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Workshops/Speakers: Puyallup, Washington

May 31-June 1, 2014

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Sheep Butchering and the Merits of Mature Meat: Two-hour workshop/demo
Adam Danforth - Storey Publishing
Once upon a time, the meat we consumed was full of flavor, harvested from animals on a farm, and cooked in a continuum of tradition and wisdom. Today we revere meat coming from younger and younger animals, having lost our connection to a time and place of harvesting, and we have no clue how to maximize the utility of a carcass. In this workshop, learn about why prioritizing youth and tenderness results in bland meat, why on-farm slaughtering and humane handling result in the best quality meat, and how to utilize traditional and modern techniques of food preparation to maximize the results from properly matured meat. Two-hour workshop with carcass breakdown.

Fats and Flavor: The art of butchering
Adam Danforth - Storey Publishing
Poor fats, they are so misunderstood. The little guys are just trying to do good things like efficiently storing (or delivering) energy and, upon cooking, provide the vast majority of flavors that the eater experiences. Unfairly, they are the vilified component in the meat trifecta of protein, collagen and fat. In this workshop we will discuss the three main types of fat, how they play a role in flavor and shelf life, and how to butcher for maximum fat advantage.

Basic Beekeeping
Alisa Shorey - Pierce County Beekeepers Association and Dolce Bella Bees
Learn about the equipment and tools needed to start your own backyard hive.

Social Made Simple
Bobbie Bailey - Marketing Puget Sound
Social media participation is an essential tool in networking with potential professional contacts, staying in touch with current and former contacts, recruiting employees, exposure for your farm, and just keeping in touch with the world.

Traditional Bow and Arrow Making
Chris Chisholm - Wolf Camp and the Wolf College
Wolf College staff will set up stations to demonstrate Traditional Bow and Arrow Making, from harvesting and seasoning the best local woods, to sizing, shaping, straightening, stringing, exercising and tillering, notching and nocking, sanding, sealing, and fletching arrows, plus offer a primer on knapping and attaching arrowheads. We will also have a small number of stave blanks and arrow-making kits available for sale all weekend.

Making Leather: Traditional hide tanning
Chris Chisholm - Wolf Camp and the Wolf College
Whether you harvest your own farm animals, go hunting in the fall, or just want to buy hides to make beautiful leather traditionally, this presentation will show you how to honor animal skins for a plethora of uses. Wolf College staff will demonstrate each step of the tanning process, from fleshing to bucking to graining the rawhide, then soaking it in eggs before stretching, buffing and smoking your finished leather for protection against weathering.

Bow Drill Fire, Burn Bowls and Rock Boiling
Chris Chisholm - Wolf Camp and the Wolf College
Help kick-off the FAIR with Wolf College staff, plus friends from area tribes, to start "fire by friction" using the "bow drill" method common to cold climates up north. Then see how logs are burned and scraped to create tools as small as spoons or as large as canoes. Finally, use the Wolf College's "burn bowls" to "rock boil" water from artesian springs collected near the Puyallup Fairgrounds, to make Stone Soup like our ancestors used to.

Hemp Returns to Humanity: Building Soil Health and Farmer Revenue With Industrial Cannabis
Doug Fine - Hemp Bound
Strategy is important with hemp: hemp is a rotational bridge crop, so its planting must be timed correctly. Furthermore, to maximize profits, hemp must be harvested correctly to protect both fiber and seed integrity if high end uses. The U.S. stands poised to regain the mantle of this billion-dollar crop whose market is growing 20 percent annually. This event pieces together all the parts of the strategy necessary to bring about a profitable 21st century agricultural revolution.

What in the World Is Happening to Our Honeybees?
Dr. Joe Carson - Complete Bee, Alaska Heavenly Honey
Hear up-to-date information on winter bee losses, colony collapse disorder, chemical cause and effect on honeybees, pollination and stressors on bees, and what it all means for our future food supply.

Elizabeth Rich
Taking Care of Business
Elizabeth Rich - Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
Learn about some of the legal issues faced by direct-to-consumer farm businesses. We'll cover choice of entity issues (should you operate as a sole proprietorship, LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, or other?); employment law issues affecting those hiring interns; zoning and right-to-farm issues; hosting on-farm events; and innovative business models. Bring your legal questions for the question-and-answer session.

Choosing Tractors and Implements: Get the job done safely
Hans Vander Hoek and Jeremy Heiks - Washington Tractor
What work do you want to do with your tractor and implements? What are your typical working conditions? Learn how to understand horsepower and the need for it, select a transmission, operate comfortably and efficiently, select the right size of tractor for you, attach implements, and maintain your tractor.

Tales from the Community Grain Revolution
Heather McLeod - New Society Publishers
Grain is the perfect metaphor for how we've lost control of our food supply, and with it the skills and tools to feed ourselves. Learn how communities from Alaska to Arizona are empowering themselves by reviving local grain production to improve food security, local economies and the environment. Come join the conversation, get inspired and learn how to turn your own community into a hotbed of revolution.

Powering your Homestead With Renewable Energy
John Ivanko - New Society Publishers
Whether you want to go off-grid or supply it with renewable energy and make energy a positive cash flow for your business or homestead, explore your many options to power up with renewable energy. Explore wind, solar electric, solar thermal, geothermal, wood heating and other aspects of sustainable living.

Sustainable Living Simplified
John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist - New Society Publishers
Break free of fossil fuels. End the mortgage. Be your own boss. Grow most of your own food and prepare it in your farmstead kitchen. Craft your version of the good life that's based on self-reliance and interconnected systems that address food, energy, nature and finances. Explore our journey, so you can, too.

Get Your Country On! A companion workshop to Get Your Pitchfork On!
Kristy Athens - Get Your Pitchfork On!
Anyone can sell you on the romance of buying land in a rural place—the book Get Your Pitchfork On! offers real world, practical considerations, so you can make your dream a sustainable reality.

Get Your Country On!, the companion workshop, is a one-hour interactive presentation that walks you through all five sections of the book, giving you things to consider before you strike out into the country, or helps you troubleshoot if you’ve already taken the plunge.

The Craft Distilling Industry: An emerging market for Washington farmers
Lucas Patzek - WSU Extension, Thurston County
A “craft distillery” license was established in 2008, with the requirement that half of the raw materials used in the production of craft spirits must be grown in Washington. This regulatory framework is unique in the Pacific Northwest in encouraging the development of regionalized supply-chain relationships between farmers and value-added processors. The new license requirements have lowered the financial bar for beginning distillers, leading to the establishment of 72 operations mandated to use Washington grown crops. Lucas Patzek will share the results from a recent study of how the state's craft distilling industry and its supplying farms have developed following the major shift in regulations coupled with the increasing consumer demand for locally produced products.

Ecological Marketing
Mark Musick - Tilth Association
Learn how to cultivate a year-round income from the garden, farm and kitchen. Based on his 40 years of experience, Mark Musick will talk about strategies for developing loyal customers, creating new products, and utilizing social media, all with an emphasis on adding value while minimizing environmental impacts.

Beginning Beekeeping
Matt Reed - Bee Thinking
Learn about getting started in beekeeping using natural beekeeping methods, including the use of foundationless Langstroth, top bar and Warre hives.

Culinary Agritourism: Eating one’s way to a distinctive sense of place
Patrice Barrentine - Washington State Department of Agriculture
Thinking about culinary agritourism for your farm operation? Learn about food travel trends, partner organizations for travel and marketing, and numerous ways to offer opportunities that fit your farm and personality while diversifying your revenue. Specific time will be given to building a culinary agritourism itinerary for your farm and region with key information that will appeal to travelers.

From Hobby to Business: How to transform your farming hobby into a right livelihood
Rebecca Thistlethwaite - Author, Farms With a Future
You have a huge garden, an orchard, poultry, some milk goats. You give away and barter food with family and friends. You want to quit your day job and devote yourself to your farming habit full-time eventually. Hold on now, partner! Have you analyzed your market, developed a business plan, worked up a budget, and figured out how to price your food properly? Do you want to create a sustainable AND economically viable business? Come to this workshop to hear how to get started in the business of farming.

Funding Opportunities for Farms
Ricky Adams - Northwest Farm Credit Services
Discover the different funding options available for agricultural businesses.

WSDA Food Processing and Dairy Production Licensing Requirements
Roger Beekman - Washington State Department of Agriculture
Review WSDA regulatory requirement for food and dairy production: facility requirements, special processing certifications, and other information related to the safe production of food and dairy products.

Tips on Growing and Nourishing a Healthy Brand
Rusty George - Rusty George Creative
In this fragmented and ADD-ridden marketplace it's becoming more and more difficult to stand out among your competition. Is it your logo that's not compelling enough to reel in prospects? Your website? Or something deeper? In this session, Rusty George breaks down the essence of branding and walks you through his agency's creative process in an entertaining and informative way. He draws upon his 20 years of experience to provide insight about what works in the advertising world and … well, what everyone out there is actually doing right now.

Cascade Harvest Coalition: Fresh ways to connect farmers and eaters
Sheryl Wiser - Cascade Harvest Coalition
Everyone wants a healthy, sustainable food system, and an integral part of that system has to include accessible, accurate and relevant information for consumers on where and how they can find what's fresh, local and in-season. For farmers, it's just as important they know about resources for reaching consumers and best options, given how busy they are.

The True American Spirit: Distilling liquor at home, safely AND legally
Victoria Redhed Miller - New Society Publishers
Currently, distilling liquor without a license is illegal in most countries, including the United States. This talk will cover the basics of distillation, as well as a brief history of liquor licensing in America. Victoria Redhed Miller will discuss her experience going through the Washington State licensing process and share her vision for the future of home distillation in America. A handout and plenty of question-and-answer time will be included.

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