Energy Saving Guide for Winter Quiz

By answering a few questions, you can find out if your home is winter ready. Then, follow the advice to winterize your home.

| October/November 1991

Okay. You’ve cleaned out the gutters, sealed off any exterior water pipes, fixed the driveway and patched the screen that your kid put a baseball through sometime in June. Feeling buckled down for winter? A thorough house tour and our quiz may reveal the crack that your home-energy money has been falling through.

1. Are your rooms cold, even though you hear your heating system running?

Solution: Your heat cannot escape into the room. Either the flow of heat is blocked by objects or your heaters need cleaning and bleeding. To learn more about solving this problem read Quick Checks for an Efficient, Winterized Heating System.

2. Is your log cabin insulated?

Solution: Much to the surprise of many log-home owners, you do need to insulate. To learn more about this topic read Log Home Insulation Saves Energy.

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