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Workshops/Speakers: Puyallup, Washington

May 31-June 1, 2014

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Whole Grains: Life insurance you eat
Bob Moore - Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods
Bob Moore will talk about the value of including whole grains in your diet every day. Bob's Red Mill is constantly developing new recipes, so it's easy to make whole grains a part of every meal. Moore will talk about the company's commitment to provide whole grains to the world, about its manufacturing facilities, and about its dedication to providing safe, gluten-free foods to those who desire them. Up-to-date information will be shared about nutrition before and during pregnancy and during the first 1,000 days of life (from conception through the age of 2-1/2).

Beautiful and Abundant: The MOTHER EARTH NEWS community and its vision for the future
MOTHER EARTH NEWS' positive message brings together a community of working visionaries. In his award-winning book, Beautiful and Abundant: Building the World We Want, MOTHER EARTH NEWS publisher Bryan Welch explores the power of human visualization and offers an engaging and practical method for building a collective vision of human sustainability one person – and one endeavor – at a time.

DIY Solar Panels
Dan and Don Adams - Earthineer
We all would like to be off the grid, but the costs for solar panels are prohibitive ... or are they? Follow Dan and Don Adams through their latest project: building solar panels! They'll discuss the steps they took, the decisions they made, and how they trimmed thousands off the price by building their own. This presentation has been updated with their current projects, including flexible panels and DIY monitoring solutions.

Live Simply So That Others Can Simply Live
Ed Begley Jr. - Envirolet
Ed Begley Jr.'s empowering and humorous message on sustainable living includes stories about everything from his 1970 electric car to helpful hints on picking the low-hanging fruit of energy savings.

Hendrikus Schraven
Down and Dirty Ways to Amend Your Soil
Hendrikus Schraven and Nirav Peterson - Hendrikus Organics
From the Master of Soil… It’s all about the soil! And getting your soil to its optimum is the foundation for everything else you will be doing with that soil, regardless of what you grow, or the location you are in. We will get practical, down and dirty, with this lively demonstration on how to test and amend your soil, by yourself, with your own hands. You will be intrigued by these easy and effective ways to discover your soil's ills or strengths. Learn how to improve drainage, root growth, get rid of hard pan and ultimately grow the best food, flowers and trees with our soil amending methods. NOTES: This is practical knowledge and hands-on skills that will get you results in understanding and improving your soil. We will have samples of our typical soils and do demonstrations of different test methods, along with images or illustrations on the screen. Along with hands-on testing, you will learn the best amendments to use, why, when, where and how.

Jo Robinson
Finding Hidden Jewels of Nutrition in Food Markets and Seed Catalogs
Jo Robinson - Natural Health Network
Jo Robinson will tell the story of how we have unwittingly bred healthy plant compounds out of our fruits and vegetables for hundreds of generations. You will learn that these missing "phytonutrients" are now proving to be essential for health and healing. The good news is that Robinson has discovered that some varieties of present-day fruits and vegetables have far more phytonutrients than others.You will learn which ones they are and how to prepare them for optimum health. Home gardeners will be given a list of delicious and nutritious varieties to plant in the Northwest area. New research shows that this groundbreaking information has the potential to reduce your risk of disease and extend your healthy lifespan.

Heretics Unite
Joel Salatin - Polyface Farms
MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR visitors are part of an integrity living that threatens Wall Street and governmental orthodoxy. Modern American orthodoxy assumes that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is far more important than dancing earthworms. That food convenience is far more important than food knowledge. Heretics question all of these axiomatic untruths. This hard-hitting but humorous performance by farmer, author and entertainer Joel Salatin identifies these outrageous orthodoxies, explains the heresy antidote, and calls for all of us to chart a different path for integrity living.

Live Poultry Processing Demo
Joel Salatin - Polyface Farms; David Schafer - Featherman Equipment
Learn everything you need to know about humane chicken slaughtering from experts David Schafer of Featherman Equipment and Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms, including handling, bleeding, scalding, plucking and eviscerating. Honor the bird and hone your stewardship skills in this live, hands-on demonstration.

Put 'Em Up! Your Preserving Questions Answered
Sherri Brooks Vinton - Storey Publishing
Can you pickle that? Or can it? Infuse it, dry it, freeze it or ferment it? Join author Sherri Brooks Vinton for a presentation on the many different ways to preserve your own food. A great session for experienced preservers looking for new ideas as well as anyone who has been thinking about doing a little preserving but doesn’t know where to jump in.

Herbal Remedies for Pain Relief
Stephanie Tourles - Storey Publishing
Come hear author, herbalist, and lic. holistic esthetician, Stephanie Tourles, discuss soothing herbal remedies that will help ease the pain associated with backache, arthritis, headaches, and sore, stiff muscles - from her latest book, Hands-On Healing Remedies, highlighting 15 herbs to promote blessed pain relief, comfort, and healing. Learn how these aromatic, topically-applied herbal remedies are made and used. Samples will be available for everyone to experience. Q & A to follow if there is time.

Aquaponic Gardening: Growing fish and vegetables together
Sylvia Bernstein - The Aquaponic Source and New Society Publishers
Aquaponics is a revolutionary combination of the best of aquaculture and hydroponics—and an amazingly fun and easy way to raise fish together with organic vegetables, greens, herbs and fruits. Aquaponic systems are much more productive and use up to 90 percent less water than conventional gardens. Other advantages include no weeds, fewer pests, and no watering, fertilizing, bending, digging or heavy lifting!

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