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Cat litter question :) Options
#1 Posted : Monday, December 01, 2003 2:55:34 PM
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Wal Mart sells one made of PINE. Smells good and the can''t doesn''t care one way or the other.
#2 Posted : Monday, December 01, 2003 4:06:47 PM
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How is clay not green????? Bentonite clay is just about as natural as you can get.
If you are worried about what they put in the clay, you can get the litter that is just clay and no perfumes.

I never had that prob with any cats i had, they went outside when they had to do their business.
#3 Posted : Monday, December 01, 2003 5:00:44 PM
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There''s a litter call Swheat Scoop (or something like that) made from wheat products. There''s another one, I believe called Yesterday''s news, made from old newspapers.

I always just used a good quality, perfume-free, clumping, low-dust litter for my cats. Then the Mr. and his pig came into our lives. The pig we had at the time (he''s an angel now) used a litter box that was filled with pine shavings (the kind you buy at the feed store). When we moved in together, the cats began using the pig''s box. Not a good thing, if you can imagine trying to clean cat poopies from a pig''s hoof. So I started filling their box with the pine shavings. Our current pig, Opie, doesn''t use a box (he knows how, and we''ll leave him one if we''re going to be gone for a long period of the day), but we still use the pine shavings in the cats'' box.

By the way, my boy cat, Ti''i, often piddles in the toilet, instead of the box. Taught himself that one. I''d been blaming the Mr. for FTF (failure to flush) and then we finally caught the cat in the act.
#4 Posted : Monday, December 01, 2003 6:01:26 PM
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Sheila, you have one great cat there! I had a cat that I bought the "kit" for to teach/train him to use the toilet. Worked great until his foot went thru'' the perforations in the plastic and freaked him out...could''nt get him on the john again, altho'' he still got in the shower with us (he just loved it!).
The current queen of the roost gets the plainest, perfume-less clay litter I can find, with a shake of baking soda in the bottom of the box. If she could, she''d go outside (she was an outdoor going hunter/stalker for four years), but now we''re in the city (cars, dogs, other cats, etc.) and she''d never be seen again.
#5 Posted : Tuesday, December 02, 2003 2:48:58 AM
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Hi Ginger,
Yes, Ti''i is one special cat. Rides in the car. Walks on a leash. Comes when you call him. And heaven help you if you visit our home and don''t acknowledge him when you arrive. He''s asleep on my lap as I write this---all 19 pounds of him. He''s the one who can steal stuff from the kitchen counter while standing on the floor on his hind legs. Big boy.

He''s a good ambassador for his species. Lots of people who think they don''t like cats reconsider after hanging out with him for a while.

My cats are city cats too--hence the leash. Hina my girlcat is terrified of the outdoor world. Ti''i likes to wander, so we go on the leash.
Bruce Holman
#6 Posted : Tuesday, December 02, 2003 5:21:32 AM
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Catsme''potterpurrbright is fairly happy with the cheap brands of cat litter, and I just till the leftovers into the garden.
But if I was REALLY trying to be economical I would save the coarse sawdust from under the bench saw. I''m cutting a lot of black walnut these days, and I wouldn''t mind too much if Catsme tracked some of it on the rug.
#7 Posted : Tuesday, December 02, 2003 6:41:09 AM
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We tried a bag of CEDARIFIC. Manufactured by: NEPCO Warrensburg NY www.nep-co.com
Cats didn’t seem impressed with the aroma. It does smell nice when you pour in the litter box, but not for long or more than a couple of visits. Our two cats prefer to “GO” inside rather than when they are out. In fact they have scratched at the door to come in and "GO" then want to be back out. { Girls } that must be it...
We''re not the type to go scooping every couple hours, it''s more like once in the morning before I get in the shower. So if you don''t mind scooping, maybe Cedarifc will work for you.
They-nepco, clam you can compost it, but didn’t we run a rather lengthy thread about the dangers of pet waste composting a while back?

Going back to SCOOPABLE by Berkley & Jensen [ BJ’s ] Clay, Baking Soda & fragrance.
$6.25 40 lbs.

Mello & Moxie are closed into three rooms on the first floor at night or they are in our face at 5 AM looking for breakfast. Tried throwing stuff at them they thought it was a game. Tried the squirt gun but the just ran around the corner and laughed, ‘’I MEAN’‘ Meowed more. So now around 10 PM we tell them “Its bed time , time to go to bed.” They get up go to the other end of the house to be shut in. If the were already asleep in ‘our end’ you just have to snap your fingers a couple times while you tell’em it’s bed time. They wake up and go to bed.

#8 Posted : Wednesday, December 03, 2003 1:23:37 PM
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When I had cats we used dirt from the garden, and just emptied it into the compost. When the ground froze or was snowed over we just bought the cheapest clay litter and dumped it in the compost too.
Don''t dump directly into the garden during the growing season as there are some health concerns (though mainly for pregnant women), let it compost first.
#9 Posted : Thursday, December 04, 2003 2:25:10 PM
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Thanks to everyone for your replies! Love the stories and I really appreciate all the thoughts and new ideas.
My indoor kitties are 3 girls and one sick little boy, thank goodness they are really clean where litter is concerned. None of these 4 can go outside unsupervised for various reasons or are unwilling to do so, though they do get to go outside and work with me in my garden in warm weather if they like. All of my kitties were previously abandoned in some way (how I ended up with 7)and somehow found their way to me (could be the ''sucker'' written on my forehead). All are now happy, well fed/cared for and ''fixed'' as the kids say.
I figured the clay litter with baking soda that I use was pretty green
but with 4 indoor cats we can use a lot of it and disposal is something of a problem. I''m looking forward to trying your suggestions!

#10 Posted : Friday, December 05, 2003 12:18:41 AM
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What i would do is take a 55 gallon drum and put it in the far corner of your yard and then burn paper and the waste at the same time.
#11 Posted : Wednesday, December 10, 2003 1:51:21 PM
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Thanks Steve, I''ll try that and good luck with your baby... you are both in my thoughts.
#12 Posted : Wednesday, December 10, 2003 1:51:21 PM
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Hi folks!

I'm looking for alternatives to commercial cat litter for indoor cats... what do you use?

Any ideas, experiences with alternatives?

We live in a rural setting where disposal is something of a problem and are trying to be more 'green'. We compost and recycle in attempt to reduce trash/waste but have no easy solution for this one.
We can't put it in the local trash pickup due to cost ($2.50 per trash bag) and don't like the idea of contributing to the growing local city/county dumps anyway. We would also like to explore something more earth friendly than the typical clay or clumping litters on the market.

Any help is appreciated!
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