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help wanted for drilling/ digging well Options
#1 Posted : Saturday, July 12, 2003 11:00:33 PM
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Folks I must warn you, the hydradrill is not good for drilling a well that you would need for everyday use. You will have to have very sandy soil for it to even drill very good. It will only drill a 2" pipe, and that quite frankly is not enough to supply your needs. Digging a well by hand is a Very very dangerous thing. I have done this years ago, and while we got down below 10 - 15 feet we started suffering caveins and used lumber to reinforce the walls as we went down. I think we ended up at 30 feet when we had to use sump pump to pump water out so we could dig deeper. I believe we got down to 45 feet before it got too dangerous to dig deeper. We waited about 2 days and when the water level stablized and rose to 10 feet from the surface, we then pumped it out and laid concrete tile in and backfilled the dirt. LOTS OF WORK! Lots of Danger too.
Instead of drilling have you asked your well companies out there if they will bore a well. Its generally runs around 1500.00 dollars to bore the hole. And you don''t have to go into the expense of a submersible pump. You should be able to use a surface pump which is much cheaper to buy.
I can honestly tell you, 3000.00 is a bargain! Trust me, I paid 5000 dollars for a dry hole in my back yard. And another 4000.00 for one that only gets me 1 1/2 gallon a min.
Tapping a spring is possible but is it safe? Before even thinking of it you need water samples. The one problem i cna think of is if that spring isn''t obviously flowing out of the ground, it could change its locations periodically. Also it probably won''t supply enough water for you to use. NOW, if you have a well bored near that spring, You are much better off.

If you decide to dig, it will cost you about as much money in lumber, supports, safety, and time as to just pay a man to come out and bore the well.

If that 3000 dollar price is a drilled well, then that is a bargin.
If it is a bored well then its not so good a bargin and you can do better by shopping around for a driller that will do it for a fair price.
Again, the hydrodrill and I almost bought one til i used one that someone i knew had, it wasn''t worth the money or aggrevation. You will break more bits and bend more rods and have to replace those before you can continue and at 50 bucks a pop for a used bit, you will add cost real fast.
#2 Posted : Sunday, July 13, 2003 1:44:20 AM
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You have one of 3 choices.

1) Buy a Hydradrill and take an enormous chance it will work in your area. Chances are good it won''t.....and you will have spent a formidable sum on a piece of equipment that won''t serve your needs.
2) Drive a point.
http://www.extension.umn.edu/distribution/naturalresources/DD0951.html There is a slim chance that you may hit good drinking water at 25''. With the right setup, its possible to get water as deep as 60'' from a 2" point. Talk to your neighbors to see if any of them have had any success with a point.
More often than not, points will last only a few years before they become clogged....and you get to repeat the procedure. Cost for attempting to get water from a point at 25''....approx $200.....at 60''....approx $300.
3) Pay $3000 for a commercially driven/drilled well. The $3000 figure is only an estimate.....and as in all attempts at well drilling.....there are no guarantees.
#3 Posted : Sunday, July 13, 2003 2:16:28 PM
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If you have fairly soft soil go to www.lehmans.com they have the well points for sale at a resonable price. If nothing else it would suffice until you can afford a better set up.
#4 Posted : Wednesday, July 16, 2003 10:21:49 PM
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If a natural spring, then there are/were some articles in TMEN about how to box the spring. Basically one digs it out, and frames it in with natural materials.

Before thee starts digging, find a ''water witch''. Contact your ''extension agent'', he can advise thee which give honest value. Many a time, a ''witch'' can guide you right to the best spot to dig, often not what thee thought! Well, spring, seep, whatever.

And don''t overlook ''seeps''. The name is self descriptive.

Take care

#5 Posted : Thursday, July 17, 2003 2:44:40 PM
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Thanks for all your responses, I guess I''ll hide away from the Hydra drill!!!!

pate20135 - I am really interested in your comments about tapping our spring. Can I ask what TMEN is? Sorry to be niave!!

By water witch I assume you mean someone who can water divine? I hve had a littl experience with this before, so maybe I''ll have ago again.

Thank you again.
#6 Posted : Thursday, July 17, 2003 3:25:11 PM
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I went to the site you suggested to lok at well points, but I couldn''t find them.

Where onthe site are they?


#7 Posted : Thursday, July 17, 2003 4:00:03 PM
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TMEN. The Mother Earth News.

Yes, diviner (spelling?) But have someone else do it. For some reason the ''direct need'' seems to throw some things off. Plus thee wants an unbiased second opinion, ya?

On the well points, they are there. Look in the water department. Better yet, get the catalog. Well worth the money. (grin)

Take care,


#8 Posted : Thursday, July 17, 2003 5:10:11 PM
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I know that pate has something there about water witching. I have done this myself to locat water pipes in a building, and I use coathangers to find them. Its strange but it does work. I think it may have something to do with the water creating a disturbance in the earths magnetic field.
#9 Posted : Thursday, July 17, 2003 5:10:11 PM
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I need to put a well in on my land, but don't want to pay $3000 to do so.

My husband and I are really keen to maybe look into drilling or digging a well ourselves.

We've seen the hydra drills, but they are out of our buget, unless we can get a second hand one.

Could anyone make any suggestions on how we could do this.

We have been lead to believe there is a natural spring on the land, but don't know how to tap this.

Could anyone help?

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