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Workshops/Speakers: Asheville, N.C.

April 12-13, 2014

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Aromatherapy for Wellness
Billy Galloway - Natural Options Aromatherapy
This fun, hands-on class focuses on making aromatherapy simple and easy to use. Experience and discuss 17 essential oils. We will talk about what the oils do and how to use them to achieve desired outcomes. You will learn how to use aromatherapy to assist issues including sleeplessness, psoriasis, restless leg syndrome, hot flashes, lack of energy or focus, sinus problems, arthritis, fibromyalgia and depression. Come and learn about this wonderful natural healing modality.

Adrenal Health: Fertility, Menopause, Sleep and Beyond
Dawn Combs - Mockingbird Meadows
You may have heard a lot about these once little-known glands over the past couple years. Whether you are male or female, they are very important in the maintenance of hormonal balance and so much more. Learn how to keep them healthy with whole food and whole plant strategies.

Virtual Medicine Walk
Dawn Combs - Mockingbird Meadows
Self-sufficiency is at our feet almost every day if we begin to know the weeds that grow in abundance. Come on a virtual walk to learn what can be used for general health, what must be maintained for our soil and pollinators, and what is just plain tasty!

Best Methods to Preserve Your Herbs
Jessica Kellner - Mother Earth Living/Ogden Publications
Learn about the various ways to preserve your favorite herbs: drying techniques, freezable recipes, crafts and more.

Homestead Health Care
Joseph Alton, M.D., and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P - Doom and Bloom
Learn what it takes to be a medical asset to your family in remote or austere settings, using both conventional and alternative methods of healing. Joseph and Amy Alton will discuss likely medical issues and how to deal with them in the absence of modern technology.

DIY Herbal First Aid
Linda Conroy - Moonwise Herbs
Join herbalist and wilderness first responder Linda Conroy for this inspiring presentation. Whether preparing for a backcountry experience or dealing with everyday life, this information will provide participants with an overview of what to include in an herbal first aid kit. The items discussed will help you feel more confident in dealing with basic injuries and ailments.

Now That You’ve Grown Your Own Medicinal Plants: What Do You Do With Them?
Maureen Burns-Hooker - Herbal Sage Farms and The Herbal Sage Tea Company
How many times have you found yourself with the bounty of your herbal garden and realized that you really don’t know what to do with all of it? This class will cover a step-by-step process for determining optimum times for harvesting herbs, by creating a customized harvesting schedule. Be it the root, the bark, flowers or seed pods, you will learn the best times to harvest your plants. We will also learn what to do with each herb to preserve its health benefits. Examples of drying herbs, preparing tinctures or extracts, making salves or medicinal balms, as well as some unusual ways of storing your bounty will be discussed. This class will help to take away the fear of not using the abundance that you have grown.

Make Your Own Laundry Soap, Wet or Dry!
Robin Bedford - Possum Hollow Farm Soap, Llc
Robin and Jim Bedford will teach you how to make your own liquid or powdered laundry soap safely. All-natural ingredients equal clean clothes!

Soap Making in 30 Minutes
Robin Bedford - Possum Hollow Farm Soap, Llc
We will make a batch of soap in 30 minutes, emphasizing safety and simplicity. We will share our simple technique and give you a recipe to try at home!

Dissolving Your Sugar Habit
Sharon Greenspan - Wild Success
Discover the truth about your sugar or carb cravings! Learn the secret to gain control (without feeling deprived) and which food choices increase your energy, health and joy. Hear proven strategies to break your habit and balance your life.

Sprout Happy!
Sharon Greenspan - Wild Success
Come learn about sprouting and how you can grow live, organic food in your kitchen for just pennies! Sharon Greenspan will be demonstrating several systems and talking about the benefits and pitfalls of each. She'll also explain why some systems are better for certain kinds of sprouts than others and where to buy organic, sproutable seeds.

Herbal Hair Care
Stephanie Tourles - Storey Publishing
Come hear author, herbalist, and licensed holistic aesthetician Stephanie Tourles discuss herbal hair care recipes from her best-selling books, Organic Body Care Recipes and Hands-On Healing Remedies. She'll highlight 15 herbs to promote beautiful, lustrous, healthy hair. Learn how chemical-free, totally natural hair care products are made and used. Samples will be available for everyone to experience. A question and answer will follow.

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