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#21 Posted : Wednesday, December 10, 2003 6:09:13 PM
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We had a problem with field rats two years ago, and they got into the house. One day Odo was sniffing around the washing machine and one popped out and tried to run past him. He took his paw and swatted it to the left where Lilly,(my jackrussel/rat terrier) grabbed ahold of that rat and killed it. Ever since then they would team up on a mouse or a field rat. Hehe
#22 Posted : Monday, December 15, 2003 1:02:25 AM
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Okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit. But here''s the story about Opie the pig:

The Mr. was in the bathroom one day and Opie went in to hang out with him in there (both the pig and one cat LOVE to be in the bathroom with people, so we''ve kind of given up on closing the door).

The Mr. discovered that there was no more TP in the bathroom, so he said (intending for me to overhear and act:) "Opie, go get me some toilet paper." Opie went out into the kitchen and ran back to the bathroom with a paper towel in his mouth.
#23 Posted : Monday, December 15, 2003 7:19:06 AM
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LOL, thats pretty good sheila, Pigs are a pretty smart animal!

My dog Hunter, was laying by my sons chair one day, and Eli had spent about 15 min making the ultimate sub sandwich. He sat down in his chair and was watching tv, and he would take his sandwich and prop his elbow on the arm of the chair and the sandwich was waving around in front of Hunters nose. Well after about 4 or 5 times past his nose, Hunter grabbed it out of Eli''s hand and took off running. Eli jumped up and chased Hunter out on the deck, and grabbed Hunter, and wrestled him for the sandwich. I think he got about half his sandwich back by the time he got it away from Hunter.
I was rolling on the floor laughing over that one.
#24 Posted : Tuesday, December 16, 2003 5:08:50 PM
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I"m new here but have a good cat story. A group of us were running a cat adoption service and adopted out one of our strays. The new owner lived it the country in a mobile home and got the cat after the kids were in school and hubbie at work. She decided the transition to a new home would be easier with no confusion. When daughter came home she left the door open and soon it appeared that kitty had got out. Woman called paper to put in ad, called us in tears & when hubbie got home cried to him. He decided to look under home and sure enough eyes gleamed from the beam of his flashlight. Called wife to bring pillow case and cornered cat and got it in case. Of course, cat was terrified so he took it into bathroom and shut door before releasing. A couple of minutes later wife heard scream and moans-- cat had climbed up his body and was clinging with all claws to top of his head, as blood trickled down. Wife looks and then says "that is not our cat" After wild cat was outside & things quiet, kitty came out from behind washer.
I am sure there is a moral to this tale but not sure what it is.
#25 Posted : Tuesday, December 16, 2003 6:28:18 PM
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Whatever the moral, it was a great story bookwoman. Welcome to the forums.

Be well.....
#26 Posted : Tuesday, December 16, 2003 6:36:46 PM
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Funny is watching 4 dogs go on a mouse hunt in the kitchen. 1 male Rott about 125 lbs, 2 female Rotts both about 80 lbs and one little female beagle cross about 30 lbs. Mix in 4 full grown adults giving a play by play ( with their own twist) drinking coffee all day. It was almost a pants wetter. The mouse did not make it out of the ordeal alive, but not before it inflicted a few of it''s own blows. (think the poor devil died of a heart attact truth be told) The older female Rott would get the mouse in her mouth, we think that the mouse bit her or scratched w/ claws and the female would drop the mouse.. The whole thing would start over again.
#27 Posted : Tuesday, December 16, 2003 6:46:58 PM
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Now for my ''believe it or not'' story.....
In January of last year, before the fire burnt down our old place, our old ginger-haired cat, Sir Thomas Munchalot, disappeared. Being a tomcat (neutered) with a tendency to wander I didn''t think too much about it the first night, but when he didn''t show up for his breakfast the next morning I was a bit concerned knowing Sir Thomas'' ideas on the importance of a good breakfast. (His nickname is ''Alarmclock'') We searched the woods and knocked on neighbor''s doors. No Sir Thomas. For 6 days no Sir Thomas. I finally gave up and I have to admit to being broken-hearted....he and I had shared a special bond from the day I had found him on the side of the road, crouched down beside his mother''s body. Anyway.....
Larsson, the wonder dog, was still a half-grown pup, and every time hubby took him out to use the bathroom or get exercise he ran back to the shed and pawed at the door; on the 7th day hubby went in the shed to get a saw and Larsson followed him in. After sniffing around and whining for a few seconds Larsson jumped on top of hubby''s bike bag and began growling, then began barking, yelping, and jumping around running in circles with a very p''o''d Sir Thomas riding on his head! Larsson galloped out of the shed, still at full cry, and would probably still be running if he (blinded by a very furry and upset cat on his head) hadn''t run right into the fence, knocking Sir Thomas off.
A (simultaneously) triumphant and sheepish hubby carried Sir Thomas into the house and dropped him on my lap. Seems he had been working in the shed the week before and hadn''t noticed the cat following him in....Sir Thomas had been surviving on a bowl of water hubby kept out there for Larsson''s use and a, now-extinct, family of mice which had taken up residence in a bike bag. Other than not letting me out of his sight for days and a tendency to growl threateningly at his rescuers Sir Thomas was fine, lol.
#28 Posted : Wednesday, December 17, 2003 3:24:16 AM
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I didn''t get my dog Hamm fixed until he was 6 years old.
In any event a dog had gone into heat in the neighborhood and I could not leave Hamm outside as he would start to howl.
I brought him inside just to listen to him whine every 15 minutes.
He continued this for 3 days.
Finally he seemed to calm down on the 3rd morning and I lay down to try to nap (the last 3 nights not having been very restful).
I had just fallen asleep when Hamm walked over and whined at me.
I yelled at him to lie down and shut up.
I started to fall asleep ...whine ..."Shut up!"
Hamm came over jumped on the bed and sticking his nose under my body flipped me through the air and onto the floor.
I looked up from the floor and said "Well, I guess I''ll let you out".
I let him out, discovering the reason that he wanted out was to use the restroom (urgently).
After doing so he came back in and we both took a nap.
(he hadn''t slept well for 3 days either)

#29 Posted : Wednesday, December 17, 2003 9:41:48 PM
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I''m enjoying these stories. My Hina cat (she''s the Buddhist) spent 3 days in a dresser drawer once.
#30 Posted : Wednesday, December 17, 2003 9:41:48 PM
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I don't know if anyone else has pet stories to share, but here's our latest:

Our lizard escaped from her habitat on Sunday. I was sitting at my sewing machine table, which is next to her habitat, sewing. The Mr. was dozing on the couch watching the football game (if you lived in Chargers country, you'd doze too--it's less painful). I heard Mo scurrying around like she does when she's hungry, then the noise sounded different. I looked up and she was on her enclosure, rather than in it. I said, "Jeff!! Mo's out!" and he jumped up. The cat was heading over to investigate and I headed him off. Jeff tried to grab the lizard, and it disappeared behind a very large heavy full bookcase.

This lizard is a bit over 2 feet long and carnivorous, so we have to handle her, um, carefully. We didn't set out to have her--she showed up in the yard one day. She's not native to our environment and would have died had we left her out there (not to mention what impact she might have had on the local critters) so we kept her. She's a Colombian Black and White Tegu, if anyone was wondering.

When we weren't able to catch her right away, the Mr. decided to use the opportunity to do a very thorough cleaning of her enclosure. Then we tried to lure her out with food. No luck. Tried gently poking her. No luck. Made the dogs sleep outside that night so that if she came out there wouldn't be a confrontation while we were sleeping.

She's still back there. Our lizard expert at the reptile shop assures me that she's very hardy and a few days out won't hurt her. But I sure hope we can get her rounded up today!
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