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Place to stay... help with work... Tok, Alaska Options
#581 Posted : Monday, February 12, 2007 4:04:21 PM
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Wow, a lot has happend since I last read the forum. [;)]I just got back from moving Travis'' brother in to his apartment in Liberty, MO. Anyway, sounds like things are going really well, Nantinki, with Sugar''s ballet classes and everything. I think her teacher said they would do a show at the end of the season, right? That would be fun to see.

Brownbear, thanks for asking about the pole barn and the hanging Lynx. I also wanted to ask, but Nantinki has already warned me that some things I don''t want to ask in public since I''m moving to Tok! [:I](Otherwise everyone will think me the fool and a total misfit to Alaska...haha...) But anyway, I''m new at all of this, so I really don''t know....I was so happy that you were bold and put it on the forum! =) See, that''s what''s great about this place because when one person asks something usually everyone really wanted to know too!!! Oh, and also, so sorry to hear about John. I''m sure that was a really scary time. Travis'' dad had one a year ago and now he only walks every day on the treadmill. Exercising is so important, but definately in moderation. - I know what all of you mean about "putting on a little extra insulation" in the winter...I have gained several pounds since leaving Korea simply because I have been on the road eating out three meals a day with no exercise....Can''t wait to get back to Alaska and start getting back in shape again!

So, Nantinki, do you ever skin them - Lynx and such? Is there someone in town that does it for everyone, or do you just have to learn how to do it on your own? That would be a nice way to make a few extra bucks and also have some nice skins!! - Just curious....You sound like Travis with all of your plans for home improvement! [:D]He also has been dreaming and making lists of things to do once the weather clears. I suppose that''s what those cold winter months are good for - Planning!! When will you start planting your seeds and everything? Has Jesse been back to work on the living room? How is Mark''s room coming along - Is he using it yet?

Thanks for keeping us all posted on everything!
Oh, and Jerngen - I hope you do look into moving to Tok, you wouldn''t regret it!! There are some great places up for sale now, and summer would be a great time to settle! Travis researched all over to find this place, so if you have questions, he will be happy to answer them.
#582 Posted : Monday, February 12, 2007 7:58:44 PM
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Crownlady, You are a riot! We want to keep Alaska small. Big little Alaska. Lol. However as for the forum members you are correct! What better people to live here than them? That would be perfect.[:D]

Miabee, Thanks for the reads. I like to think that I understand that reading and directions. Time will tell. Up here we all start planning big for the summers and then do only what it is that we do. The things swimming in my head right now would drive me crazy in the summer when I do what I can do and forget about all the rest. However this is one thaing that I will get done. (cordwood shed) Lol. As always thanks for the note. I need confidence for this one. It should be fun.[;)]

Teniah, Things are a shaking and a movin, so to speak. Sugar just loves her ballet classes and now might be taking a few private as well. The fee here is very reasonable. Anyway, her teacher says that she is awesome already and would like to give her a few quick pointers. Sounds good to me and Mark has very graciously offered to pay the extra expense. I have ordered her things from a DiscountDance place and am happy about their prices too. She is prancing and practicing all over the place already. The little scrawny chick is making us laugh till we cry. She is such a delight.[:X]

Brownbear, did you figure out how to use the smiley faces? I hope that it helped.[:I]

Teniah, its ok to use the questions here. Jjust not in Tok where it would cause you to be the recipient of some bad jokes and merciless teasing. Go for it girl. Either way is good with me but I ask on the sly or here. [}:)] Lol…… ahahahahaha as you would say.
For sure I skin my own animals and yes I do have a trapping license too. There are people you can hire if you have plenty of bucks and have no desire to do it yourself but for me I would rather take the time and care to do the best I can do. Trapping here is no joke and very hard work but if Travis wants to, I know the most prolific trapper here. He is retired from the Fish and Game and knows this place very well. He also has a 55 mile trap line.[:0]

Explaining; when the weather gets cold, that is no reason for not going to the lines. There are very many laws here that say you must not waste, leave wanton waste of meat, etc. So when the weather turns cold, they must go check their lines anyway. Working a 50 plus line takes a couple of days and staying in a tent while running the line. The camping gets very cold and it’s easy to freeze toes and things. [|)] Doesn’t matter, you trap, you run your line. Period. That’s it. Period. Now if Travis wants to go anyway I will arrange it for him to be a helper and go with Danny who would enjoy the help and company. That way Travis will learn the correct way to do it.[:)]

I set snares. I have one set out by the old outhouse. You remember where that is down in the back? I love fresh rabbit meat and rabbit stew. (My grandmother made the best you ever had!) [:D] So I like to get rabbits without blowing them all to hel….. . The skins are so darn easy to tan and I sell them when I do a market. I don’t trap for fur but mind my own business on this subject. I do believe eat what you kill but that’s another subject, a very touchy one here, and I stay out of it. [;)]
People here eat Lynx and state that it is really good meat. [xx(] I don’t want to eat feline so I won’t try to trap that. They also say that wolf tastes very nasty, has a bitter taste, just as does coyote, so they use that meat for some bait. Arrrgggh. I don’t want to eat canine either, unless there might be an emergency, then I would.[:(]
Everyone here makes big plans in the winter. We are all a buzz now about how we are going to do this and that. Sister Maggie has us all making crosses for the church during lent. She also made us trace our feet. She is going to place the tracings on the walls inside the church so that we may all follow Jesus. I like that. She will hang the crosses too. She also asked for you as did Diane, and many others. You have friends here already. Nice ones too.[:)]

Jessie? naw. Jessie is being Jessie and I haven’t heard from or seen him since you left. Independent so and so. Arrrrrgh. ARRRRGGGH! [:(!]

I will be starting seeds in another month. The beginning of March I suppose. I mentioned that we now have heratige seeds here at the book store. This makes me happy. I will also be growing the giants again . They are pure Alaskan seeds and I used them last year.
Mark being mark too, nothing has been done out in his room that wasn’t done by me. Oh well, my thoughts were in the right place. Oh well.

Jerngen, you will arrive here about the same time as I did, I got here the end of August and became a Tok resident in September. Waiting until you are better able is a wish. A few hints though. Most people find that getting rid of most of their belongings, shipping a few with the USPS, collectables, etc works best. I made no mistake this way either. What I didn’t mail I didn’t bring. I can’t remember just how many packages I sent but it was around $400. It is actually cheaper by far than trying to move things here. The hassles at the border are unbearable and the gas in Canada is found to be very expensive. Driving isn’t too bad anymore but it does have some drawbacks. There are still a few places having much construction and delays. There is absolutely nothing that you can’t get here when you arrive. The driving actually costs more than flying when flights are planned ahead.[:0]
We shopped in Anchorage and Fairbanks and did very well. It saved us thousands. We brought minimal things with us when we came and got more as we needed and could afford.
Ask Teniah and Travis how much it is costing them even with the Army paying for some of the expense. [:0] Trust me, its a wish to do all of this on a minimal budget. (I will explain more later about that when I have time.)[;)] Travis and Teniah even bought their truck on the internet to save expenses. (There are so many wonderful people in Alaska for everything that it is easy to trust. ) As they did, I even purchased my house on the internet having never seen it. I am still pleased to this day about how wonderful this cabin is. My electricity was turned on, my phone, and everything else I could think of before we even arrived. Done on the net and it was easy enough. It was all connected the very day I got here. It helped immensely. [:p]
Work here is not to terribly hard to get in the winters. Crafts do well, firefighting helps many, and some buy plows and do plow for others. There are always people wanting firewood too. Janitorial work is hard to come by because no one wants to do it.
Some people go out on the shipping processors and do a single hitch and make enough to live the winters quite nicely. I did that the first time I lived here.

Processing is not very hard work but the hours are longgggg. [:0] Like 12 and alternating 18 hour days until the catch is done. It is a fantastic way to make money and save it all as there is no place to spend it. Anyone on a good processor will save several thousand a month. Because all expenses are paid, food, laundry, shelter, the only monies spent are for candy or shampoo. Lots of my friends used to go out for a hitch. Usually its 2 ½ months. Then they come back with enough to purchase a good used vehicle.
The skilled labor is usually in Fairbanks. I myself would go out on a processor again if not for the fact that I have a child with no one to make sure her hair is combed and that she is bathed. [xx(] If you go for a hitch then you receive your airfare free. If you quit then you would be made to pay your way back.

Ask away with any question you might have. Teniah and Travis are both very helpful here too as I know that you have already seen.

Teniah is right, there are some great places now but they won’t last. People just now are starting to discover Tok. Summers they ask more money for them too, (houses) I think. Purchasing is sometimes cheaper than paying rent here. My mortgage is 6 years at 6 percent. $250. a month. Even I can handle that![:o)]
I will write more. Have work to do and a child that has needs. Cute little thing that she is, she has no patience… Ya just gotta love it…….
#583 Posted : Tuesday, February 13, 2007 7:33:40 PM
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[:)]We have a small town paper here. It comes out every two weeks except in the month of January when it only comes out once. I don’t know why? It is a hoot. Some of the police reports are the funniest things that you will ever read. [:D] This issue was hysterical about a posting for the Chile ‘contest’. It made me laugh till I cried. Lol. Its cost is 35 cents. That will give you some idea of the size. It’s a fun and funny read. I’m not sure but I do believe you can subscribe to it. That is something I will have to look up. They may put them in the local P O Boxes. I’m not sure about that either because I always just pick it up. Sometimes I need several because I send one to my sister and one to my niece as well. Sometimes I get requested to send them to others.

My reason for trapping is it is definitely something I believe helps the diet. We eat lots of moose and caribou; this leaves a wondering by the palate. A nice little rabbit now and then is a good thing. Most of the time I can set the trap in the evening so that nosey Book doesn’t get a paw in it and then go out in the morning and have one. They are pretty prolific. Some or most of what I get are feral. The thing here is that pets have gotten lose and multiplied at a very rapid rate. Some of what we get is black and white, brown, etc and I know that they are from the pet stock. We do have so many. They are all returned back to their wild nature. The pelts are nice too. I don’t trap for money but why waste the pelts? I do sell them. It makes sense.[:X]

I do like to hunt. Not for horns but for food. Some nice clean meat to live on and to raise a child on is good. The meat is so clean. It has not got the hormones, antibiotics, or the tranquilizers that commercial meat does. Especially the chicken. That has to be the worst. I don’t allow Sugar to eat chicken more than once a month. It just is the unhealthiest food for a child. So I hunt. I don’t get hunting fever and never try to shoot something that I wouldn’t eat.[B)]

Once when I was young and hunting with my grandfather I shot a chipmunk. “Why do that” he asked me? I said it was target practice. Oh, ok. He went and gently picked up the little thing and placed it in his pocket, never saying a word. Later on that evening when we were having supper my grandmother placed a plate in front of me with what looked like a new born rat. “What’s this?” I asked? “Supper” said she. My grandfather did the same thing he always did. Said nothing. There were no other food items on the plate. “What else am I going to eat?” “That’s it” she said. I went to bed with a rumbling tummy that night. Not necessarily proud of my kill. It was a lesson well learned. End of story! Again! Or it might have been except the next day my grandfather asks me if I would like to go hunt some more chipmunk? [}:)] “Aaaarrr, no thanks Grampy.”[V]

Some winters here are terribly cold. When that occurs everyone is running out of wood and the demand gets out of hand. People start begging for cordwood. Sometimes it is wise to get what you can before the winters beginning. What I usually do is get my wood myself but this year we didn’t have the time because I worked all summer and Mark had to sit for Sugar. We bought 3 cords at 100. Thinking that we would cut it up ourselves but as things went we didn’t so I paid an extra 30 each to have that done too. Normally that much wood would have been used up in January but because it has been so warm here we still have half of it left.. Now if someone where to want to cut and deliver it for a discount I believe I might consider another 5 cords for the coming winter. We might even need more for this year but that would only be if it were to get very cold again. Last year we went through about 10 cords. That was because we had a much colder winter.[:0]

The demands for wood go according to the needs of the winter. If it’s cold then everyone wants lots. If it is as mild, as it has been so far this year, well it is so much less. It is easier on the pocket. Most of the people cutting get 130. a cord for the wood cut to stove length, delivered, but not stacked. [xx(]

I know of several people that buy their wood. It is easy to put up a sign in the store on the bulletin boards. That usually gets some answers. [:I]

We are allowed 10 cords free with each permit. Then you can go again and get another permit. I am not sure how many permits anyone can get but I do know that everyone in a family is allowed theirs. The cutting is done in the forest burn out areas. There as so many of these areas that I don’t believe that they will get used up for many years. There should be plenty for all. [:D]

To me it would be wise to get the wood for selling in the summer but no one that fishes or hunts or gardens does that. What’s more there are no mosquitoes in the winter, just the cold and that seems to be what people like about the winter cutting. Plus, the gold panning in the spring is too much fun too, so what ‘will be with the wood thing, will be.’[8D]

Next week we are going to Fairbanks for the wood to finish the ceilings. I am capable of this task and want o get it done before some kind of cold or miserable spring disease penetrates my body. I have discovered that for some miserable reason these colds raid me every year around the end of March or April. If I really try I might be able to do something that would help stop the invasion. Anyway, I will start the ceilings next week. The floor will have to wait until it is a little warmer. I still am not sure what I will do to them. I literally must get this smoking gun back on the road. Sugar is getting splinters in her feet all the time and I can’t make her keep her shoes or socks or slippers on. She is such a wild child.[:D]

The shadowy figure here probably won’t help but I have no problem with that. At least he has made no mention of helping. He has mostly gone silent again for the last couple of days. He is mad at me for making him go to the potluck after church because we couldn’t just eat and hop out of there. We had to stay and follow Sister Maggie’s orders to make things. I loved it and he hated it. Ok, so deal with it.

I tend to speak my mind. I don’t speak in a flowery language most generally and sometimes sound a little harsh, as one might expect. When he sounded off on me about having to stay, a big surge of non English type words spewed out of my mouth, (really, I swore in Spanish, because of Sugar)[}:)] and I hollered he has set me up by saying he would like to go, then getting mad because he did; now he isn’t talking to me.[:(] The peace and quiet is sort of nice but I feel badly just letting him brood. I suppose I will go and say something nice……….. Maybe I’ll make some bread. He seems to like that a lot.[;)]

#584 Posted : Wednesday, February 14, 2007 1:08:54 AM
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Originally posted by nantinkir
Once when I was young and hunting with my grandfather I shot a chipmunk. “Why do that” he asked me? I said it was target practice. Oh, ok. He went and gently picked up the little thing and placed it in his pocket, never saying a word. Later on that evening when we were having supper my grandmother placed a plate in front of me with what looked like a new born rat. “What’s this?” I asked? “Supper” said she. My grandfather did the same thing he always did. Said nothing. There were no other food items on the plate. “What else am I going to eat?” “That’s it” she said. I went to bed with a rumbling tummy that night. Not necessarily proud of my kill. It was a lesson well learned.

I love this story! Grandparents have the best lessons![:)]
#585 Posted : Wednesday, February 14, 2007 1:36:15 AM
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Nantinki you mention a good point about the wood.After 3 years of heating my house with
just wood I finally think I have gotten it down to a science.I usually take about 6-10 a year,either from where I work or from my woods.I zipped up about 6 to get me thru till about now and this is the 1styear Ive been here that I''ve actually had some left!
I''m trying to get into the habit of thinning the woods this time of year,cutting out the sick and dead stands in one parcel,let them sit and dry out over the summer,then start cutting up and stacking in the fall.Its amazing how much fuel one can cut up in good time.Brush usually gets me thru spring and fall and the ''good stuff''gets burned thru the winter.SO far so good!
#586 Posted : Wednesday, February 14, 2007 1:43:49 AM
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I called the Alaska DNR (Department of Natural Resources) Forestry office there in Tok and got some more info in regards to woodcutting.

Just like Nantinki said you are allowed 10 cords per person from the public lands. I forgot to ask about the timeframe that is for – I am guessing one year. Do they still have those stacked piles of wood out in the burned areas around there? I remember reading about that in a much earlier post. How exactly do they monitor the amount of wood that people cut each year on that permit?

I should be able to get a couple of cords after I go thru and clean up our 4 acres and remove all the deadfall, dead, and dieing trees.

As far as reselling firewood for extra cash, there seemed to be a few hoops you had to jump thru to “legitimately” do this. I didn’t get into the specifics with person on the phone – plenty of time to do so in person this spring. If I understood you right, the going rate around there is $100 per cord delivered uncut, and around $130 per cord cut. Definitely a business opportunity there if the demand exists (ie cold winter), and you have a strong back. Me and my dad would to put up around 3-4 cords in a day, with him cutting and me swamping, back when my parents cut a lot. Will be looking into this further in April.

Nantinki – do the folks that sell firewood around there go thru the “official” process of doing so thru the Forestry office, or is it down more on the down-low, person-to-person for cash?
#587 Posted : Wednesday, February 14, 2007 1:33:41 PM
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[:)]Nantinkir, First of all, we will see how I mastered the smiley faces. I enjoyed the story about the chipmunk. Grandparents are so good at teaching kids lessons, aren''t they? Parents today would have probably said, "no no, honey we don''t do that, now you must have time out!" and the kid wouldn''t have gotten anything out of it! I remember when I was 5 years old and visiting my Grandmother in this little bitty town in Georgia. She lived on a dirt road in a big ''ole house. I got mad one time and said that I was going to run away. She said, "ok honey, I will help you pack your suitcase." She helped me pack my suitcase and stood there and watched as I walked down this lonnnnnnng road(to me it seemed never ending.) After walking for a few minutes I turned around and came running back crying and promised I would never run away again, and I never said I was going to run away again. Lessons like that stick with you for the rest of your life. You probably grew up to be the protector of the chipmunk! Speaking of the newspaper....when we lived in a small town in Washington the paper always had the weekly police reports. One week one of the reports was of someone coming in to work in the morning at one of the restaurants in town and finding someone sleeping under the table! Another report was of a bear looking in someone''s window! Now that would probably be no big deal in Tok, but this town was on the coast!
Hope the bread worked with the "shadowy figure!" love your descriptions! They say the way to a man''s heart is through his stomach! (Unless you are a bad cook!) He will probably take one bite and start talking!
[:)]Teniah, thank you for asking about John. He hasn''t been over to the fitness center since his heart attack. As for the question about the pole barn, leave it to me, I have never been one to keep my mouth shut when I should, but like you said, there were probably other people sitting out there wondering the same thing. I did learn to keep my mouth shut when we lived near a logging town in Washington state. I learned that you don''t go around spouting off about too much logging going on in Washington. A lot of people make their living logging. So I just learned to keep my mouth shut and when we would be driving by a clear cut on a mountain I would complain (to put it nicely) to John! He just lets it go in one ear and out the other. When I get back to Washington state I am going to hug the first tree I see! We take trees for granted until we don''t have them anymore!
How is your move going? I saw the pictures of your house. It is very pretty. You are fortunate to have Nantinkir as a friend and a mentor. With her teachings, you will not have to go through as many hard lessons. I recall her talking about coming back from a trip and finding everything frozen in the house! What a horrible "lesson learned" that must have been!
#588 Posted : Thursday, February 15, 2007 7:57:05 PM
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Malpik, for sure grandparents are wonderful teachers. I grew up with mine, they were not modern. That helped so much with my sort of knowledge of survival and subsistence, and I will cherish all the memories forever.[:D]

Davisonh, man alive are you guys ever getting a terrible load of snow. It freaks me out that I am having a better and kinder winter than you. [:0]
It is a science to take care of a wood stove. The ranges of need change daily. I always take a look at the temperature before putting wood in the stove for the night. My grandmother used to call it “banking the stove” where she would put wood in just right and then close the dampers so that the wood would just stay going long enough to last the night. There would be hot coals to keep the fire enough to get more wood in the mornings. Then she would get up hours before anyone else, place wood in the stove and get it toasty warm for us to come to the kitchen in the mornings. I am my grandmother at times.[:)]

Dirtpig67, I believe that if you need more than one permit of ten cord you are entitled to get it within the year. They do have the stacked wood on Firefox Road. The wood for selling is sold by the acre according to the amount of wood on it. You purchase a lot; it is measured for the number of cords on it and you pay 3 dollars a cord. Then you are the only one allowed to cut the wood there. It is a fair enough deal. The beauty of this wood is that it is seasoned and ready to burn. It has been through a forest fire, is free of bark mostly and is what people want. [^]

The cutting of new wood has to stay on the ground for two or more years to season it. I believe it would be hard to sell your cuttings on your property because as unseasoned wood, it will be dangerous. Black Spruce wood is full of ‘pitch pockets’ [:0] and when they burn they fill a smokestack with creosote. They also blow up and send sparks out the chimney to set fires around ones house. I believe it would be better to find a place to make a skid and let your wood season for the future. [^]

Because of the very reasonable cost of the commercial wood it is usually declared. Once in a while people look the other way. There are so few people working the BLM lands here I think that they have better things to do rather than go check up daily on someone just trying to get by.[;)][;)]

Brownbear, I’m glad you didn’t run away lol, [8D] I wouldn''t get to know you if you had. Wonderful lesson you got there.
Our paper is similar to what you explain. One quote that I just love from ours is, “he showed up at his MANDATORY court date drunk.” The judge just told him to go home and sleep it off and come back tomorrow. Lol. For the life of me I can’t think of any other court other than mandatory. Lol. He went back the next day and got sent to jail for 72 hours, weekend I think, for getting drunk and starting trouble.[}:)]

After going through the process of coming here and settling I would like to re-prioritize a few of the matters I found I had made bad judgments with. Such as, unless you have a luxury vehicle and it is almost paid for, don’t bother to bring it. The extra miles, the cost of the fuel, the wear on the tires, some of the roads are very rough and it tears them up, the getting beat up on the drive, etc, just isn’t worth it. A higher priority would be to sell what vehicles you have, unless you happen to be very wealthy, and get on to a plane or take the ferry. There are many problems with the borders too. That’s another story. One that is interesting but I have already told it. I would say come bare bones and replace what you can other than mementoes. Don’t be extremist either. Use a few dollars to save those precious moments. Sending through the USPS is so very much cheaper.[:0]

One of the more tiresome aspects of living here with regard to younger people is the lack of things to do in the evenings. We have a boy and girl club, very tiny, but that is not really something that is good for teenagers. Mainly they all have snow mobiles and atvs. This is not good because it teaches that there are many material needs here. I find that I favor making my own fun, but, that is to say that is good only for me. If asked I would announce that there are plenty of things to do. I am a game player, good at crafts, like busy chores, and can have fun everywhere. I am not too much on the drinking but do on occasion indulge. I stop short on committing myself to do too many things for the community yet because I am in the overload mode. I have been asked many times to teach things. I don’t want to create my own competition so I passed on that one. I get asked to do many things and I will but after I have done some of the remodeling here. Then I will be happy to contribute more of my time. I get asked all the time to teach jerky making too, ok, will do that one soon. My art skills are lacking somewhat so I don’t feel capable of this teaching. I know I am criticized by some for this conduct but I will deal with that. Some day I will climb those mountains. [;)]

#589 Posted : Friday, February 16, 2007 3:53:11 AM
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Nantinki, thanks for the wonderful story about the Chipmunk and Brownbear for the one about running away. Both are valuable lessons to be learned from great stories!

The information on the firewood is great. Maybe Travis and I will put up wood on the side. I also told him about shoveling roofs since that can bring in $20 an hour, or so I''ve been told. We will probably both do a lot of side jobs like that to save some money when it''s not fire season. [:)]

Okay, what''s your take on chicken coups? Anybody out there ever built one from scratch and started raising chickens? Just wondering how hard it is to do and if it''s worth the effort in the long run. I know you had one a while back, Nantinki, I remember the wonderful story of the "Shadowy Figure" racing around to "catch a chicken in a box!"[;)].....

Sorry to hear of Mark''s dislike of the after church social. I guess it was a real stretch for him! Too bad, maybe next time....

Thanks again for all of your great posts, it makes me miss Alaska and I can''t wait to get there in four short weeks!! Yeah![:D]
#590 Posted : Friday, February 16, 2007 6:46:44 AM
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[:D]I love this forum! It is great entertainment and reading! I find myself logging on at work to see who has said what!! Well you know I have such a tough job! Just call me the "Maytag Lady"! Teniah, I can just picture you trying to raise chickens and keep them warm! I still remember the story about Nantinkir and her chicken! And be careful up on roof tops. Do you both have jobs when you get to Alaska? You must be so excited. Glad you liked the story about me trying to run away. You should hear the one when my grandmother caught me up in a huge tree & I wouldn''t come down! She wasn''t so calm and collected that day! I can still hear her yelling for me to get down out of that tree!! So are you moving to Alaska the first part of March?
[:)]Nantinkir, I bet you can''t wait for Teniah and her husband to get to Tok. Did you guys meet on this forum, or did you know each other before the forum? I loved the story about the guy showing up drunk in court. We have a friend here who is a judge. I will have to tell him that one when we see him tomorrow. He will get a kick out of that! Sure wish I had something exciting to talk about here in Arizona! I did see a huge jack rabbit one day! Oh, and today I looked out the window and there was a big hawk trying to get at one of my birds, ( I have 4 bird feeders and feed them 50lbs. of bird seed every two weeks!) No wonder the hawk is so big!![:0] One day I caught him with a bird in his mouth. I tried to chase him off, but he took off with the bird.[}:)]Well everyone, I will close for now since I have nothing as interesting to say as all of you and wait for the next exciting reply from one of you![:)]
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taken this morning just about nine/am

this morning


they decorate the bus for every holiday. it''s just cute.


Here are some school mates.
#594 Posted : Friday, February 16, 2007 8:53:59 PM
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That''s how we keep our food in the refer. [^] It heats up out there in the artic entry. Things usually stay frozen until about the middle of April. I''m not to sure about this winter though.[?]
Sugar home from school with Book, our dog.

Sugar loves her Ruuski hat.[:D] She is ready to go back out and play.
#595 Posted : Saturday, February 17, 2007 2:57:59 PM
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Yeah! I LOVED the pictures, Nantinki - Can''t wait to see you all again. Sugar is way too cute in her ballet leotard! The shed turned out so well - I am sure Mark will love it.

Brownbear - No job yet for myself, but I will probably work in the town at one of the local places (there are tons of things to do in the summer) Travis should hear from one of the fire crews this next week. They don''t make selections until later in February, so it''s kind of just been a waiting game. Something will pan out for us, so we aren''t too concerned about it yet....We aren''t picky and we aren''t afraid to work, so I''m sure it will all come together. I head out there on 14 March, so hopefully I can get moved in and settled before the rush of hiring starts...- By the way, Nantinki,I didn''t end up going with the job at the Real Estate - turns out the girl from last summer wanted to come back, so I got out of that one very gracefully....[;)]

Keep us posted on everything and for sure keep the pictures coming - they were priceless!!! (The sky is looking much brighter too! [8D])
#596 Posted : Saturday, February 17, 2007 4:36:50 PM
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I agree!!! The pictures are wonderful! I want one of the same school buses for my son. I love it that they have a seat belt for every child. They should all be that way.
Teniah! I''m envious, I would love to move back to Alaska... Maybe some day. Shaun says that if we move back that Nantinki will have another pupil in the processing of game class. hehe He can do it but it''s not pretty. :)
Sugar looks like she''s very intent in class. She''s so adorable.
The new room looks great!
#597 Posted : Tuesday, February 20, 2007 7:57:24 PM
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The link is for the news about the Yukon Quest. [:I] It will give a chance to see just how rapidly the weather changes here in Alaska. Last night it hit 42 below here. I got up at 4:30 a.m. to put more wood on the stove and just before going to bed I started the Toyotomi oil heater in the bathroom so nothing would freeze. The temperature has come back up to a nice livable 20 below now. [:)]

We have been watching the Quest now and then. The weather where they are racing is frigid. [:(] At times it has been 75 below. One musher has had frostbite and another has had a dog die. that always makes me shudder. Poor dog![:(]

My cold is starting to go away, I am in a state of shock as I haven’t had one in such a very long time, and I am starting to feel better again. geez! [:(!] I can’t type and sneeze at the same time! I just sprayed my screen because I didn’t cover my mouth. (What a naughty person!) I am glad Sugar didn’t see that.

The nights are starting to drop down to hard cold. This is the way that it usually is. We were all getting spoiled because of the unseasonably warm winter to date. I am using more wood in a day than I did in three. We still have plenty though.

Yesterday I was a little off and being lazy again. Sugar objected to the decision she would leave me alone for just a little while. [xx(] However I did let her crawl all over me later on in the evening. My decision to do this rewarded me with her being interested in me with such intent. She took an hour to produce all of her bits of observation without missing a thing. Grammy, why is your nose all red? And Grammy why does it drip? And Grammy do you feel bad? Her exam of me was extensive and very personal. It was very comical. I told her that I was my own medical care person and that she should not worry about me. I’m not all that ill but she seemed to think it so sad. What a loving child I have.

Starting the first day of Lent, tomorrow, I will become multidisciplinary. [;)] My plans are so very many. Support a charitable cause with all the energy that I have, shorten time on the computer to just 2 days a week but giving myself all the time that I need on it, shorten TV time to just a few programs I like, eat fish except on Sundays, no sweets, cook lots more nice food dishes, go fishing with Mark and Sugar in tow, and keep the cabin in good sharp shape.

Tomorrow I go to Fairbanks to get the wood for the ceilings. I am really excited about this. I will take some before and after pictures. This task I will do alone. No big deal, I know it won’t look professional but that’s ok. If I can get most of it done days while Sugar is in head start that will help. Mark will be mad about the pounding of the hammer but I will try to stay pleasant about that. He does need quiet while working but the job has been put off long enough. [}:)]

For some reason it is difficult to get Minwax finish. I called the previous owner to ask him what he used so that I might try to match it. He said that he used Minwax yellow pine, but I can’t seem to find it on the net. In order to have a more structured project I am trying to have all facilities I will be using in place. This will help with the project. Any other way would be the worst example of not taking care to do the job well.

More posting to catch up will come later. I want to cover everything before I go on my limited time for Lent.[:p]
The Big Lebowski
#598 Posted : Saturday, March 17, 2007 12:50:16 PM
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Thank goodness they were able to save the postings here, That would have been a bit of a bummer eh Nan. But I do not like the contrast of the blues, I find it harder to read.


Lori LD
#599 Posted : Saturday, March 17, 2007 8:22:01 PM
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YAHOO!!! We are up and running again! I need a 'fix".....Nan & Sugar ( and even Mark) how goes the adventure in TOK!


#600 Posted : Monday, March 19, 2007 10:21:13 AM
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Hello everyone! Isn't it great to have the forum back on line? I was beginning to think that they weren't going to ever get it back! I'm sure everyone has a lot to tell except me. I'm still here in Arizona waiting to go back to Washington in 3 weeks. It's getting too hot for me here. It is in the upper 80's everyday now! I feel like a snowman in the oven!! Teniah, have you made it to Alaska yet? Nantinkir, I guess by now you have had time to finish all your projects. Can't wait to read what you have been up to!

signing off for now, brownbear


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