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What is wrong with us? Options
#21 Posted : Monday, April 05, 2010 8:08:54 PM
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Welcome back, JD.

To answer the original question: 1) Forums are no longer in vogue. The 'social engineering' folks who were the heart of forums years ago are not 'twitterfied'.  And forums are too common, even the Librum has one...


2) This forum is becoming more and more dial-up unfriendly.  (Not optimized, errors on page, slow, etc...)  I rarely can even log on from the Librum. This is one of those rare flukes where I could get on.

To the other question:  1) I am not seeing a drop out of interest.  Just the opposite, especially in the twenty-something group.  It is getting to the point that we are now having to go in groups for self defense against questioners.  Last week Pate Heidi went to the Smithsonian to attend a seminar on backyard fish farming, she did not get to, as she was pressed into being a presenter, of our ways.

2) The 'old guard' are slowing down.  To be 'real' is to have to work at it.  The 'boomers' are tired. 



As for me, I just returned home from a week long hospital stay.  But I am being very busy with the new Librum site. If you need me, come visit over at the Librum and why not use our forum to drop me a note.

BTW: You left on your trip before I learned if the package got there.  Did it make it safe?


John Edward Mercier
#22 Posted : Wednesday, April 07, 2010 4:04:05 AM
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Not sure what Fed monetary policy has to do with health care finance. Not even sure why people would believe Congress directly controlling monetary policy would be better. But the bill has big problems with the exceptions within it. The focus of the bill was to lower health care costs so that the federal government, which is the largest provider of heatlh care insurance within our system would not go bankrupt. This alone of course will not fix the US problems... but economists from the full spectrum of political leanings seem to agree that it must be part of the solution.


I think that 'homesteading' has evolved into a broader term. While it used to be moving into the 'country' and taking up farming/etc., it now entails simply staying put and maximizing the natural resources that surround you. For many living in the 'city', means lowering the cost of transportation.


#23 Posted : Wednesday, April 07, 2010 5:06:20 AM
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Greetings from Sacramento Calif.

I haven't posted here before, usually just lurk.

The economy has seen my family downsize our situation, from a 3 bedroom single family dwelling on 1/8 acre (residential lot) to a 2 bedroom condo.

We don't have any more rabbits, we don't have a garden, we have a little patch of dirt outside the front door.

So we are really learning the meaning of urban homesteading.

Have a good day!

Franco Rios


#24 Posted : Thursday, April 08, 2010 10:21:43 PM
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Hey guys!

How are ya'all?

I mostly "Lerk" here too since the change over.

I haven't come by here in awhile cuz it was pretty dead that last time I checked in.

Sounds like ya'll are doing well!


#25 Posted : Friday, April 09, 2010 12:11:40 AM
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Good to see ya'll.  Mc-girl.........!  How is the weather your way? We are basking in sunshine (and rain) and the local market has been producing veggies for the last two weeks in abundance. 

As for the rest of you:

JEM: I don't accept fully that urban dwellers are quasi-back-to-the-landers.  Broader definition?  I don't think so.  Good point, tho - just not good enough to answer the question.  Are you saying that growing tomatoes and herbs on your apartment deck and taking the subway to work is the modern equivalent of 'going green and natural'?  It's a step, maybe, but it's still the city and there is something inherently unhealthy about our (and international ones, too) cities.  More than just pollution, personal restrictions, CCTV, rats-in-a-maze type living, urban life is a form of control and brainwashing that only living in nature can illustrate to one clearly.  Clearly enough NOT to want to be there.  'Course I am the over zealous born-again rural guy so I may be a bit biased.

Sarah (librum) may be right tho........baby boomers are getting tired.  Sal and I get tired way more than we used to, of course.  And we are not alone.  A lot of bb's are out of shape and then add 'hitting 65' and it is no wonder they are too tired to build a cabin on acreage.  It's just that I thought more would give it a try. 

F - welcome.  Nice to see a lurker 'pop up'. 

It would be great to hear from the óld gang' but I doubt that we can scare them all up.  A-gardener, Skuz, - the whole shebang.  Where are you guys?  Lurking?

John Edward Mercier
#26 Posted : Saturday, April 10, 2010 3:41:34 PM
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Actually YES. I've had several move near me... then back, when they couldn't make the social adjustment.

#27 Posted : Monday, April 19, 2010 5:56:04 AM
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       This bill is too long and complicated for any two people to agree on 100% . Here is the House Bill from late 2009 .




Tom in Kingman AZ

John Edward Mercier
#28 Posted : Tuesday, April 20, 2010 3:34:15 PM
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Usually how they get so long.

#29 Posted : Sunday, April 25, 2010 5:53:22 PM
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Given that this thread was all about getting back some of the old 'give and take', I can hardly complain if the topic gets high-jacked, can I ?

But I think it has.  Still, a tangent on some bill is better than nothing. 

Just to try - let me say this: have we been reduced to politics as a common topic?  Are all the common topics under the homesteading headings?  What about the question: are urban people going to leave for rural spaces in the future when the baby boomers retire?  What about: has any trends in their neck of the woods - like more ad hoc markets or more garage sales?  Anyone see anything happening that indicates anything at all?

#30 Posted : Monday, April 26, 2010 4:18:38 AM
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            A long time ago , in a land far away . OK , it was just a few hundred miles from my present location and during the clinton administration . But I digress . It looked like hillary was pushing for universal health care and probably it included everyone . (Except her , bill , chelsea and a few close dems ..... I mean friends . I considered the alternative to what I was doing . We were both working to make a good buck and pay for health care . IF the universal care went through we were going to move back to the land with the cash we had squirreled . Raise our own food and work now and again for pocket money . Having been FORCED into health care we would be covered or die . No middle ground .

                I then looked at the financial part of it on the part of the government . If millions of us did this the tax base would spiral down to next to nothing . No more trillions for foolish projects and so on ad nausem . They backed off and I believe the diminishing tax base was a major reason . Now unemployment is up , taxes are going up and health care has been force fed to the entire nation . I have VA care so I won't have to pay a penalty BUT many will . Read the bill and see the garbage that it contains . "This tax will not be considered a tax." And the hits just keep on comin' . Kinda like Hitler wandering into other countries for more "Lebenstraum" . Good idea unless you are the victim who happens to own/inhabit the land he wanted . For someone to have without working someone must work without having . AMERICA .... we have a problem .

Tom in Kingman AZ
#31 Posted : Tuesday, April 27, 2010 10:56:33 AM
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Your topic does seem to get hijacked, doesn't it jd?

Personally, I just have a lot going on right now so not much chatting.  On the subject of Boomers... don't know if I would actually be a Boomer or Generation Jones?  I am a '64 model.  DH and I were both military, and when we decided to buy a home we didn't want a place in town so we got a nice little place right on the edge of a small town.  The small 'town' is a cluster of about 10 houses, a church, and a grain elevator.  I retired and lost 20 pounds the first summer.  I had a lot of problems with my back before, but this kind of work has agreed with me so I went from days where I could barely walk to rare days with twinges that are easy to ignore.  Don't see slowing down anytime soon, love what I am doing and feel better than ever.  It may have helped that I didn't have a desk job until my last few years... My mother is a '38 model, and I hope to age like she has.  Little old lady pushing 72, uses a front tine tiller in her garden when she isn't hand digging because someone borrowed her tiller and didn't bring it back, scurries around doing whatever she wants.  One day she'll spend hours pushing her non-self-propelled mower around their large yard, the next she is climbing ladders painting the 2 bay garage and shop.  I guess it has to do with how you lived your life and how you want to live it in the future?  I think people are like ni-cad batteries.  If you quit and go rest as soon as you start feeling a bit tired, tomorrow you will feel tired sooner.  Push it a bit every day and the ni-cad memory will let you go longer before you get tired.

I did notice that when houses in this town go up for sale, the new owners tend to be younger folks, most with kids.  The guy that used to own our house was happy here and didn't want to move, but his wife insisted that they move to the 'city' (still a town by most states standards).  Poor guy died from a heart attack 2 years later. 

Street, your posts made me chuckle.  I'll have to apply your excuses if anyone asks why our room rennovation isn't done!  

My big project right now... rats have invaded my turkey house, and I don't have another covered pen for the turkeys so traps are out.  Fortunately, I married a man that came with cool accessories like a nice set of cast iron skillets and a single pump pellet pistol.  I'm not using the cast iron on the rats, but I have shot about a dozen so far.  Between the cats and I, the numbers seem to be dropping.  But gotta get back to the hunt...   


John Edward Mercier
#32 Posted : Tuesday, April 27, 2010 1:19:15 PM
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I notice a lot of retired folk moving into the local city (only one in our county)... and they spend a lot of time discussing either community gardens or container gardens with me.


Just the opposite. The mandatory federal expenditures are where most of the healthcare related expenditures are... and those expenditures are growing faster than general inflation. The problem being that discretionary Defense and Domestic have only about $200 billion of unrestricted revenue between them... the rest the US has to borrow. The numbers present to us that within the next decade, the US will need to borrow every dollar it expends on domestic and defense.

#33 Posted : Tuesday, April 27, 2010 1:19:15 PM
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Seems we aren't posting much.  Last one was March 14th.  I remember when we posted three new topics a day!  What happened to us?  OK, the 'changeover' broke the rhythmn but many came back with interesting topics.  But not so much - lately.  Did everyone move to another forum and not invite me?



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