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Place to stay... help with work... Tok, Alaska Options
#601 Posted : Monday, March 19, 2007 4:43:57 PM
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Anyone been in e-mail contact with nan while the "improvements" have been under way ?

The weathers been cold , last i heard they were light on wood and i'm getting conserned .

I hope she's just having they same problems logging in here as me. Long long wait to get the message promt . Anyone NOT from alaska haveing these problems ?

I ate what??!!

#602 Posted : Monday, March 19, 2007 6:48:09 PM
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I’ve been holding back on writing for the forum.  My Lent promise is supposed to last more than a day or two.  I’m also holding back on my indoor planting and starting of my summer garden plants.  I should be starting my tomatoes and peppers, all of the cold weather things, etc.  now a woman gets mighty antsy to do all of this but being sent to Anchorage slowed me down for a few weeks.  That and the finishing of the ceilings.  Or at least one.  I want to do something.  Even if it’s done in the house or out.  I have to hold myself off a little while longer.  I am not watching movies on the TV, more Lent promises.  My promise to not write very often on the forum was given a little help with the forum going down.  Some how I feel that I am cheating.  Lol.  I do miss my time on the TV though.  My favorite shows and history channel, etc things will be there when it is time to be able to watch again but my mind is in disagreement over it all the time.  Oh how fun to be able to watch a great movie.  Oh well, I made the choice so now deal with it.  I figured if I made some decent promises it would be a good time to do the work inside and get it done, now I sit here in Anchorage seething about all the work that isn’t being done.  At this rate I might never be able to get the horse, the cow, the chickens and the rabbits.  Something must turn around somewhere.  As anyone would know, it is always right around the corner.

I am thinking about the summer here.  It is such a great time to be outside doing whatever.  The sun time, the longest days in the summer are the best time.  Most of it we are out barefoot and feeling wild.  It reminds me of when I was a kid.  No respect for the staying clean, no wanting to go help or be punished, just lets get out of here before they find us and make us do some work.  We never felt scared until it was just time to go back.  Our bellies would roll with hunger and we would walk back as if we had no idea that there had been work to do.  No amount of begging would help to keep us from the common occurrence..    to punish us.  We would have to ask why were we in trouble anyway?  What did we do wrong, as if we didn’t really know that we were going to have to cut hay or weed the gardens or get the winter wood.  Etc.  Sometimes the old folks would get really tired of use taking off so they kept us on the floor near their beds before a morning of work and before the bright sunshine of morning would wake us and would claim us.  It became hard to escape from the area without them waking up.  No matter how we wanted it to rain hard, this usually helped some but not with inside chores and  it didn’t except on a few occurrences.    When the work was really important and it was really hard if we took off then the strap came out so we soon learned how to pick and choose.  Now I am of an age where I don’t get the strap, I just feel something in the back of my head telling me that I had better do my chores or else!  I wonder if old memories have anything to do with the guilt feelings?

The rest of my little family is resting right now.  It doesn’t matter how it goes, Sugar has already taken care of all the doctor appointments and is now exploring the ways to say in the pool without coming out when I call.  It is fun to see her swimming with her little turtle suit on.  She stays in the water for hours paddling like a dog.  It is a wonder how she can be so smart.  In the middle of the pool she gives me a darn good argument on and  how to find ways to stay in the water.  She is giving a tremendous effort to learn swimming.  It is sweet to watch.  She is as fine an example of a child as anyone could be.  She grabs my heart more and more every day.   Anything we try to do she will too.  Mark is going to take her skating tomorrow.  That is something that they always do when we come to Anchorage.  Me, I can’t wait until the first time that I get to take her hunting for squirrels. 

The best thing about planting in this state is that there are no coons to destroy the gardens.  The worst thing is that a moose will work a whole garden to pieces in just one night.  The bigger and better that I plan and plant my garden the sooner the moose will be exploring it.  Now I am trying to figure how to keep them out so that they don’t destroy the whole thing.  My plans are for a tremendous effort to do a huge one and still keep the critters out.  I figure I might even need to do a fence of some kind.  Maybe some pointed sticks stuck in the ground.  Some of the woods need to be trimmed anyway.  Aaah    farm work, homesteading, keeps the brain from Alzheimer and healthy and it’s going to be one more great adventure.  Yes!  I do like to feed the mouth that might bite me.

It’s been an interesting week around this motel. Been pretty fast moving too.  Now I have been to all the doctors’ offices that I care to be in for now.  Tuesday was spent in the immunization clinic testing Sugar and the possibilities of an allergy.  Wednesday was spent at the dentist with Mark having an old wisdom tooth extracted, and Sugar getting her exam and x-rays, a cleaning and a great bill of mouth health.  Thursday was really unpleasant.  Mark had to have a cholesterol and prostate exam.  It took hours in the clinic and was a non-positive test results.  He is in great shape, and then Sugar had to have more blood work and an exam.  She is great too.  What a relief for me to have the two of them be passing all the testing.  One thing that really made me stop the worry is that she has a good reason for the lymph nodes swelling and it is because of the allergies and nothing else.  I am so relieved. 

Homesteading is such a suitable position for me.  I love the simpler life.  I need the homesteading and to try for the sustainable farming to get moving along soon but at least I do try.  Sugar should learn too.  In my mind even if she doesn’t like it later on in her adult years she will have the knowledge and that is what most folks nowadays don’t have.  Sad but true.  Time will pass fast enough but in the days after I am long gone if she needs this knowledge she will have it.  Time leaves us much faster when we get older.  I remember waiting so impatiently when I as younger for each birthday to come.  Now I hate them but such is life.  When it moves, time won’t be stood still, so neither can I.

Someday I will be a small farm and able to homestead without much help from the outside.  This summer I will start with the chickens and rabbits.  I have found a place that seems to be about the most fair and best one around.  According to all the locals here the prices are excellent.  The feed a decent price but the hay is going through the roof.  So with that knowledge I am going to hold off on the horse and anything else that I don’t get any protein or vitamins from and do what we need to do to keep to eat.  The thing is, here the chicken is not that expensive unless you eat only the 100 percent natural and that is exactly what we do so it will be best to have plenty of chickens.  A rabbit or two will not be that expensive or else I would not even bother.  That are so many here this year and they are so very easy to trap or snare.  The kicker is that we all love rabbit too.   The manure from the chickens is great too, it being the highest in nitrogen that I know of, it will help the gardens immensely.  So, this summer I am going to raise all that I can.  I might even do summer hogs.  We shall see on that one.  Oh, the cholesterol and the aging of my cells but that beats the heck out of the commercial meats and is a nice break from the red moose and caribou meat.  What a fun dilemma, feeding the family with good food.  I will give it the push for the best.

We know that it will take a bit longer to do some of the things that are running the sharp edges on my brain, getting me really thinking.  Compared to this business of city life I guess I am ok.  The need for the cabin work to get done now is supporting a very difficult thing.  The allergies that Sugar has.  Cabins tend to be very dusty, kind of harder to clean places than the houses of modern day.  I need to step it up.  Yesterday after getting all the covers and some of the other things I now need, some with relation to cleanliness, such as 2 air purifiers and new mattress covers, zipper ones, allergy prevention, and a multiple of other things, it’s a start.  It can’t hurt anyway.  It’s just another overload.   Oh well, beats the heck out of all the demands of a city life.  It is just as convenient too, no matter what they say.

 Just driving around in this city is enough to make me half nuts.  I wish I had a tractor.  The first person to yell at me that I was driving to slow would get it.  Lol.  And God help those people that have to work in those awful conditions at those convenience stores.  That is brutal.  I had no idea that they got so little money to take so much crap.  They need to get it together and start taking night classes.  Better get a degree in some kind of biotechnology and get a better job.  The heated debates that they are in because they don’t move faster are all beyond my patience.  Get out there and grow a crop of something organic!  Lord knows I wouldn’t take being told I was “ignorant” to well.  In fact I think I would have started my own riot.   Some of those people have no clue about starting earlier on the chores they have to do and then they wouldn’t be yelling poisonous things at the workers in those stores.  Gripping that they are in a hurry.  Who cares?  Leave earlier if you’re in that big a dam….  Hurry.   Just standing on the sideline made me mad enough to almost say something.  I left there feeling a little unhealthy mentally with lots of bad conversations going though my brain.  I am going to avoid those little places as much as is possible until we get back home.  And those kids hanging around and in front of those places.  Don’t they have better to do?   Aarrrrgh, there I go again.  Leaving the homestead out of my writings.

I will skip more for today.   More tomorrow.  Perhaps.  Written on March 9th







#603 Posted : Monday, March 19, 2007 7:51:43 PM
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 There is so much news to relay.  I have been having a war with myself about the Lenten rules I made for myself.  Clearly I must obey some of the rules I have set up for myself .  Somehow I must try to obey the rules of God.  

I feel like a ship-wreck.  Nothing is getting done as I planned. 


We just got back on Monday from Anchorage.  That is not cool.  Having fun at that motel, not doing any work, letting myself be fed instead of cooking meals, running around to all the thrift stores as if I had lots of money, dragging my little Sugar around until she got exhausted, not even making my own bed!  Holy Cow, what a mess I am.  We were gone almost 2 weeks!  My ceilings are not done, I now have a mountain of dirty clothes, the kitchen is a mess, and now we will be having company soon!  Yikies!  Saturday was spent at church having even more fun.  We went to the Snowcray tournament in the parking lot first.  Now in most places you don’t play Croquet  in the snow but that doesn’t stop Alaskans.   Nope.     We played until we were all frozen.  It really was a hoot, and a mess.  The snow is lumpy so it becomes very difficult to get the ball going where you want it.  We cheated  too. When I couldn’t make a play I simply moved the gate.  Lol.  Next was a huge dinner of corned beef, cabbage, carrots, onions, and potatoes, plus many other dishes and a great deal of dessert.  It was fun.  Next on Sunday we went to church and guess who was there with us?  Teniah and her mother-in-law Debbie.  I introduced them to the congregation and they met many people.  and they met many people to start new friendships with.  After church we all went to the ‘Grumpy Griz Café for lunch.  We were too late to have breakfast.  O, is that ever another story.  Nothing to do with homesteading so I will save it for later.


I have not extended too many writings here so I won’t feel guilty if I have an extraordinary run of words and thoughts.  It is time to get reacquainted with all my forum friends.  After this writing I need to write to the MEN to find out what happened to my campaign to have a photography category started somewhere here.


Now I will take a little time to list some of the needs that we found Sugar has.  She is very allergic to grass, wood, hay, straw, and so on.  She is not allergic to pets or pet dander.  We are so happy about this.  It is possible that we will see her grow out of this condition.  If not she will have anti-allergic shots to prevent outbreaks but that can’t happen until she is some what older.  This is not the worst news.  We are very happy about the pets.  Now all we need to do is train ourselves to combat these things with some control over the situation.  Done.  She was written prescriptions with 11 refills.  Enough to go almost a full year.  Then we shall see.  I wouldn’t give her this medication but I want her to have some basic freedoms.  I intend to start giving her bee pollen too.  I didn’t discuss this with the doctor.  They sometimes can’t see their way clear to do the holistic thing.  It can’t hurt her and it is easy enough to get.  Even though it will be a little difficult it might work.  It is vital that she out grows this. 

A  little news about the arrival of Teniah and Debbie.  They did have a nice time once they got to Anchorage.  They had so much to do that they were a few days in getting here to Tok.  They went to the international Ice Festival in Fairbanks.  This is the most wonderful thing to see.  They even went on the ice slides.  There investigation of the ice sent chills up their spines they were so impressed.  There are pictures of the 2007 sculptures on the net ( if you google you will find them should you so desire)  They also picked up the truck that they purchased there too.  They bought it on the net while still in Korea.  Cool.  Lots of shopping was done, they did more than they needed to but tried to be disciplined. 

Travis called and told me that they had arrived but that they had forgotten to purchase a phone cord, they did remember to get a phone, anyway they were not able to receive calls on the phone which was already hooked up, so he called me and told me that they were here.  I went over to visit them and bring them a phone cord.  Well, never giving a thought to the fact that they are somewhat new to Alaska and that they are not aware of everything, I wore my brown nice beaver coat.  Debbie, Teniah’s mother-in-law caught a glimpse of me standing on the porch, just before I knocked, thought I was a bear, closed the curtains, and ran to the back of the house, not answering the door.  I literally had to pound on the window and yell, Teniah, on the phone talking to her husband, caught a glimpse of  me and came to my rescue.  We all had a pretty good laugh!  The furniture is supposed to arrive today, I will stay out of the way, let them do some arranging with that chore, then later as a part of a good neighbor effort will have the two tired bodies over for dinner.  They will need a rest.

I am fired up to get to the ceiling thing again, always seems to be on the back burner, but I have to do all the chores that have been neglected again.  O, that drives me nuts.  It is never done.   I still need to have some self control so I will stop for now and get to more news later.

There were no rabbits in the traps this morning because we forgot to bait them!  We eat them now, we won’t be having a bad garden this summer.  There are so many we need to control them or they will have a hay-day eating my veggies.  Lol. 




#604 Posted : Wednesday, March 21, 2007 6:35:26 PM
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Hello All agian

Just a quick entry as it is Lent and will be for some time yet. I will try to keep my promise. Last night no rabbits. I am making pork tamales and wanted to mix it with the meat to see how it would taste ?

Soon we are going to take a trip up the 'The Top of the World Highway' and see if we can find some Caribou herds to look at.  It will be a nice ride. 

Sorting and packing away the winter clothes is my latest task.  Sanding the wood in the garage is going slowly because of the cold still.  After it is sanded completely I will varnish it here in the cabin.

I do miss everyone.  Where are you all?

#605 Posted : Thursday, March 22, 2007 2:36:24 AM
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Hello All!  Glad to be back. It's been a bit crazy around our place. In-laws have been sick and are still in recovery mode. I'm hoping to expand on the veggie garden this year and have gotten some work done on that. Lot's of projects on my 'to do' list. Can't wait to catch up on what everyone else is doing.

Nantinki, as always I love reading of your adventures. Keep them coming! As your Lent promises allow of course!


#606 Posted : Thursday, March 22, 2007 6:23:38 PM
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 There she is!  Almost big enough to hold a shovel. 

 Yesterday was a very nice day.  We didn't go look for the Caribou.  I sanded some of my new wood.  It was almost 30 degrees here and the sun was clear and bright. 

We are having a Sadar dinner at the church on the 1st of April and we are so back-woods here that I can't get a leg of lamb with the bone in.  I suppose that it is because of the extra shipping costs.

Keeping it short.

 Hello miabee.  Nice to hear from you.  Maybe late tonight I will allow myself some time for a better report.


Bobby Strangelove
#607 Posted : Friday, March 23, 2007 2:22:46 PM
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Good morning nantinkirose!
A friend of mine who visits this site told me about your Homesteading thread the other day and told me that I should read it.I'm not done yet but will be soon and your story should be documented.I really hope your're saving these words and I find it one of the most interesting REAL stories that I've ever read.I'm totally blown away by what you've accomplished,and still are and I'm hooked on your story.I love your outlook on life and the way you have chosen to live your life and if their could be one more thing to say to you its..............YOU GO GIRL!!!
Take care,Bobby
#608 Posted : Sunday, March 25, 2007 1:45:19 AM
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    I am really loving this.  It's warmer than that carnival!



Winter Carnival in Anchorage!



Now this is fun!



Durn it all!  Now back to school while Grandma cuts the wood.  C U all, Love, Sugar



#609 Posted : Sunday, March 25, 2007 3:27:37 AM
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The highlight of today is that I spent most of the night watching the ribbon dancers in the sky again. What marvelous Auroras again. Envision a full on fire works display multiplied times 1000. You got it! So very little sleep, (worth it though) then I awaken to the number one days of sunshine and rainbows you have ever witnessed! It was snowing in the full on sun. One of those days when there are one or two little clouds in the sky and it was working. It took all efforts to contain myself. I get so much of this beautiful Ice Palace that something as simple as a morning sunrise can take my breath away. I know what I know. Wow.


Because I limited the TV time too, now I get to listen to some of the Alliance Radio Networks and try to get some good out of that. Mostly I try to listen to music. The talk shows are a nuisance because of Marks arguing with them even though they are not present. It  seems to discuss every bad thing that can be happening anywhere. I am happy when the nice music comes on.


I confess that I am ready to start the plants even though the gardening season isn’t really ready here for at least 3 more months. Last year I planted early and was so lucky.

No late frost. If I try it again this year I will most likely suffer the consequence of this early starting action, but, being a gambler I will try again and not back down.


We are burning so little wood because of the mild winter, most of it that I didn’t really need to go out and cut wood and saw some too but I did anyway. It isn’t warm enough to sand the ceiling wood yet, or to varnish the ones that I have done and are ready to do so I am still waiting on that. Chomping at the bit so to say. >>>>   (chomp   chomp )


Truly, I believe that a blindfolded person would learn to love this state, it is fantastic. It is 20 degrees out, I am wearing a sweatshirt and shoes, Croc’s, and have no socks on. People ask me if "my mother didn’t teach me to wear socks?" I tell them that it is spring now, and that I don’t need any. It is amazing how one does acclimate to the weather up here.


Things happen here on the forums, things that are somewhat markedly on the not to understanding borders of meanness. I sometimes take the wild ride to the other places and read, sometimes post, and get some conduct for my efforts that need manners. I have always considered it charitable to take what I am offered and be grateful. Especially if it is free. Now I took this venture, spent some of my valuable time, (it’s only valuable because it is so limited here) in a wasteful way and have learned more lessons for the future. I will stay away from the places that don’t have something to do with homesteading research, lessons on the same, or an outstanding account on something new to cook. End of that story. Ouch, but it did hurt...




We had dog sled races all weekend. They capture the heart. I do love them so, so do Mark and Sugar too. Last night we had the mushers meet the public, it was a huge turnout and the food was excellent. We met Teniah there, and for some reason, sat in the place where all the mushers sat too. It was so much fun! Teniah made friends with several of their wives, Sugar made friends with a little girl sitting next to her, and Mark and I had a very healthy meal. We also saw many people that we know, didn’t really get to visit them, but had an astonishing time. Any one that wanted to entertain people could enter a dish in the casserole contest. It’s a riot and not really fair but I would have entered if I had had the time but fortunately I didn’t. That saved me.


Trying to write as much as I can is wrecking me. I am hearing the clock tic away. It jumps up and down waiting to spring that alarm on me. arhhhhg

With the timetable passing away so fast I must sign out for now. Later on at some time I will write some things off line and post them. I wonder if that is cheating.

Bye for now...............


#610 Posted : Monday, March 26, 2007 8:04:28 PM
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Work and wow, more Work magnify

Can anyone see this?  I need to change the size on my pictures.

#611 Posted : Monday, March 26, 2007 10:16:55 PM
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Well, I finally made it to Tok!! Everything is going really well so far, and Nantinki graciously is letting me write a quick note to you all to say hello....

Adventure after adventure, and so many things to talk about that I cannot begin to write it all. However, in a few more weeks we will have our computer up and running and I will write a HUGE blog and tell all!

So far Alaska has been a dream come true and we have already met many dear friends through the church and through the community. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts during our big move.

#612 Posted : Monday, March 26, 2007 10:42:14 PM
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Not sure if it is just me, but none of the pictures seem to be working.

#613 Posted : Monday, March 26, 2007 11:18:40 PM
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It sounds like everyone is having such a good time. I'm envious!  I can't see the pictures either.
#614 Posted : Thursday, March 29, 2007 4:02:54 AM
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Hi Everyone!

Glad to see the site is up and running again.

Nantinkir, I am so happy to be able to read your postings again--I was going through withdrawal while the site was down.  Can't see your pictures though.



#615 Posted : Friday, April 20, 2007 6:59:52 PM
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Where has everyone gone ? I'm going through withdrawals.

I miss Nantinkir and the lovely stories about TOK.

Is she OK ??





#616 Posted : Saturday, April 21, 2007 1:15:25 AM
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A book on Nantinki, Sugar, and Mark, living in the wild.  Lol

 Sometimes a person needs to be left away from society.  Sometimes I find it easy to be pushed over the edge.  Our materialistic society,   just find their way down deep in my very roots, the part of me that left the cities and the monetary status and people that are always wanting more.  What is important to us.  With all the possessions and things what does it take to be satisfied.  Always being one more want, one more thing, anything more, rivets me to the core.  I needed a break from it all.


So I knew that eventually I would bring myself back around with a caring, loving, but non-aggressive manner I have settled in from the winter, the spring, the nearing summer, and do some kind of essay.


We are in a den we love.  We love it here very much.  I watch the animals, the people and the caring of Tok, and I see the clean snow crunched up now, all getting ready for the summer.


There were a few argumentative words here as the change on the forum took place.  Many complaints, some name calling, and a few disgruntled left for bigger and better places.  I stayed here to wait…… and to protect. 


My favorite time, as the memories of the forum passed, were used to make plans, and to visit with my family on the chat places of the net.  I traveled around the country whilst never leaving my favorite place.


Teniah settled in, got a job dispensing in the pharmacy, Travis landed a job in the Alaskan bush, McGrath, Mark kept working on his latest invention, and the amazing Sugar wandered around constantly exploring.   


The plows came and left deep scars on the landscape, piles of snow mixed with the soil of old, the melting of the snow sweeping a new and clean way with the pure water.  Yes, things have been changing.


I never saw a wolf all this winter.  Where we are located it is easy to hear them call to the numerous others in the area but we still never saw one in the yard.  They are so many but so are the rabbits.  We are riddled  with the largest ones you ever did see.  They are bigger than the ones I remember growing up.  They are huge.  They are everywhere.  They are smart.  They visit the yard in short stays, never close to the dog, they flop ears approximately every second, and they watch.  Neither Book nor I are having any luck with the kill.  The domestic ones that have gone wild are a little easier.  They succumb to the violence of my big gun, blam….. splat.  Another meat for a meal.  The others are so cagey.  They are a species of wildlife common to Alaska and to quick to avoid the big lessons I would like to give them.


The ice is permanently frozen in most of the rivers still.  They still look pristine.  This environment, clean and void of human interference is a moving living picture of beauty.  The caribou are still avoiding human interference and they are still here.  What are they doing here still seems to be the big question lately.    They should be headed for Barrow.


People are complaining and wondering about the controversial weather that has hit us this spring.  It seems that it is very warm very early.  They are trying to convince each other that Al Gore is responsible.  They are being silly and ridiculous, teasing each other and laughing and playing in the unbelievable sun.  The daylight hours being up to 17 now and changing so fast.  We are not to far from the 24 hours of daylight already.  They are becoming so energetic too.  This includes me. 


I am going to paint my windows black and leave them that way for a week.  Then I might be successful in getting some sleep.  I understand that if you mix soap suds and some coloring it will make the windows black.  I do truly need to get some rest.  With the sunlight it unlocked the need for sleep from my brain.  Now I am in turmoil because I loose patience to quickly and become agitated easily.  More so than I should.  My point of view being that my brain needs less sleep than my body.


Spring is here and summer is coming and with it a great time for change.  The little bugs will be moving about soon, that will bring in more birds, and that will bring the eagles, and that will bring more and more.  The changes are so great.  It is fun to see the squirrels’ and the critters have the young  following them.  They chatter and carry on, they are so busy/working, making decisions and scolding the young.  Teaching and developing the next generation.  Alaska is the most powerful state and it shows so much in the seasonal changes.  It is now the shaping of the time to celebrate the ending of winter and all the contributions of cold and cleansing weather.


As an inhabitant of this great land, the land of the most unique roles in the shaping of beauty, the northern lights are abounding every other night again, they are not as splendid as some but they are still the most wonderful thing to see.  I cannot state this passionately enough.  The life and lighting of this colorful ribbon of splendor in the sky is so overwhelming it is hard to describe.  It is a gift for living in the land of the wild.


My dog sits hopefully underneath the table waiting for food scraps to fall; she watches me and then giving up makes  a request to go outside.  She cannot survive in this warm environment any more.  She waits in the front yard for Sugar to come home and then runs to ensure Sugar safety from the walk home from the bus.  All 100 yards of it.  I fear that it won’t be long when the bears start to come around again, them having left the caves and dens now.  There has already been one mauling in Fairbanks, so Book will be able to walk the Sugar in to the house just a little longer and then it will have to be me again.  She is strong, agile, and well developed, alert and bouncing and full of life, but no bear would give this dog her quarter.  She would be a snack and almost instantly.   She is the picture of strength and agility, but too friendly.  Guess it is soon to be my turn …..

It won’t be long now and I will know the touch of wood again.  I love the element of sanding and working it.   The long put off ceilings have waited with nothing ever being changed.  I didn’t expect it to take so much time, so long, and to not get done.  The other work that I did extensively was simple stuff.  No fun things and the war of having to do the boring housework encompassed me all winter.  I just hate it.  It never offers anything new.  Working the wood gives me stimulation and the origin and ideas of the changes that take place are just so much fun.  It was impossible to find a place that was clean and dry to do the sanding without dashing this place with the sawdust combustion.  When I went outside to do it in a shed it was just to cold, and the shed stove would have blown me and my wood all the way to he….  I just couldn’t find the right place


The wood-pile found both Mark and I trying to wander out for some once in a while.  It was a dramatic narrative, between the two of us I must say.  It seems that we both felt that we needed some extra exercise and it offered some escape from the lazy days of winter, so it was a challenge to see who would get to the woodpile the fastest to bring in the needed cut logs.


Mark kept the stove pipe clean this year with me never needing to climb out on the roof.  Now I am afraid that if I don’t just do this anyway that soon I won’t be able to so today I am going to climb up and just have a quick look anyway. 


The availability of fuel for our fires can’t get any better.  the post office had a notice up for days  that stated that anyone that wants free wood and help putting it in the truck can go down to Red Fox road and they will help load all you want.  Only in Alaska.  I think that it is so cool.  I took Travis and Teniah down to show them where to get the wood and I do believe that they were up at 7 and out the door so that they could load plenty and have it ready  for winter.  They left early so that they could get the wood before the roads melt and the truck might get stuck.  The availability of fuel here is so wonderful.   The reason we have so much is because of the forest fires.  They leave the trees dead and without limbs but standing and dry.  The forestry department cuts them down, cuts them up, and sets them in piles of a cord free for the taking.   The last night of the give away they even had hot dogs and hamburgers.


The greatness of hunting is over and now the fishing will begin.  We in this area are out to catch fish with a rod, reel, line, drop line, and baited hooks. For now.  Then it goes on to the fish wheels and nets for all that live in this area.  Our techniques are already quite advanced compared to more of the southern states.  We are out for volume and not sportsmanship.  Lol.  We get to go before the rest of the state because of living so remotely.  We are all called subsistence hunters and fishers.  We start our seasons a month before the rest of the state gets to invade us with all their modern equipment and smelly stuff.   The things that they bring on their fishing expeditions are one of the most memorable things and pictures that you will ever see.  It sticks in my mind.  It is memorable.  Lol.  Some of the lures that they use are past the length of some of the fish they want to catch.  They are people  that can barely swim.  Have clothes that ruin the effectiveness of surprise, and are at the least a continued production of hapless and hopeless individuals with to much money to spend.  I have seen a lifejacket on an  individual in 4 inch water, tried hard not to laugh, and just grabbed my mouth and held it while telling myself that I have been looking like a joke to some now and then too.  It was a real balancing act for this poor individual too.  Carrying everything that happens to be sold, it must have weighed a plenty.  He walked down the edge of the almost dry river bed slipping and sliding around to the point I didn’t dare to leave him for fear that he would fall and never be able to get up.  He slipped on some flimsy rock and caught me eyeing his not to great balancing act and eventually got annoyed with me enough to announce that the fishing was no good, and left.  I was relieved and loved the fact that I didn’t need to baby sit anymore, got my dip net and headed for the banks where the pools and shade were.  Later as I left with a few fish he stopped me and asked if I needed help.  I am not sure just what this meant.  Lol.  It was evident that he hadn’t  gotten anything and I did.  Not knowing just how he would act if I offered one of my burbot  I just declined his help and watched he amble sadly off.  Ahh  geez. 


We have had a few dinners with some company here this winter, some at the pot luck at the church and been out to the homes of outer as well.  It is lots of fun.  The things you can do with food, a few willing people to sample and lots of talk.  Even though it isn’t very far it is really hard to keep the food for the pot luck warm while mass takes place.  We weave in and out with crock pots, heaters, cold plates, etc.  the food is always  good and the company full of controversial conversation.  Bringing us to the point of a great deal of laughter are the children, willing to taste and try, and sometimes to eat some of the strangest plates for the dinners.  It is usually a very good visit. 


Now we all know the history of ballet but why it was imposed on this country and my little girl is a wonder.  It is fascinating and fun to watch an unsteady dancer.  He little toes stuffed in slippers tripping her up as she tried the circles and jumps, the leaps only 2 inches in the air, all the while trying to be as graceful as her teacher.  She is quite the sensation, our little girl.  She is fun and she is wonderful.  Sometimes her style is a little graceful and it gives me a warm sensation in my tummy.  This adorable little girl uses some of the most prideful expressions and unique body languages you have ever seen.  She is a beautiful and delicate little elf.  The rest of the story is simple.  She is constantly charging into some of the other girls, stumbling and clinging on, is confused about this whole situation and having the time of her life.  I don’t know how she avoids getting bruised.  I am her loving audience and she is constantly taking the littlest and tiniest glances at me, looking to see if I am paying attention.  How loving and wonderful she is.  About the talented, only time will tell, however, I have a little doubt.  Lol. Call it being skeptical.  Unsure.  Lol.  I do know that if expression and creativity are counted she will take the first prize.  Lol.


Mark’s new invention opposes all that I am but being the genius that he is, he will finish it and have another patent to claim.  I offer resistance all the time, we have collisions, and he wins.  He knows that it is all in jest, a little on the serious side, but some of what I say is pure resistance.  A meter that is so smart that it can turn off your electricity form an office, snap a switch, it’s off.  No need for anyone to come out and no resistance from people with devised excuses.  You don’t pay, it’s over, the switch is snapped and your electricity is gone.  Oh well, at least no one will invade your property or any object you might want to launch at them.  Lol  I wish he didn’t have to invent it though.


I am feeling the oppression of fat people.  I am getting lazy and overeating.  I feel kind of ugly.  I am starting to walk again, hoping to dump the spare tire I took on this winter.  I didn’t get enough exercise and even though I tried to eat well, even extra well during Lent, I took on the pounds.  Drat.    I do this every winter.  When will I ever……….  Learn????  Now I could tell myself that I’m not fat, just big boned, I have heard lots of people say that, or maybe I cold say that it is perhaps because someone in my family was husky?  Well, as a somebody of my generation might say..  “whatever”  I need to face it and take on the foot travel.  I need to have a go at exercise.  I look like a submarine..  and no it wasn’t Haagen-Dazs.  I will look a lot better when this fat is dumped!


I sit here manifesting more fat, obsessing with the computer and wanting to tell it all and to write with perfection.  I guess I better turn it over for now.








The Big Lebowski
#617 Posted : Monday, April 23, 2007 1:31:20 PM
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Posts: 134,494


Good to see you're back in writing form Nan. I had just a little bit of wondering, what was going on with you up there. I know spring thaw can be a challenge in some places. But like some others, I find myself not coming here much these days. Not really sure why, it may be because it was down so long and I found other things to do in that month  or two. Any ways keep on writing Nan.

#618 Posted : Thursday, May 03, 2007 5:37:08 PM
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Nantinki, it's good to read about what you're up to.  I worried about you going through another hard winter up there but it looks like you've come through with flying colors.

I've been away from here - didn't even know the forum had been changed.  I got your sweet email asking how I was and I kept meaning to respond when I had enough time to create a decent response.  Of course enough time never presented itself and after a while I had procrastinated so long I was embarrassed to reply.  I do appreciate you checking in on me.

Sugar is getting so big!!

I have more reading to do.  You are talking about people I don't "know" :)
#619 Posted : Friday, May 04, 2007 7:54:11 PM
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Just after my last post,

At an age where you might think that there won’t be any more surprisers I am hit with another

I have been waiting until now to make certain that things will be what they must be to give this report.

Many times I have had to change plans, many times I have said I can and will handle this, well, now there is one more time for me to state ths again.

My garden plots, the raised beds, having been so well taken care of all last summer and then prepared in the fall will be planted with flowers this summer. As many bright and beautiful colors as I can muster.

The ceiling wood will be place up in the living room ASAP.

Sugar finishes her head start schooling in two weeks.

Mark took a lay off at the end of June. He will start again somewhere in September.

I will be packing essential things in boxes and mailing them to New Mexico soon. A few at a time is less of a burden than trying to move everything at one time.

There are many more things that need to be done. Too many to mention.

The heartbreaking reason for all of this.??? Sugar has allergies, Grass, wood, sorrel, hay, straw, and anything relative. We live in a log cabin and in the middle of a forest, large and beautiful, we have natural grasses all over our yard, and live in a place where everything grows so prolifically.

Sugar takes Singulair twice a day, Zyrtec once daily, Nasonex spray each nostril once daily, some other things periodically, and needs more. This is an overbearing problem on her system. I don’t like giving these things and many more on a daily basis with refills lasting for 11 more months. Now on the line of comfort, yes, this does all help. What good will it do later on in life if she has problems for all this medicine use>?? I just don’t know . She is so tiny. She is so capable, she is so loving. I accept that medicine does help in many ways. However, I feel that her little system may take offence with all this use. I don’t want to endanger her health in anyway. She needs all that I can and may do to protect her.

Mark and I have decided that the best thing we can do for this child is to move. Move into the places that have the least amount of hay, straw, grass, wood, and so on. Because of this we have decided to buy another house in New Mexico. We are in the process of purchasing a place in an area east of Albuquerque, and a place that is mostly desert with very little vegetation. This place is devoid of things growing with the exception of many varieties or cacti. The only trees are a very dense pinon~ and there are few of these.

We are keeping our little cabin here in my beloved Tok. We hope that Sugar will outgrow this malady and be able to return here at some time. I will come back as often as is humanly possible.

My heart is breaking for two reasons. One, Sugar suffering from allergies that will hit her with reckless endangerment in most areas of this county. Two, leaving my beloved Tok and Alaska.

We are hoping that by making this move we will be eliminating the need for her to take so much medication.  The doctors feel it is a very good thing to do. 

I will try to write again later. My heart is feeling a little to crushed to be thinking straight right now. I am sorry. 

#620 Posted : Saturday, May 05, 2007 3:58:34 AM
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{{{{{{{{nantinkir, Sugar and Mark}}}}}}}}

I am so very sorry that you find it necessary to move from the place you love so much--it must be heartbreaking for you. 

Hopefully you can keep in touch when you get settled again and let us know how you, Sugar and Mark are.  My thoughts are with you.





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