related to here:

alexis acuna_3
1/22/2009 2:44:10 PM

I think this is a very interesting article, but unfortunately its seams that the diagram of Stephan refrigeration it’s not posted. Is any place where I can see it?