Bouncing Around Ideas for Homemade Dryer Sheets

Use leftover fabric and your favorite essential oils to make reusable scented dryer sheets.

Essential Laundry Oil

Keep mystery ingredients out of your laundry by switching to homemade dryer sheets.

Photo by Fotolia/Botamochy

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My husband loves Bounce brand scented dryer sheets. For the longest time, I tolerated using the sheets in our laundry because of him, but they’re full of toxic chemicals I don’t want on our skin or in our laundry. Last year I decided on a more natural approach, and my husband never even noticed the change. I keep scrap fabric by the dryer with a selection of essential oils. When I put a wet load into the dryer, I put a few drops of essential oil onto a piece of fabric and then throw it in. These homemade dryer sheets work wonderfully.

A classic essential oil to use is lavender, but a mix of ylang-ylang with vanilla or sweet orange smells great, too. These scented dryer sheets, especially if paired with homemade detergent, are an easy and toxin-free way to have fresh-smelling laundry.

Andrea Wilson
Peterborough, Ontario