Green Building With Recycled Materials

Green building with recycled materials. The author finds new ways to use recycled cans and other materials to create eco-friendly structures.

Max's Pot
The inside of Max's Pot, as Fisk's center is affectionately known, is a green builder's reference library. Either through testing or building, the center puts to use a variety of earthen and other indigenous materials, including adobe, rammed earth, caliche, laterite, fly ash and natural pozzolan cements, rice husk ash cement and alumina clay brick. To present flexible spacial solutions, Fisk uses computer-enhanced images. A one-room private bathroom now becomes a multifunctioning area. The built-in and drawn curtains can section the room off into a dressing area, a bathroom and a laundry room if need be. To solve heating problems, Fisk has also invented a ""kitchen on wheels."" The solar oven, the rainwater-fed sink and the propane refrigerator can be moved from room to room or even outside during the lengthy Texas summer.