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Endgame, the movie Options
#1 Posted : Friday, January 09, 2009 7:25:44 PM
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Well, I can't get more'n 20 minutes into it before my kid switches off the computer.  I guess it's gonna take me awhile to hear it 20 minutes at a time.  I'm going to toss out a guess and say it's the same theory that's been around a long time:  X group wants to get rid of all those who aren't readily compatible with their view of how the world ought to be, partly for the sake of solidifying the power of their point of view, but mostly because, well, the less of us there are, the more resources can be concentrated in a few hands (and so the "better," materially anyway, the remnant can live). 

There ain't no solution for that.  That's always been; I guess, unless we (Homo sapiens in general) can find a way to raise an entire generation without the idea that one viewpoint, one group, one whatever, is inherently superior.  Not even then-- we'd have to find a way to raise up an entire generation without reactionary fear, without power-hunger, without material greed (regardless of the extent of the wealth-- it is perfectly possible to have very little and still be greedy). 

And we've already hit a snag here, haven't we??  In the last paragraph, I just contradicted myself.  Effectively, what I said is that one viewpoint, call it the nondominionist viewpoint, is superior to another viewpoint, call it the dominionist viewpoint...

...and, if we are to stop trying to stamp each other out in the name of domination, then nondominionism must eliminate dominionism. 

There's a problem with that statement, isn't there??? 

#2 Posted : Friday, January 09, 2009 11:24:06 PM
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OK-- No offense, dude, but a lot of the stuff in that video (especially the last third) bears a really striking resemblance to the crock of crap they fed me in church when I was a kid.  Birth control is evil, blah blah blah, and while we're at it, it's my Biblical duty as a woman to crank out as many little arrows for God (also known as kids) as possible between menarche and the time I either die in childbirth or my body disintegrates from the strain (oh, and, assuming I make it to menopause, I become worthless again).  I've seen women who lived without birth control.  My great-grandmother did it.  While I must admit that she lived to a ripe old age, I must also acknowledge that she despised her children (grandchildren, great-grandchildren), beat her daughters, and had crippling osteoporosis, no teeth, and a really serious hump by the time she was 60.

I'll give you that stuff like this is the reason I don't believe in allowing imposed limits on fertility-- because there are always, always, always going to be "well-intentioned" people (or so they claim) who want "only the best for all mankind."  Problem with that being, of course, that one person's idea of "the best" is someone else's idea of "misery." 

#3 Posted : Friday, January 09, 2009 11:45:07 PM
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May I also add that I've heard a lot of this repeated, over and over again, as scaremongering sermon material in a couple dozen nasty, hateful (and may I add, mostly white supremacist) churches, generally where the preacher is scared to death he's going to have to give up his big white Caddy and the McMansion he had build with the congregation's tithes.  "Give us your money, and never mind that you can't afford to feed those six kids you're raising for God, 'cause the godless liberals are out to get you.  Join our church, and we'll protect you from the New World Order."

I'm waiting for this to end with, "In Y decades, God will cause the Sun to engulf the Earth, and if you're not in our church, you'll burn in Hell forever." 

The bloody fact of the matter, as far as I can tell, is that the world is full of people who will tell anyone anything to get out of having to give up their precious comfort zones.  I've heard a conspiracy theory for that one, too, dating all the way back to the inception of the Catholic church with their condemnation of any form of birth control (which, believe me, predates the Pill by quite a few centuries).  "Have more kids.  More kids means the perception of less food to go around.  Therefore, it means more soldiers, more scared people, and more power for us." 

OK-- Eugenics makes me sick.  I'd like to say it makes anyone with half a brain sick, but I've lived in Good Old Dixieland too long for that.  My little world is full of people who want to kill all the "niggers, spicks, and kikes," or at least "put them back in their place."  I can't deny that there's always some jerkface who thinks their race, their religion, and/or their point of view should dominate to the exclusion of even the existance of any other.

It doesn't matter who's playing-- it's a big, ugly, stupid power-mad game. 

Tempts me, frankly, to go out and find a black fella, a Hispanic fella, and an ethnic (if not necessarily religious) Jew.  And have two kids with each of them.  And raise them all to use no more than what they need, reuse and recycle everything they can,        

Now, I do believe that we might be better off to do away with all government, all centralized authority, and all artificial systems of economics.  Back to self-sufficiency, cottage industry, and the barter system.  Back to dealing with people you're going to be stuck with, in all probability, for your entire life.

I'm not actually all that worried about population.  Just about how I'm going to keep my little chunk of the population alive.  "Mother Earth" is, in general, more than happy to cull the population (human or otherwise) when it gets too thick.  That's brutal and ugly-- starvation, disease, et cetera-- but I'd rather trust natural selection than any self-righteous, high-handed, power-hungry human being.    

The Big Lebowski
#4 Posted : Sunday, January 18, 2009 1:47:35 PM
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I have a copy of the dvd ....its got some decent information. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if it was true.

Looking at the world as it is now I think just through the wars and starvation will help to do what their agenda is. I also think that is one reason Africa is the way it is. No matter what help it is given they just seem to self destruct.(planned)

I got to thinking after watching the  movie, that the folks that want to cull the population they would have to release some kind of biological agent on countries like China and India. There is no war that would decrease their population, both are over a billion.

If there is an agenda to depopulate the earth I think it will be through them releasing some sort of bio warfare agent.....avian flu, Spanish flu ..etc....they have all these stored away for "research" 
#5 Posted : Wednesday, January 21, 2009 2:53:48 PM
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Nah, I don't buy it.  Not all of it anyway--  It's the same stupid crock that's been dished up for decades now as a justification for not attempting to change the status quo.  Business, industry, economics-- just a reason, and a slick one because it inspires enough reactionary fear and anger  that a lot of  people won't be able to think through it, for not fighting the same old "Grab all you can, consume all you can, and hang the cost" ethos. 

I'm not a population bomber; I don't feel guilty for having two kids and one on the way.  I'm a bit of a believer in the idea of "idiotocracy;" that is to say, if the morons have the bulk of the kids, the world will fill up with and be run by morons.  I know that's what some of our local right-wing culture warriors are hoping for.  They'll have umpteen bazillion kids--  I think 18 is the standing record, held by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of Springdale, Arkansas (right down the road from me; they're nice enough and all but I don't want to live in Their Country)-- and force democracy to bend to their will by sheer numbers. 

Anyway-- the population bomb.  "Mother Earth" will take care of the population bomb.  "Mother Earth" is taking care of the population bomb.  What happens when resources run thin-- starvation, wars, genocide-- and people get packed closely together-- AIDS, Ebola, Rift Valley Fever, and not just isolated cases of these things where people and zoonoses collide but outbreaks that progress to pandemic levels-- are the ways that "Mother Earth" has always taken care of every population bomb. 

"Mother Earth" is a bitch, "Mother Earth" read "The Cold Equations" in high school and took it as her paradigm for all existence.  Do I like it??  No, I don't.  "Mother Earth" is an equal opportunity leveller; the biggest and almost only reason it's those cute little kids on the other side of the planet dying by the numbers instead of my beloved little brats is LUCK.  We were born here, they were born there.  Period.  That's not moral-- but "Mother Earth" is not moral.  "Mother Earth" is a strictly practical creature. 

I don't think everyone should consume to the limits of what their luck allows.  I don't allow my family to do it, and I am pretty damn contemptuous of those who do.  I have a lot of contempt in my heart right now.  My contemptuous heart and I will be back to talk about that later.  I have to go wash dishes-- 6 plates, 6 bowls, 12 cups, 4 of us in the house-- and take care of the baby right now.  My leisure time for this morning is over.     

#6 Posted : Saturday, January 31, 2009 4:29:21 PM
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Yes, Big L,  I agree.  The likely depopulation method of choice by those covertly in power over us will be by using biological methods. These are already being used now. They are and have been developed here in the US and in Russia. Africa is being depopulated right now, as we speak, with biowarfare technology.  We are working on these things now, and they are not intended for use against foreign armies in military situations, but against the populations as a whole. Probably will be used against us, if they are not already.

Much is also in the works with the growing GMO crops revolution. The GMO crops give complete control of food supplies to just a few select individuals and groups who, it seems, are preparing and intending to use that to play God over us. Control the food, and you control who lives and who dies...

Medical inoculations vaccines  have been intentionally covertly designed to sterilize women in third world countries, to spread blood plasma borne viruses which cause cancer years later, even here in our first world countries, and to weaken our immune systems.

Read about it yourself, google "biowarfare".

Here are a few of the results you'll find:











I could go on and on and on with this list. It is a growing awareness by the public that will start to bring an outcry against such practices. Interestingly, little mention is made of this topic in the mainstream media sources.

#7 Posted : Saturday, January 31, 2009 4:41:03 PM
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Why is it that when news of a danger or threat surfaces many people just think that since "it doesn't directly affect me, so whats the big deal?"

I'm sure we have all heard the quote:

(Famous quote from germany from the times of WW2 when the nazis had taken power. )

"First they came for the Gypsys, but I wasnt a Gypsy so I looked on. Then they came for the Jews, but I wasnt Jewish so I didnt care- then they came for me and their was no one left to stick up for me."

Why are so many of us unwilling to look at, to see what is happening, and to speak up about it???

The Big Lebowski
#8 Posted : Tuesday, February 03, 2009 4:55:11 PM
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Hey P-Man, not sure if you can get to a TV tonite (Feb 3) at 8pm on Toronto  time. Nova is doing a program on PBS called...Spy Factory/Are we safe...or something like that. Just thought it might be of interest to. here's a link

 Click Here

#9 Posted : Tuesday, February 03, 2009 5:14:40 PM
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Thanks, Big L.  I no longer do any television, haven't for years now. The full video program of that show will be available online the next day after it airs on tv for anyone who can't get it on tv.


#10 Posted : Tuesday, February 03, 2009 5:20:37 PM
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Is it just my browser? 

Why is it that the block of google ads at the

right side of the page blocks part of the text

at the right side of the first few messages???

(including the opening message of this thread...)

Is that some sort

of censorship?

#11 Posted : Thursday, March 05, 2009 6:14:02 PM
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More breaking news on the subject of  progress on the

 "intentionally engineered depopulation of the planet".

It seems some company involved in vaccine production

is actually involved in the intentional releasing of LIVE

H5N1 (bird flu virus variant) as an inclusion in vaccines ,

along with another, humanly transmissable, virus variant

(that can result in mutation into a transmissible "super bug"

which will kill 90+% of human life,for release to the public.

Yes,  the chosen "Earth Depopulation Method" will

more than likely be  BIOLOGICAL, and INTENTIONAL. It is being

prepped for release NOW.

Read the article:



(makes me real anxious to run down and get a flu shot!)

#12 Posted : Saturday, March 07, 2009 4:37:57 AM
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Research it yourself. Just google this phrase:

"live bird flu contaminated flu vaccines"

#13 Posted : Saturday, March 07, 2009 7:12:07 PM
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Here is some more specific info about the American Co.,  Baxter,

and their history of  "mistakes", that released the live avian flu

in vaccine shipments to 18 countries.

From the Health Freedom USA website:


This could be crucial information for the health and well-being of humanity.

Disperse WIDELY.  We need to watch closely,  and warn each other worldwide

about developments such as this. Exposing the treachery may help prevent it...

#14 Posted : Friday, March 13, 2009 3:39:17 PM
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I tell you I often wonder if it isn't the food that so many people eat (fast, processed, etc) that makes so many of them apathetic.  I have never seen so many people that do not care what they look like, what their government does (as long as they are getting a stimulus) or what they do to their childrens futures. 

This latest generation scares me the most.  There are a handful that seem to care about the future but look how many only care about today.  They feed their children stuff that isn't fit to be pig slop and I personally believe that pigs deserve much better too.  They put clothes on them with no thought to where that clothes came from or how it was made, nor do they care to know.  They endlessly shop Wal-Mart buying more plastic crap that nobody could really use. 

I admit I have used things that turned out not to be so good for me in the past but once I found out that it wasn't good I quite using it but todays generation just doesn't care.  I am ashamed to say that I am related to many people that feel this way.  They feel that the government would not "allow" anything on the market that would be harmful to them.  I point out diet soda research and they don't want to hear it. 

My direct family (DH and DS x 2) and my Mother are the only ones of our family that actually cook every meal at home each day.  I make full breakfast, lunch and dinner for my husband and youngest son everyday (oldest Son is in Germany now).

The scary part is that they continue to breed!  They may not have 10 kids but there are alot of them have one and two kids without bothering to be married or even in a real relationship.  My neice that weighs 80 lbs more than she should, now has a son of her own (baby daddy don't live with them).  She eats breakfast out every morning, leaving her 16 month old with the sitter and hour early to do this.  She then eats lunch out, usually McDonalds or Wendy's and then picks up her son and goes to Wal-Mart to buy something (she has a wal-mart credit card even) and get dinner at McDonalds.  Yes, her poor child ends us eating McDonalds almost every night.  She also gets WIC and food stamps but buys not fresh vegitables or fruit.  My sister and my other neice do pretty much the same thing.  And did I mention she lives with my mother rent free because she can't "afford" to live on her own?  She has several friends in the same situation, one of which has 10 kids between her and her latest male 'friend'.  My brother and his family almost never cook at home in their McMansion with the double oven and when they do it is prepackaged processed food.  Honestly it is not just my relatives every where I look in the grocery stores I see carts filled with stuff that has ingredients that no one can pronounce.  Am I just really suspicious or could it be that the food they are eating contributes to their attitudes?  It think it is the food they eat and the fact that too  many of the younger generation have had too much given to them.   They actually believe that things are owed to them.  These are the people that will be taking over the government soon and some already are in there.  I am in my 40's and am referring to the 20 somethings that I see.  Now I will say that there are plenty in my generation that are the same way but not to the extent I see in many of the 20 somethings and younger.

I could probably go on on this topic forever.  The question is what do we do?  I do not believe that the government should be involved in any private aspect of our lives.  The government is definitely to blame on so many younge single mothers being dependent on them and continue to have children to continue to get benefits.  But again that goes into another topic also.  It is basically as someone said in another post the morons  continue to breed and they are out breeding everyone else.   If there was less government assistance there would be a natural population control of "survival of the fitest".  If people had to work to get their food and couldn't just walk into a "charity" after their foodstamps run out and get food they would have to figure out how to survive or perish.  Don't get me wrong there are times when charity is needed but not for young healthy people driving a new model vehicle that can't afford food because they have too much house or car......


#15 Posted : Friday, March 13, 2009 7:01:48 PM
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I'll agree that stupidity is tolerated too much.  That that's why the world is full of stupid people who think you can eat shit, buy whatever you want whenever you want it, and that's the way you should live.  DH is going thru a terrible process of waking up from exactly that kind of upbringing...

...and I'm living the aftermath of being enculturated half-in and half-out of it. 

But riddle me this-- and it's not meant to be a rhetorical question.  I'm asking a question because I need an answer.  Take this particular conspiracy theory and operate on the assumption that it's true.  Hey, why not???  It makes as much sense as anything else.

What the hell's the point???  Why look for better food??  Even I have to admit-- McMuffins and mac'n'cheese in a box taste pretty damn good.  Why do anything other than sit and watch TV, or read a pulp novel, if that's what makes you happy??  Why not smoke as much dope as you can afford and drink like a bleeding fish??  Why not buy your kids the plastic crap from WalMart-- or the thrift store merchandise that was plastic crap at WalMart two years ago-- and let them have a good time with it??  Why not do that, and enjoy watching them laugh, or laughing with them, for as long as you can???

Why stop at the three kids I can feed???  Why not have the as-many-as-fertility-will-give-me that I want???  Why not make like that dumb broad out in Cali with the fourteen petri dish babies that she can't feed???  Hey-- 'til they come to kill her and her brood, she's living her dreams.  More than her dreams-- her wildest fantasies. 

Why live any different than your stupid relatives, or my stupid in-laws with their credit-card debt and their instant food and their ever-running TV and their COPD and diabetes???

Why not just do whatever the fuck, live the stupid easy life, swallow the fucking soma, enjoy the synthemesc, swill Victory gin and play the Lotto, pick the story of your choice??  Why get up and till the garden, give up precious playtime to cook those meals from scratch, draw attention to yourself by trying to fight it (or even by posting the comments y'all have on this one thread)???

They're going to win anyway.  It doesn't matter if you're 200 miles out in the Canadian wilderness on a self-sufficient, self-contained farm with a really swell bunker and five years' supply of survival food.  When they want you out of the way, it's going to be Ruby Ridge/Waco/FLDS/pick'n'plug all over again.  They'll drag you out, chain you up, and haul you away.  Shoot you on the spot.  Drop a megaton bomb and some dirty nuke shit on your bunker and go home to a nice dinner, congratulating themselves all the way.

Why plant a garden??  Why invest the effort in wildcraft-- I like it, but my daughter probably won't enjoy that shit two years from now; neither will my son once he meets other kids and the Wonderful World of Entertainment. Why spend the money I could be spending on vacations and DVDs to get what I can't grow from the natural foods outfit down the highway???  Why fight the regulations?? They're going to terrorize the sheeple (and there are billions of them, 10,000,000,000 little walking talking Frank Burns dolls out there doing whatever Senator Joe suggests they should, and some of them even call themselves survivalists; there are more sheeple in our tiny little rural school than there are posters on this board) into asking them to do the very things they want.  Control you *and* call it democracy in action.  If that doesn't work, they'll just do it anyway.  Call it a gift, or use the combined forces of the dozens of countries they control to force it down your throat.

Doesn't matter how remote you are, or how ready you are.  They've got satellite maps of your ass, and all of you put together can't shoot fast enough to hold them off.     

Why should I do anything other than feed my kids the CocoPuffs they beg for instead of the 12-grain organic hot cereal they choke down...

...and use the extra time (and the extra smiles) to enjoy them, and today, while THEY see fit to let me have it???

You want to know why I don't believe this shit????  Because, if I do, there's not even any point in doing that.  It's too painful to look at my kids-- or anyone's kids, or anyone period-- knowing that's the reality of their silly little lives and there's nothing-- no amount of consciousness-raising, no amount of protesting, no amount of preparation-- nothing I, or they, or all of us put together can do about it. 

If I believe this shit, I can't even enjoy the Lucky Charms and vapid entertainment and laugh with them while they still have the laughter in them.   

If I believe this shit, why don't I treat them to the longest and most vibrant festival of joy I can finance...

...kiss them and tickle them and buy them cotton candy and love them all I can...

...and then kill them as quickly and painlessly as possible while they're laying asleep, passed out on a sugar crash, with unknowing smiles on their faces, and then do myself the same fucking favor???

If I really believe this shit, why am I still fighting???  If you really believe this shit, why are you still fighting???  If you really believe this shit, the understanding that you cannot possibly win, or even evade, has to be implicit in your belief.

I used to believe this shit.  I smoked a lot of dope, cried myself to sleep if I had to go to sleep sober, and rode around all day looking at the pretty scenery, having as much fun as I could while I could. 

*That* is why I try really hard not to believe this shit.  Because, if I did, the best I could manage for myself would be the umpteenth reading of Left Behind and an ardent prayer that the Rapture will come while my kids are still naive enough to be automatically beamed the fuck off this rock to eternal peace at the side of some God (who bore, in every church I ever walked into, more resemblance to a demon of Hell if you ask me).

Sorry.  I'm not trying to be mean.  I've just been really down for a really long time wondering what the hell the point is.  If you know, tell me.      

#16 Posted : Friday, March 13, 2009 7:34:52 PM
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I really don't know other than I refuse to just lay down and take it.  I will continue to do the best I can for myself and those I love.  I don't know that there is any conspiracy but maybe it's easier to believe there is a conspiracy than to think that a generation of people that just don't care about anything except the 'right now'.  If all the population just lays down then the few will rule the many.  I think energy should be spent trying to figure out how to make it better.  How do you get people to care about themselves and their children?  I don't mean self-indulgence but self-relience.  Teaching children to enjoy the beauty of the world and enjoy the outside.  To look at a garden and wonder at it's beauty.  My youngest son has no interest in the outside or gardening.  Even when banned from computer and TV he will sit in a chair and do nothing.  I don't know why he is that way he wasn't raised with that example for I continue to try to interest him.  My grandson on the other hand loves to work in the garden and screams with joy when he gets to pick something that's ripe.  That make it worth everything I do.  Even my outside hating son is very appreciative of a good meal and will deny fast food for a home cooked meal.  There is hope but we need to wake up, smell the coffee, and then do something about the problems we are faced with.  The question is what?????  I understand your frustrations......I am frustrated too.

#17 Posted : Friday, March 13, 2009 8:52:40 PM
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See, while the levels of apathy and greed and stupidity make me want to walk down the street bashing peoples' heads into light poles, or maybe borrow an Escalade to run them over with, it's easier for me (or easier on me anyway) to think that a whole generation (make that three whole generations) just doesn't care.  Apathy and stupidity can be fought.  Or anyway at least I/we (probably) won't be singled out for elimination for choosing to fight apathy and stupidity, or choosing to not practice it myself/ourselves.

If it's apathy and stupidity, then good for me to teach my kids better.  Good for me to get out there in the garden.  Good for me to can what I grew.  Good for me to put in the good stove and cut the wood.  Good for me to avoid the shit food (though I think it's the generations of obscene privilege-- that we're greedy and lazy and stupid enough to mistake for PRIVATION in this stupid age-- rather than the McMuffins that makes them all so stupid and lazy).  Good for me.  The damn economy that has brought them their precious privilege is in tatters.  I'm bleeding too...

...but I'm walking wounded.  Even the goddamn suburbanite I married is walking wounded.  Staggering, disoriented, screaming for morphine-- but walking wounded.  We will get up.  We will get better.  We will DO better.  Not do better as in "live a fatter life, more securely, for longer."  Do better as in "DO BETTER."  "Perform better actions, practically and morally better actions, with practically and morally better results."  GODS FORBID we should live even so fat a life as the one I was raised with-- and we behaved much better than many these days-- but still I look back and see materialism, profligacy, gluttony, greed. 

They will either grow up or die out, and we will be left with a world relatively more empty of stupid, lazy, greedy, profligate jackasses to fight against. 

Believing in the conspiracy, now...

...in conspiracies like the one discussed here that are too big, too entrenched, and too powerful to ever be rooted out and too well-planned to fail (lacking major divine intervention anyway)...

...for me, that breeds apathy.  At fatal levels.  Very quickly. 

#18 Posted : Friday, March 13, 2009 9:07:29 PM
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The quote, btw, is attributed to Martin Niemoller, an initial Nazi supporter and eventual Dachau survivor.  I've seen several versions (mostly on t-shirts worn by angsty, overprivileged college students who called Mommie and Daddy to beg for money to get stoned on and probably "grew up" to take out ARMs on subdivision fantasies); the one allegedly preferred by Niemoller runs thus: 

"In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist; And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist; And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew; And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up." 

And it is worth thinking about.  I'm a NeoPagan.  Surrounded by people who aren't, and wouldn't.  Living in a fairly racist and profoundly homophobic little pocket of Ozark paradise (where, may I add,  the Bilderburger conspiracy theory is quite popular). 

I think about it just about every goddamn day. 

#19 Posted : Friday, March 13, 2009 11:26:30 PM
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I live in Texas and our Govenor went to a Bildeburger meeting.  I email him to ask why a Texas govenor would need to attend a Bildeburger meeting in Italy or Belgium or where ever it was (I can't remember off hand).  I recieved a very nice reply that said basically that no tax dollars were used for him to attend that it was paid for by "private" donations, as was the Govenor of Ark. or Ok (again can't remember off hand which) and it basically was private business reference current economics and leaders from around the world come together to throw around ideas.  I also asked if he used vacation time or went under business time to which he did not reply.  I am sorry but I do not believe that Rick Perry went all the way to 'Whereever' just to throw around some business ideas with world leaders.  I don't know what the Bildeburg group does but I don't trust anytime you get that many "well off" people in a room talking "business" they don't care to share with the public.  Nothing good ever comes out of a group of people like those attending Bildeburg.  If they are really that innocent why do they not allow the press into one of their meetings? 

I think we should be accountable for holding our public officials accountable. 

As for the walking wounded, MC, I completely understand.  It was just about 5 years ago DH and I were a 2 income household with bills up to our eyeballs maybe even eyebrows.  We were clawing to stay above them.  We knew we needed to change things but felt stuck.  We finally decided to downsize and boy did we downsize.  I stopped working outside of the home and DH took a job that paid less but he enjoyed more.  We kept the house but that's about it.  We are now a one income family and in debt to our chins.  We can atleast see over it now.  We are much happier.  We have time for each other.  We are very hands on now in all that we do.  We have learned skills we never thought we would and have enjoyed it.  We are still working to get out of debt and at times it hurts but at the same time it feels good to know that we create NO new debt.  My garden has expanded from 1 raised bed 8 X 4 to 8 25' rows and still be expanded every year.  Our neighbors don't like that our garden is in the front yard but they have accepted it.  They commented a few times about the roosters going off and I smile and tell them that there are several houses for sale in the city limits and they don't allow roosters.  We only have an acre but we are using it to the best we can now and will continue to figure out ways to gently use it to the best ability.  I haven't figured out why people move to rural areas just to have a huge yard to two miniture dogs????

The good news is we are no longer controlled by the economy.  Even if DH lost his job and we lost our house we still have a very large storage building that could be converted to live in.  It is actually contstucted better than some houses, has heating and air unit, and we paid for our land before the house went on so we own that also.  The current administration can do what they will I will not fall prey to needing them or their handouts and become dependent on the govenrment for my survival.

#20 Posted : Monday, March 16, 2009 11:06:02 PM
Rank: Guest

Posts: 134,494

I don't know why people who obviously want to be suburbanites move to the country either--  I think it has something to do with the pretty scenery or prestige or something.  Take my stupid neighbor for example.  Moves a mile down a dirt road--  first thing he does is put in TWO streetlights and start griping because nobody else on the road wants to shell out to have it PAVED.  If he wanted street lights and paved roads, there's a lovely subdivision FOUR MILES AWAY with a public dock and a nice little community center and lots of covenants that would suit him just fine.

Of course, this is the same guy who owns a vacation home, a boat, and a Corvette and drives a 2-year-old Lincoln Navigator...

...and comes over for coffee bragging about this great deal he got on TV dinners...

...FROM ANGEL FOOD MINISTRIES!!!!  What a sleaze!!!!  I could sooooooo break his false teeth!!!!  There are thousands of dickheads in the world just like him...  GRRRRR!!!!  Sometimes I could almost go in for population reduction-- starting with HIM!!!!

You inspire me.  I think I'm going to tell him that, if he doesn't like looking at my 15x15 frontyard garden, he can bring over his Gator and his chain saw and help me put together something he finds more esthetic.  And get chickens anyway.  I'm not ready for them yet-- I'm barely treading water with the chores I have-- but I  want them so bad I can smell it.  Not just for the eggs/meat-- this place is Tick City and I have little kids.  Guineas would be best, but any kind of chickens would be really useful. 

If I make a recording of him threatening to poison them, can I charge him with trespassing and destruction of property if they drop dead and I can't trace it to something I did wrong????


As far as the Bildebergers go-- Anybody who's fool enough to think a multigazillionaire, probably rolling in inherited wealth, is a benevolent, decent, or honest person should be standing on their head in a corner, flapping their arms and clucking like a chicken.  That's not even naive-- that's willful stupidity, and I want to know what they're smoking. 

But, man, I can think of all kinds of nefarious stuff they could be doing without plotting to turn us all into zombies, control elections, or depopulate the world. 

--They could be planning how they'll buy out whoever happens to win-- we all know corruptibility is practically a prerequisite for a political career. 

--Planning assassinations of leaders who can't be bent or bought to their interests-- I'm not saying I think JFK was a great man or anything, but do you have any idea what the decline of Jim Crow did to (or for, depending on your POV) the labor market???? 

--Union busting-- the mine and textile wars and the shit that went down with agriculture out West took some serious coordination.  That wasn't just a bunch of hillbillies deciding to vote with their rifles; that was a nationwide effort, with hired armies, and a war fought over three decades.  Look what they've done to organized labor in the roughly 70 years since-- all but turned the clock back to 1943. 

--Figuring out what newly developing and totally unregulated part of the world they're going to move their factories to next, how soon they need to be ready to do it, and what deals they need to cut with local gov't/ warlords in order to make it work.  

--Detoothing/circumvention of environmental laws, tarriffs, import inspections.  Bush Sr. and the Clintons and NAFTA (not to mention how a political and military enemy has ended up with MFN status year after year).  Take a gander at what the Bush Jr. administration did to the numbers of import inspectors, and to safety regulations for the American operations that are still left. 

--The Miscellaneous Category:  Coordinated releases of new products, planned obsolescence, land schemes, Ponzi schemes a la Bernie MadeOff, circumvention of laws like what's gone down with the SEC...

You've got enough right there to fill up a 30-day retreat without even touching on the shit that video goes on about. 

I'm not saying it isn't true.  I don't know.  I know that, if vaccines are supposed to make you a lazy, stupid consumer, then my kids and I must have gotten defective batches or got lucky with untainted batches of serum or something.  OK, DH is a stupid suburbanite consumer lunkhead just starting to rub the sleep out of his eyes...

...but it makes a lot more sense to "blame" his stupid suburbanite consumer lunkhead parents and the stupid lunkhead consumerist suburbanite culture (he was raised from age 2 in Cape Credit Card, FL, Hub Of All That Is Wrong With Society-- if you've never been there, DON'T GO!!!).

Anyway.  I don't know for sure what's true.  But I do know that, if they're that organized, that powerful, and that bent on having world domination all to themselves...

...man, we might as well enjoy the moment, because we've only got as many tomorrows as they choose to allow us.  Build a bunker and fill it with five years' worth of survival food, guns, and ammo.  Equip an F-350 to be capable of ramming a roadblock.  Go ahead-- they own the cops, they own the military, they have their own military, and they've probably got your bunker GPSed.  Yeah, sure, they don't care if a few people survive their planned uberdecimation...

...but do you really think they're gonna let someone who's gonna be a boil on their butt be among the remnant????       

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