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GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater From GE Earns Another First

LOUISVILLE, KY — The GeoSpring hybrid water heater from GE continues its impressive run of firsts. Not only was the GeoSpring the first heat pump water heater to be ENERGY STAR-rated and the first to be listed on the U.S. Department of Energy's website, it's recently earned another first: first place in the Edison Best New Product Awards in the Lifestyle & Social impact category.

The Edison Best New Product Awards recognize new and innovative products in the spirit of Thomas Alva Edison, America's greatest inventor and innovator. Edison was father of the electric light bulb, document duplication, recorded sound, commercial electricity generation, and the motion picture, to name but a few of his inventions. The 2010 Edison Awards are sponsored by TV's Discovery Channel, Google, The Nielsen Company and Strategyn: the Thomas Edison Papers at Rutgers University serves as guarantor of the Edison Awards.

Water Heater

After air heating and cooling, home water heating is the largest in residential energy consumption. As homes are designed to be more energy–efficient, the percentage of energy used to heat water has been growing — until now. The new GeoSpring hybrid water heater can cut residential water heater energy costs by more than half.

By utilizing heat pump technology in combination with traditional electric elements, the GeoSpring hybrid water heater pulls heat from surrounding air and transfers it to the tank. This innovative process creates the same amount of hot water as a traditional water heater, but can reduce energy expenses up to 62 percent.* And that could have a dramatic impact on monthly utility bills and the environment. The GeoSpring hybrid water heater:

  • Consumes up to 62 percent less energy than a standard electric water heater
  • Results in energy savings of $320 per year**
  • Exceeds ENERGY STAR minimum requirements of 2.0 Energy Factor (EF) with 2.35 EF

The GeoSpring hybrid water heater has earned a "Best of What's New" award from Popular Science magazine, and was also recently recognized in Home Builder Executive's "Green Building Product Awards" for Heat Pump Water Heaters.

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