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Workshops/Speakers: Puyallup, Washington

May 31-June 1, 2014

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Hopping for Fun and Profit With Heritage Rabbits
Alison Martin - The Livestock Conservancy
Rabbits can be easy, versatile and quiet animals to raise on your small property. Heritage breeds offer a chance to set yourself apart from other rabbitries, and they provide value-added product for both home use and sale. Get acquainted with the breeds and the basics of raising rabbits.

Raising Goats Naturally
Alison Martin - The Livestock Conservancy
Learn to raise dairy goats naturally to produce your own milk, meat, cheese, soap and more. We'll discuss how to follow nature's example and let moms raise their own babies to have healthier goats that produce more milk and meat.

Heritage Breeds Marketing 101
Alison Martin - The Livestock Conservancy
Marketing your products is key to succeeding with rare breeds. Discover the growing market potential for heritage breed food and fiber products, and the avenues to pursue for market success

Raising Ducks 201: The power of ducks in a permaculture design
Evan Gregoire and Rachel Kornstein - Boondockers Farm
Using ducks on the farm or in the garden is the most beneficial way to increase fertility. They have amazingly efficient snail and slug removal abilities (not to mention giving a place some great energy). In this class, Evan Gregoire and Rachel Kornstein will show some techniques they have used, visit some friends in Oregon using a slideshow, and show some designs for keeping ducks integrated in a permaculture design. This workshop will address multispecies coops, rotation, feeding alternatives, ponds, garden design ... and many other ideas.

Livestock Guardian Dogs: Utilization and training
Evan Gregoire and Rachel Kornstein - Boondockers Farm
Using livestock guardians can take time and patience. This class will demonstrate easy steps you can take to train a livestock guardian dog to bond with your flock. Evan Gregoire and Rachel Kornstein will also show techniques related to fencing and housing options. They will try to have participants leave the workshop with a sense of what a guardian can do for a farm. Gregoire and Kornstein specialize in using Great Pyrenees with poultry, which presents many other challenges, yet the dogs work efficiently with minimal on-farm losses to predators.

Raising Happy Healthy Chicks
Gordon Ballam - Purina Animal Nutrition
This talk will discuss the fundamentals of raising baby chicks, tips for building coops and developing healthy layers.

Pig Pickin' - An Introduction to Heritage Breeds
Jeannette Beranger - The Livestock Conservancy
Heritage pigs are hot with today's consumers and a welcome addition to small-scale sustainable farms. Learn about the wide array of breeds to choose from and how they compare with each other for personality, adaptability, dress out, and more.

Pickin' Chickens - An Introduction to Heritage Breeds
Jeannette Beranger - The Livestock Conservancy
There is an amazing array of heritage chicken breeds available today, and it can be complicated deciding which is most appropriate for your land, climate and needs. Learn which questions to ask before committing to a breed, and explore the diversity of chickens to choose from.

What the Cluck?! Getting Started on Gardening With Chickens
Jessi Bloom - Timber Press
Come learn the basics of how to integrate chickens into your garden, starting with chicken raising myth busters and moving on to designing habitat for them (and for you to benefit from). Jessi Bloom, best-selling author of Free-Range Chicken Gardens, will also share her favorite top 10 chicken garden plants!

Poultry Unplugged: Free-ranging poultry off the grid or anywhere else
Victoria Redhed Miller - New Society Publishers
With a little planning, you can successfully free-range chickens, turkeys and ducks just about anywhere. The author of Pure Poultry: Living well with heritage chickens, turkeys and ducks tells you how to evaluate pasture space, predator issues, housing and feed concerns, and more, all from firsthand experience. This workshop will include a handout and time for questions.

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