Workshops/Speakers: Puyallup, Washington

May 31-June 1, 2014

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Traditional Native Welcome and Blessing
Connie McCloud - Puyallup Tribal Canoe Family
The Puyallup Canoe Family opens the Mother Earth News Fair with two traditional coastal songs and dances to welcome the participants and bless the event. Lisa Powers, Bibiana Ancheta and Darkfeather Ancheta will sing a special Annishinawbe Honor Song for Water to start the event off in a mindful state of gratitude.

Creating Sustainable Neighborhoods
Dan Chiras - The Evergreen Institute
To build a sustainable society, we need efforts to reinvent urban and suburban neighborhoods so they become much more self-sufficient. Come see how you can help transform your neighborhood into a model of sustainability that practices conservation and recycling, utilizes renewable energy, composts its waste, grows its own fruits and vegetables, and feels more like a tightly knit community.

Artisans Supporting Agrarians: A pottery demonstration
K. Josiah Wheeler - The Ploughshare Institute for Sustainable Culture
Josiah Wheeler discusses how craftsmen complement farmers and support and are integral to sustainable, agrarian community. His workshop includes an in-depth pottery demonstration by Jenni Fritzlan, a master potter with the Ploughshare.

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