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What's Your Solar Potential?

By Tabitha Alterman

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solar roof 

Curious about whether your home is a good candidate for solar power? Check out Roofray, a handy tool that takes advantage of Google’s complex map data to project your home’s solar power potential. Roofray also makes educated guesses about energy bill savings and installation costs for your location.


10/20/2008 11:53:56 AM

Kind of a neat toy. You have to be sure to choose just the south-facing part of your roof. By the way, there is a free online course on finding solar installers, and good tips for evaluating installers available at

10/3/2008 4:45:40 PM

Totally useless for the southern hemisphere. Winter is not in December and the sun is not in the south.

10/2/2008 12:52:20 PM

very interesting does this factor cloudy days in the area