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Barn Cats Transform Barns into Houses

Saving the Barn’s Barn Cats is proud to announce it’s branching out with a new line of structures constructed of historic recycled materials. The company has specialized in renovating, relocation and constructing traditional barns. Barns that have deteriorated beyond repair are torn down and the materials are re-used to save existing barns or construct barns from scratch using historic materials.

Barn Cats will use it’s extensive inventory of recycled barn materials to construct other buildings ranging from custom homes to garages and sheds. Barn Cats recently completed a cottage located in Silver Lake, MI. It features traditional post and beam construction and makes extensive use of historic re-cycled materials from barns that have been torn down. The result is a structure that offers the ambience and feel of a bygone era combined with the energy efficiency and advantages of new construction. Contact: Randy Mouw 616-890-9274 or Mark Younts 231-740-4503 or

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