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Workshops/Speakers: Puyallup, Washington

May 31-June 1, 2014

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The Busy Bee
Alisa Shorey - Pierce County Beekeepers Association and Dolce Bella Bees
Children will have a hands-on experience with beeswax, pollen, honey and be able to discover an enclosed frame of bees. There will be questions and answer time for the children, as well as coloring photos and other fun brochures for them to take home.

The DIY Dad's Backyard Projects for Kids
Ben Nelson -
Learn how to make your own recycled backyard fun with DIY eco projects such as the 5-gallon Bucket Swing, Cardboard Clubhouse, Solar PowerWheels, Soda Bottle Sprinkler and much more!

Learn to Draw Farm Animals!
Carolyn Guske - Heritage farm animal artist
Learn how to create animal drawings using big shapes and the basics of perspective. Anyone can learn to draw! There will be a demonstration, and then Carolyn Guske will help you with your drawings.

Ducktails Class
Evan Gregoire - Boondockers Farm
Come explore ducks! Evan Gregoire will bring some ducks and (he hopes) DUCKLINGS! We will talk about handling them and care. Learn about how to raise them and talk to them. We will learn about all the different ducks we can think of. We will have images of various breeds of ducks, as well as scenes from the farm.

Pinch Pots for Kids
Jenni Fritzlan - Cottage Crafted
Bring the whole family to learn how to make your own household items! Join potter Jenni Fritzlan for a fun first pottery project—pinch pots. Learn the ancient skill of working clay and the fulfillment of creating with your own hands.

Chicken Whispering: Discover the chicken you never knew
Patricia Foreman - Gossamer Foundation
There are new ways to handle and communicate with chickens that can result in trust, gentleness and even emotional bonds. But first you must learn how a chicken thinks, and prefers to be treated. It’s sometimes not what you think. Some birds can even be trained to serve as therapy chickens and classroom assistants. Get close and personal with your biddy buddy. Learn the basics of chicken whispering in this cutting-edge, hens-on, nose-to-beak workshop.

Kids and Chicks With Oprah Hen-Free
Patricia Foreman - Gossamer Foundation
Which came first: the chicken or the child? Usually, it's the chicken ... with a child trundling afterward, giggling with delight. This hens-on workshop shows kids (and adults) how to responsibly, and safely, handle a chicken. Learn tips, tricks and traps about how to keep interacting with chickens ... a fun experience that can last a lifetime. Kids learn about the value of family flocks in green communities. We will cover how chickens offer more than just eggs; they also have skills, acting as pesticiders, kitchen waste recyclers and compost creators. Understand why chickens are truly pets with benefits. There will be ample time for a question-and-answer session.

Gardening With and for Chickens
Patricia Foreman - Gossamer Foundation
This ever-expanding workshop gives you practical and effective ways to feed and employ chickens in your garden. Learn how chickens create and enrich topsoil. Understand that not all chicken feed has to come from bags. Learn how chickens forage ... and which food they prefer. Use your yard as a mini-pasture (including rotational grazing systems) to build soil fertility and provide fresh graze. Control insects, including ticks and fleas. Integrate different types of fencing by understanding what works, and what doesn't. Build up your garden soil with chicken-assisted biomass recycling that transforms trash into black gold. Birdscape with perennials that your flock will perpetually love. Best of all, Patricia Foreman talks about getting truly wholesome, nutritious, non-GMO homegrown food for both you and your flock. This workshop will help you think outside the coop and inside local food systems.

Herbs to See, to Smell, to Taste: Kid's version!
Sue Goetz - Creative Gardener
Let your five senses guide you through your garden: Herbs can be grown for fragrance, culinary uses, healing and more. Get to know the top 10 favorite herbs as well as the many ways to grow and employ them. Sue Goetz will have show-and-tell ideas and tips for harvesting and preserving, as well as culinary and craft ideas, all using aromatic herbs. Also included: Goetz’s recipes that use “any” herb, and recipes that personalize crafting, care and culinary items.

Wayne Burleson
Gardening 4 Kids... Wanted "Little Green Thumbs"
Wayne and Connie Burleson - Gardening for Life
Learn how to grow healthy food that makes you healthy! Cultivate portable gardens by recycling rubbish into the best food-growing super soils in the world. With the advice in this demonstration, you can create change you can taste, producing fresh super-foods grown in super soils.

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