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Workshops/Speakers: Puyallup, Washington

May 31-June 1, 2014

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Build Your Own Electric Car
Ben Nelson -
Ben Nelson provides DIY, how-to instruction for anyone wanting to convert a gas car to electric on a budget! This workshop includes info on motors, batteries, charging, legal issues, and more!

Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle
Ben Nelson -
This DIY, how-to workshop will show you all the steps you need to build your own electric motorcycle. This workshop covers vehicle design concepts, motors, batteries, speed control, budget, charging, legal issues, questions and answers, and more!

Solar Power Basics and Washington State Incentives for Solar
Brad Burkhartzmeyer - Sun's Eye Solar Power
Solar works great in the Northwest! What would it take to run your house on environmentally friendly solar power? Attend this informational class to learn more about solar power. If you have been wondering if solar could work for you, come to this workshop to find out how it works and about rebates and incentives.

Living Off-Grid With Solar
Brad Burkhartzmeyer - Sun's Eye Solar Power
Do you need power in a remote location? Solar panels can provide all of your power needs for locations far from power lines. In this talk, you will learn what you need to know to have power even though you are off the grid. How do you store the sun-generated electricity to use at night when the sun is not shining? What can you expect from solar panels given the level of sunshine we have in the Pacific Northwest? Learn about small portable solar lighting systems for camping as well as full-scale, home-size systems.

DIY Aquaponics
Dan and Don Adams - Earthineer
Aquaponics combines aquaculture, for raising fish, and hydroponics, for growing plants. Join Earthineer's Dan and Don Adams in their latest DIY project. This presentation will cover the basics, and you'll learn how you can build your own starter system.

Are We Winning the Energy Wars Against Coal, Nuclear and Oil Companies?
Dan Chiras - The Evergreen Institute
Will solar and wind become economical and reliable sources of energy of the future? Is there enough renewable energy to power our future? Can these intermittent sources of energy provide our 24-hour-a-day energy demand? Or are our efforts to promote renewable energy technologies futile against the powers that control the world’s energy system? Are we destined to live in a world of severe climate change, energy wars and economic hardship? Come here what internationally renowned solar and wind expert Dan Chiras has to say about this timely topic.

Is Solar Electricity Right for You?
Dan Chiras - The Evergreen Institute
In this workshop, we will explore solar energy and solar electric systems, helping home and business owners understand how photovoltaic systems work, what options they have, how much electricity they can acquire from a system, what systems will cost, and the best ways to mount a system for optimum production.

Solar 101: Solar in Washington state
Kirk L. Haffner, M.S. - South Sound Solar
Come to this workshop to get your questions answered. (This isn't a sales meeting!) Kirk Haffner will cove effectiveness of solar in Washington, how solar powers your home (or business), how to know if your site is right, the incentives and financing available, the latest and greatest technology, Washington-made solar options and the best systems for your goals and budgets. If you are interested in more information, by coming to the workshop you get a free site assessment (and quote) for your home.

Renewable Natural Gas
Paul Scheckel - Storey Publishing
Learn how to make and use your own renewable natural gas from farm and kitchen wastes or wood, using a small biogas digester and simple wood-gas camp stove. Workshop covers the basics of both biogas and wood gas. Participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of both anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis from the author of The Homeowner’s Energy Handbook.

Renewables and Efficiency: Choices and options
Paul Scheckel - Storey Publishing
Insulation or solar panels? Learn to prioritize your energy improvement investments by understanding the energy, environment and economic impacts of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Participants will learn the basics of various renewable energy systems, and why efficiency is always the most practical first step, from the author of The Homeowner’s Energy Handbook. We’ll also take a short side trip to Cuba!

Microhydro: If I knew then what I know now ...
Scott Davis - New Society Publishers
Bring your potential microhydro site data to be used as an example. Learn what you need to know about how to develop energy using small water-powered alternators. Vital to anyone with a possible microhydro site in mind, the workshop also conveys important energy insights of interest to activists, policymakers and anyone with a stake in how we get and use energy.

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