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can my turkeys, geese, ducks and chickens live happily together? Options
#1 Posted : Sunday, June 08, 2008 4:11:08 AM
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Personally, I wouldn't put geese or ducks in with turkeys or chickens... they will foul up the water faster than you would believe!  Plus, they are happier if they have a source of water to swim in (a kiddie pool works great, but if you do that I would stick with the smaller pool, easier to empty).  At the same time, chickens and young turkeys can drown in a pool.  They also stay cleaner if they don't share quarters with messy birds like waterfowl. 

As far as chickens and turkeys go, check with your local ag folks (or any neighbors that have chickens and turkeys) to make sure that a disease called blackhead isn't a problem in your area.  Chickens can carry it with no symptoms, but it can be deadly to turkeys.  If you run them together, make sure that they have LOTS of space, or you may end up with cannibalism. 

Just my thoughts...

#2 Posted : Sunday, June 08, 2008 4:06:14 PM
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Thanks Frosty - I guess that's pretty much what I thought about the ducks and geese but I may just keep the turkeys by themselves to be on the safe side.  I understand they aret not too smart and they might be best in a more protected enclosure.  Haven't heard of black head but I'll check it out.  I don't believe in confinement so they'll all have plenty of grassy space.  We have done the kiddie pool thing for geese in the past - very messy.
#3 Posted : Sunday, June 08, 2008 9:36:44 PM
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Turkeys don't deserve their reputation for not being bright... they actually are very smart, but they can also be curious.  Let them run loose and they are likely to follow you around to see what you are doing.  Unless they are heritage turkeys, though, don't plan on keeping them long term.  Letting them run loose will help keep them from putting on the weight super fast which helps with leg problems, but they still have difficulty moving when they are older (like a year old).  They also can't breed themselves, you would probably need to do AI if you wanted them to reproduce.  If they are heritage (not broad breasted) they won't have any problems and can naturally reproduce.  Do you know what kind they are? What do you have in the way of ducks and geese?  Just curious, I have a real soft spot for waterfowl...  I also keep hearing folks say that turkey poults are 'delicate and harder to keep alive as babies'.  I don't know, I just treat them the same as I do the chicks and never had problems if I got good poults to begin with. 

Best of luck with them, they are sure to be a lot of fun!   

#4 Posted : Tuesday, June 10, 2008 9:36:09 PM
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   As I purchased the "homesteader's delight" from MurrayMcMurray I am not certain of the types of birds I received but my best guess is that the geese are Toulouse.  They are yellow underneath but have a rather dark grey appearance (possibly African).  The ducks I think are Cayuga.  They are all black and don't seem to act like runner geese.  They are very sweet.
   As for the turkeys I think one is probably a broad breasted bronze as I have seen photos of that one as a poult.  The other two I don't know but one is pretty much yellow with a little darker shade on the tips and one is black with a yellow face that sort of forms a circle on  each side of its head.  It also has a little yellow on the wing tips.
   I'm sure I won't be going to the trouble of breeding them but we have had geese that hatched out several goslings in the past.  I guess I'll see what happens.  There is still the possibility that they will become dinner. 
   Speaking of dinner - 25 of my chicks are cornish rock x's and cornish roasters.  I have had chicks numerous times before both heavy breeds for laying and meat bird but this is the first time that some have died.  I have one now that is alive but in obvious distress.  It seems to be bloated and is just sitting around.  It did not seem to be pasted up but I kind of washed its rear end with warm water - nothing happened.  I have it isolated with food and water.  I suppose I made a mistake in not ordering the broiler booster and should pick some up as soon as I get to town.  Is there any kind of home made concoction I can use to give them some added vitamins and electrolytes?  I gave them sugar in the water for the first few days.

#5 Posted : Friday, June 13, 2008 8:35:56 AM
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I always just give the broilers a bit of sugar in the water for a day or two (all of my shipped birds, actually...), I never got the vitamin supplement.  I really don't know what may be going on with the chick.  Wish I could help!

For the turks, the white one is probably either braod breasted white, or Royal Palm.  The black one is probably either Black Spanish or Slate (some of which will be black) and the other may be a bronze, but Narrigansett poults look similar.  If the goose has a black bill, it may be African or Chinese.  And I have had Cayuga ducks before, absolutely gorgeous in the sun!

How old are your chicks?  I know MM hatchery did have a disease problem earlier this year.  Usually I do get very nice chicks from them, though.   

#6 Posted : Wednesday, June 18, 2008 1:47:33 AM
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Hi and thanks for the information.
      I got my chicks on June 2.  There were 5 in all that died but it has been a week now since the last fatality and the rest of them seem to be doing well.  I may be moving the ducks and geese out of the brooder in the garage soon as they are making such a mess with their water. 
      I got some electrolyte/vitamin powder from Farm and Fleet (local farm store chain) and have been putting it in everyone's water. 
#7 Posted : Monday, August 23, 2010 6:14:43 AM
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It is sad to hear that your animals has died did you find out what causes it?

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#8 Posted : Monday, August 23, 2010 6:14:43 AM
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Which one's can live together and who needs their own space.
Please share your experiences and the ins and outs.
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