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Workshops/Speakers: Puyallup, Washington

May 31-June 1, 2014

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Brewing Honey Mead and Kombucha
Alison Sheafor-Joy & Mark Joy
Mark Joy and Alison Sheafor-Joy will do a quick demonstration of how to brew a simple honey mead, after which they will demonstrate how to make kombucha and discuss its health benefits. A PowerPoint presentation will make it easy to follow their demos and add a little fun to this joyful presentation.

Hard Cider for Good Times
Carol Miles - Washington State University
This workshop is an introduction to cider apples, juice qualities that make a good cider, and basic principles of cider production.

Raw Milk Production: Safety and benefits
Charlotte Smith - Champoeg Creamery for Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
Charlotte Smith's dynamic, engaging and emotional talk covers how and why her family started and maintains a successful, sustainable raw milk dairy. She goes through the history of how pasteurization came to be, and why, with today's technology and with proper training, we can work toward having a pool of safe raw milk for everyone in America! Smith addresses the safety of raw milk production on the micro-dairy level, as well as some key things to look for that both consumers and producers love to learn about. She will also delve into the question "Why raw milk?" ... reviewing all the beneficial enzymes and the new medical paradigm embracing healing probiotics (supported by specific stories of healing from several of her longtime customers). Smith will also cover how raw milk benefits the small farm. Raw milk is a product that gets people to farms each week, so farmers can build from there and offer other products for sale to an audience who already trusts them. She will also demonstrate making fromage blanc from raw milk. It's super easy, anyone can do it, and it's full of beneficial enzymes and probiotics, making it tasty and good for you!

Food Hub
Dan Hulse - Terra Organics
Food hubs represent an exciting, emerging trend in local and regional food systems development. They tackle a critical need: the infrastructure and business management needed to handle the logistics of bringing food from the farm to the plate—things farmers often don’t have the time or resources to accomplish.

Elizabeth Rich
How to Milk a Goat, Make Raw Milk Cheese, and Stay Out of Jail
Elizabeth Rich - Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
Learn strategies for effective and sanitary hand goat milking to produce milk that is not intended for pasteurization. We'll then make chèvre, feta and ricotta. During the demonstrations, we'll also discuss regulatory trends for raw milk cheesemakers; legal distinctions between cheese production for private vs. public consumption; and enforcement case studies.

Elizabeth Rich
Cheesemaking for the Homesteader: Using plants instead of rennet to make cheese
Elizabeth Rich - Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
Want to make your own cheese, but don't have a calf's stomach on hand for rennet? Nature provides us with many other options. Learn which plants can be used to coagulate milk for home cheesemaking, when they can be gathered, how to prepare them most effectively, and which types of cheeses can be made in this way.

One Pot, One Gallon, One Hour Lasagna Cheese
Gianaclis Caldwell - Chelsea Green Publishing
Make all the cheese you need for a hearty, delicious meal of homemade lasagna ... in just one hour! In this class you will learn how to make mozzarella and ricotta, all form the same batch of milk and using the same pot. It's simple and satisfying!

Raw Milk Production - Doing It Right
Gianaclis Caldwell - Chelsea Green Publishing
Whether for home use or local sales, raw milk can be produced and harvested in a way that makes it as wholesome and nutritious as possible. A growing appreciation and demand for whole, unprocessed, living foods makes raw milk a highly desirable product, but its production must be done right. In this session you will learn the basic principles, science and practices that make the small-scale dairy a success.

Yogurt: Marvels and making
Gianaclis Caldwell - Chelsea Green Publishing
If there ever was a food worthy of the title "superfood" it might just be yogurt. In this class you will not only learn how to make several styles of healthy, simple, heritage yogurts, but also learn of the latest research showing yogurt's health benefits, from boosting the immune system to enhancing mood. You will also learn things such as if you can make raw milk yogurt, how to make yogurt cheese, and the difference between cow and goat milk yogurt.

Washington Producer Licenses
Heidi Braley - Washington State Liquor Control Board
Join Heidi Braley as she provides a brief overview of distilleries, wineries and breweries.

Jill Nussinow
Fearless Pressure Cooking: The new fast food
Jill Nussinow - The Veggie Queen
Do you want great food fast? Are you afraid of using a pressure cooker because it might blow up? Fear not: Jill Nussinow, the Veggie Queen, has successfully taught pressure cooking for more than 15 years. Taste explosions are all you'll get. Cook the pressure cooker way to save energy, money and your health.

Finding and Cooking Wild Edible Foods
Kim Chisholm - Wolf Camp and the Wolf College
Join Kim Chisholm for an hour of wild food fun! You’ll learn to identify, harvest and prepare some of the most important wild edibles in the region, including cattail, stinging nettle and hazelnuts. Chisholm will also cover poisonous look-alikes and ways to avoid harvesting hazards. Finally, she’ll transform some wiggly critters into a delectable and nutritious snack. Everything tastes fabulous ... but don’t take her word for it! Try a sample, take home a recipe and cook up a tasty wild treat for your friends and family.

Herbal and Critter Forage for Backyard Chickens
Kim Chisholm - Wolf Camp and the Wolf College
Join Kim Chisholm for an hour of chicken fun! She'll talk about herbs that are safe and beneficial for chickens both in and out of the coop. Then she'll cover the benefits and challenges of finding, keeping and feeding slugs and bugs to your chickens, including growing your own mealworm farm. Next, she'll discuss easy ways to obtain and offer various grains as treats or supplemental forage. And she’ll finish up with several creative treat and trinket ideas to entertain your birds. You're sure to take away a tidbit that your chickens will love.

Farmstead Chef: Organic Eating on a Dime
Lisa Kivirist - New Society Publishers
What’s the key ingredient to eating healthy, saving money and stewarding the planet? A return to our nation’s farmstead roots of independence, self-sufficiency and frugality. Learn simple, creative tips for rethinking household food budgets, from preserving the homegrown harvest to stocking the kitchen pantry.

Put 'Em Up! Preserving Pears in Honey Syrup
Sherri Brooks Vinton - Storey Publishing
Sherri Brooks Vinton, author of Put 'Em Up!, Put 'Em Up! Fruit, and The Put 'Em Up! Preserving Answer Book will demonstrate how to preserve pears in honey syrup. Vinton will walk the audience through the Boiling Water Method, the basic method that you use to can your pears or other whole fruits, as well as jams, jellies, sauces, pickles and more.

WSDA Food Processing Licensing
Sheryl Wiser - Cascade Harvest Coalition
This workshop will review the WSDA food processing licensing requirements relating to construction, processes, and procedures.

Herbs to See, to Smell, to Taste!
Sue Goetz - Creative Gardener
Discover the sensory delights of your favorite herbs from garden to table and beyond. A five-senses discovery awaits in the herb garden. Learn about herbs in the garden for fragrance, culinary uses, healing and more. Get to know the top 10 favorite herbs as well as the many ways to grow and use them. Show and tell ideas and tips for harvesting, preserving, culinary applications and crafts, all using aromatic herbs. Also included: Sue’s recipes that use “any” herb, recipes that personalize crafting, care and culinary items.

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