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Fuel alcohol enzymes Options
#1 Posted : Monday, October 13, 2008 6:56:22 AM
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-quote "used by the manufacturers of high fructose corn syrup"

In high volume go to the supplier.
In low volume go to the users and ask for scrap/contaminated supply's.
#2 Posted : Sunday, December 21, 2008 6:57:41 PM
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World is in for BIG changes in resource use .

 Anything that wastes humans time , as in a factory , with 200 employees

 is suspect of waste .

   ADM wants to sell you raw materials to make ALC or even sell

you alc ?  

  ADM and most off Fortune 500 are bankrupt in the Depression of 2012 !

       The evidense is SUBSIDY . If the govt said we need to run cars

on alc , then surely we wont have alc ,  much less cars to burn alc in .

   If the US govt said its good for Environment ,

   it really says " we gotta pay off "porkbarrel" to the Honorable gentleman

 from West Virginia ...."

    This is "Green "    ??


    All alc will be far too expensive to burn or drink , in just 3 years !

   gas prices will fall so low , no one will say alcohol in the future ...









#3 Posted : Tuesday, December 23, 2008 1:30:29 AM
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Ah but then theres the rub,once rich always rich..OPEC and oil co's can afford to sell you $1/gal gas right now,they made their $$ this summer..Wait a year or so they'll start rocketing up again.OPEC can always cut production to keep you paying what you can..This is why we have to stop using gasoline,need to keep the arabs from building ski slopes in the desert.

#4 Posted : Tuesday, December 23, 2008 5:29:38 PM
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 The laws of Nature are slow , but absolute .  Its now time to stop

wasteful consumption of petro' , at least til pop'

falls below 1 billion  ( 2040 ) .

   In the past 100 years , if you had an idea to make $$$ , you needed

a gas engine , or electric motor than indirectly used petro'  ,, to power it.

   The D' of 2012 , no one has  $100 / Mon

for electricity /house nor gas for a car .  

 Most countries lack Petro' , effective price goes up.

 Those countries w/ Petro' ( Mexico has natural gas ) will  trade with Japan

for tiny , 10 MegaWatt  electric plants to power electric trains . 

 Finally ! Mex' gets a break !  

    Saudi Arabia et al ,, oil producers , will shift sales to Europe . In 30's , USA

pumped lots of oil , those wells are dry today .

This will stop the USA from involvement in world conflicts . But USA will melt down

internally in 2017-2018 . 

  Mexico has a brighter future . A more moderate govt , less taxing , people less likely to

attack each other , over property rights .   No govt is more helpful to US citizens /expats. 

   You can own property near borders and beaches , if you merely put it in

  banktrust ,specifing   you will need to use the land for 87 different purposes . 

 If you dont indicate your "needs"  in the Trust , you will not be able to use the land , later . 

If you are not in special zones you can own land without paying a lawyer / Trust deed . 

In GDL a typical house "casita"   taxes at $35/year . You will be called into the

tax office , if you dont pay your taxes by the 5th year .  If you own a lot only , in

GDL , and cry poverty , you will not need to pay land taxes , at all .

   They take a small %  from proceeds of sale .   50% lower , if you are 60 .


 When Tax man see's the unexpected low yield , he must negociate with the sellor

     In the USA , the fools evict and end up owning worthless land .  

   When  USA owner abandons , cause he can't make payments ...

 so how do you expect  FannieMay /FHA/Banks  will do better !!   

  Read Newspapers/ WSJ , rentors for years , never late w/ rent , and FannieMay is

evicting the tenants , claiming owner could not pay the monthlies !

  And the tenants , with money in hand , are turned out of their homes  !

 No country has more abusive Liberal laws .  But as i said , Nature is

slow , but absolute .  5 years , no banks , no FHA , no credit cards , no

cars /trucks , no dollars .  and NO CRIME ! Go figure , Go study . 30's had

NO CRIME .     By 2014 , the worthy have found a friendlier govt/country .


   Mexico will rise , as US falls .  $100 for a Non-immigrant visa , or live

on a boat , on a Mex' river and never need a passport /Visa .

 185x , Civil War , a Confederate General and all his men , fled  to

Vera Cruz , never heard  from again ...  Happily ever after ..

 Why fight it !     Look for better . 

   I do machinery / electronics .  While cars are here , they will toss the

computer and fuel injection . You can DIY a better , less wasteful method

of carb' .  Mine has 8 tiny carbs , that are  rich . If one has a problem , turn it off.

 a mech' linkage opens these , but as flow vacumn builds , an air-only valve

opens to reduce the suck at the tiny rich carbs .  On hwy , take foot of gas ,

and air-only opens 100% . No fuel can flow .


 S.U. would be good , if only they had NOT linked fuel needle to

the piston !  Fix the needle , and use the 'enrichment" sleeve to

independently control flow .

 Add a new hole w/ butterfly to any old car .  Now invent a link

to this butterfly .  If too rich , at least you can force it lean , to get it to

the shop . 

   "Atkison" cycle . retard cam one tooth . lose power , but less gas .

 a tiny Turbo , give credit to Mr Miller .  100 miles to gallon .

 Theres plenty of time to scavenge exhaust gasses , since they are at very

hi-pressure and a small exh pipe creates a suction and lastly the piston

will use a full stroke to PUSH gasses out , so dont worry about it , it

will easily run at 5000 RPM .

 Atkison starts easier , for its very low compression , about 5:1 .

My idea , rotates crank ,past  TDC , injects propane , then 250 PSI air .

fires plug at 40 Degress ...

   Auto trasnmssions, will replace friction clutches with dog clutches,

 sycronizers will pull RPM's down and with a slight clik ,

engage the next gear , with operator intervention .. 








#5 Posted : Wednesday, December 24, 2008 5:49:24 PM
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KC7CC, why can't you just answer Vacuum's question without going into you own lengthy convoluted personal rant?

Vacuum, what sources of starch are you refering to?  Perhaps rather than relying on expensive commercial enzymes you could make it work by sprouting some barley to add to your starch blend.  It's basicly the malting process that gets used to make beer.  You moisten the grain and let it sprout for 5-7 days till the first root starts to emerge.  You then gently dry the sprouted grain so you kill the seedling but don't destroy the enzymes.  Once you are ready to digest your starch you warm it to about 140-150F to bring the barley enzymes to full activity.  You can hold it at that temperature for several hours till your starch is totally digested.  I use the iodine test to assay for residual starch.  Once the starch is completely digested iodine dripped in a sample no longer turns purple.  Dave Miller gives a more thorough explanation of preparing enzymatically active malt in his book "Home Brewing".

Perhaps making your own malt is going to be more labor intensive for you, but you can cut down on costs by buying cheap barley, or by even growing your own.

Hope your project goes well,
#6 Posted : Thursday, January 15, 2009 3:18:01 AM
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Bio Diesel is the recent innovation going on. But the problem with it is that, it Freezes i a low temperature. So the problem which arises is, this thing cannot be used in countries which have low temperatures. Can anyone give me details about it?



Drug Intervention Colorado

#7 Posted : Friday, January 16, 2009 11:04:26 PM
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rene52: There are many additives that can be added to Bio Diesel.

kerosene is the most common.

Ethanol or methanol could also be used to help keep water out and keep the anti-gelling agent blended.

PS: It was very cold last night here... -35F! I barely made it home since the fuel filter froze up on my Diesel car.(1986 Jetta) It was soo cold that my small propane torch did not want to work and would drip liquid propane if I turned it up to far. I made it home and will have to get it inside and warmed up to purge the water out of the system.

 1. Replacing the fuel injection and using lean burn carb is against the law and will get you arrested and fined.
 2. Most cars lack the compression ratio to get good gas millage. FYI: My car has about a 20:1 compression ratio.
 3. If the future is as bleak as you say then we can all forget worrying about the environment since we will be luckily to survive.
 4. Diesel engines can run on gasoline and the future will be using a small high compression engine that charges the batteries on a hybrid.
 5. If you want to rant, you should rant at how I can't use the off peak electric power my house has to re-charge my UPS batteries at night.

#8 Posted : Saturday, January 17, 2009 12:24:25 AM
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Heya Bill,yep it's winter,21 below going out the door at my house this am,its been a long time since we've seen those temps.They had 40 below up in Milan NH near the border.kcc the reciprocating gas engine has been and always will be 12-15 % efficient in potential to kinetic energy transfer.Diesels are a bit better,up to 25%-35% transfer,still not great,but as a society supposedly first world in nature we need to seriously do some better engineering.Thought came across my mind about rotary screw combustion(the same idea as rotary screw air compressors in reverse)I would think a much better energy transfer would take place.In any case whether we start getting serious about electrics and hybrids it is going to be the way we're going in the future because fuel supplies as they stand now have proven to be extremely unstable.If we can't trust the sources of supply then we must do away with them once and for all.There are substitutes and sometimes better substitutes for oil based products.Oil is polymerized organic material,basically trees from 250 million years ago cooked by heat and pressure over time.Should be easy for us these days to replicate and we have..all we need now is incentive and it looks like we got it this year.
#9 Posted : Thursday, February 05, 2009 11:29:45 PM
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rene52 wrote:
Bio Diesel is the recent innovation going on. But the problem with it is that, it Freezes i a low temperature. So the problem which arises is, this thing cannot be used in countries which have low temperatures. Can anyone give me details about it?


Hi Rene
You are right in that biodiesel does have some cold weather problems.  Some of the longer fat chains start to solidy, the same way that bacon grease is settle out of the bottom of a jar mixed with veg oil.  I see this though as a technical problem rather than an idea killer.  One solution is to let the biodiesel "freeze", then filter out all the longer chain fats and save them for summer driving.  Another is to dilute it with a thinner such as kerosene that would keep the fuel liquid.  A third option is just switch back to petroleum fuels for winter driving, and use the biofuels for spring, summer, and fall.  Then there are "additives" that can keep the fuel liquid.  Finally, if diesel becomes popular enough then the plant breeders can give us new biodiesel produces that produce the right kinds of fats for winter driving.


#10 Posted : Thursday, February 05, 2009 11:29:45 PM
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Anyone know a good online source for amyloglucosidase, an enzyme used in converting starches to glucose for fermentation?
It can be done!
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