Seven Springs


Workshops/Speakers: Seven Springs, Pennsylvania

September 12-14, 2014

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Financing Our Foodshed - Building More Resilient Communities
Carol Peppe Hewitt - Financing Our Foodshed
Growing local food takes more than passion and hard work. It usually also takes money. And conventional lenders either can’t or just won’t help. In this workshop, Carol Peppe Hewitt, co-founder and leader of Slow Money NC (North Carolina) shares how she has catalyzed more than 100 local, peer-to-peer loans in towns across North Carolina. These affordable loans, now totaling more than 1.1 million dollars, helped start up, operate and/or expand more than 50 small farmers and local food entrepreneurs. The lenders are ordinary people in our communities who understand the importance of a resilient local food economy. Come be inspired, and learn how you can bring community financing home to your town, and how to get money flowing from generous lenders like you to the people and projects that deserve support (like you) in your community.

Creating Sustainable Neighborhoods
Dan Chiras - The Evergreen Institute
To build a sustainable society, we need efforts to reinvent urban and suburban neighborhoods so they become much more self-sufficient. Come see how you can help transform your neighborhood into a model of sustainability that practices conservation and recycling, utilizes renewable energy, composts its waste, grows its own fruits and vegetables, and feels more like a tightly knit community.

Creating a Permaculture Ecovillage: My 40 Years at The Farm Community
Douglas Stevenson - The Farm Community
Douglas Stevenson has two books out this year: In one, he describes The Farm’s colorful story and its evolution from world’s largest hippie commune to modern ecovillage. In the second work, he digs deeper and examines the building blocks of community and sustainability. In this workshop, he’ll cover both in a fascinating and inspiring presentation.

Building Sustainable Community Through Buying Clubs and Co-ops
John Moody - Farm to Consumer
This workshop will use a hands-on approach to help the beginning and seasoned buying club leader(s) better handle the various demands of organizing and moving food and other products from farmers and vendors to families. It will try to cover the basics: membership agreements, computer and ordering platform options, bookkeeping, legal and tax issues, and more. Identifying the five basic demands a buying club creates and learning how to balance and meet them efficiently and effectively will be the goal.

Small Stories, Big Changes: Agents of change on the frontlines of sustainability
Lyle Estill - Piedmont Biofuels
This is a salon-style discussion with the audience. No speeches, no slides, just straight conversation, and questions and answers with a group of authors. Each author has contributed a chapter to Small Stories, Big Changes: Agents of Change on the Frontlines of Sustainability. Past workshops have included Bryan Welch, and Albert Bates, and are moderated by Lyle Estill.

Lessons Learned from the Sustainability School of Hard Knocks
Lyle Estill - Piedmont Biofuels
For many, the journey toward a lower carbon footprint begins with the built environment. It can also move to food, fuel, clothing, finance, local economy and activism. Come hear about Piedmont Biofuels' journey, which began with backyard biodiesel, and has run the gamut through sustainable agriculture, hydroponics, aquaponics, vermiculture, biochar, local currency and more.

Pete Kennedy
Wake Up America! The Food Rights Battle Is On
Pete Kennedy, Esq. - Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF)
Pete Kennedy will provide an overview of recent developments in the battle to establish the right of Americans to obtain the food of their choice from the source of their choice.

Marketing Mindset: Selling Yourself and Your Products Successfully
Ryan Walker - The Livestock Conservancy
Marketing is often one of the most overlooked segments of running a small farm. Whether you're just selling from your homestead to family and friends, or looking to get your products into the grocery store, this workshop will help you determine marketing strategies that will allow you to reap the financial benefits your farm can provide.

Adding a Cow to Your Family
Ryan Walker - The Livestock Conservancy
Come learn everything you need to know about cows from an expert from The Livestock Conservancy. This introductory workshop will prepare the small farmer or homesteader for a useful bovine addition to the family. Topics covered include breed selection, purchasing, infrastructure, feeding, breeding, milking, processing and more. Mooove over Fido, Bessie's here to stay!

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