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Workshops/Speakers: Asheville, N.C.

April 12-13, 2014

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Hopping for Fun and Profit With Heritage Rabbits
Alison Martin - The Livestock Conservancy
Rabbits can be easy, versatile and quiet animals to raise on your small property. Heritage breeds offer a chance to set yourself apart from other rabbitries, and they provide value-added product for both home use and sale. Get acquainted with the breeds and the basics of raising rabbits.

Wonderful Attributes of Heritage Duck Breeds
Andrew Frank and Tommy Poole-Frank - Duck Dance Farm
This workshop will explore the value of heritage breeds of ducks for farmers and families. Some of the best egg-laying breeds of ducks are rare or endangered, and therefore are unfamiliar to most folks. We will compare various breeds and provide an overview of duck-rearing practices, including information on feed, yards, housing, predator protection, incubation and other topics. Puppets and visual aids will be used to help illustrate various points, and also to entertain while sharing good information.

Ecothrifty Living
Deborah Niemann - New Society Publishers
Make greener, healthier choices while saving money. You'll be surprised to discover all the artificial chemicals hiding in your home, food and personal care products, but you can easily replace them with natural alternatives that cost far less!

Raising Goats Naturally
Deborah Niemann - New Society Publishers
Learn to raise dairy goats naturally to produce your own milk, meat, cheese, soap and more. We'll discuss how to follow nature's example and let moms raise their own babies to have healthier goats that produce more milk and meat.

The Return of the Family Milk Cow
Faith Schlabach - Misty Morning Farm
Topics of this workshop will revolve around the return of the family cow that is fed for optimum health, rumen development, a long life, and grazing potential, not the highest production possible. Learn how to minimize and avoid problems such as milk fever, ketosis and mastitis. Learn how easy it is to have your own source of dairy products, meat and fertilizer. No time to milk twice a day? Learn how you can milk once a day or even once a week.

Raw Milk Production - Doing It Right
Gianaclis Caldwell - Chelsea Green Publishing
Whether for home use or local sales, raw milk can be produced and harvested in a way that makes it as wholesome and nutritious as possible. A growing appreciation and demand for whole, unprocessed, living foods makes raw milk a highly desirable product, but its production must be done right. In this session you will learn the basic principles, science and practices that make the small-scale dairy a success.

Pig Pickin': The husbandry and marketing of heritage hogs
Gra Moore - Carolina Heritage Farms
Now that you have decided on a heritage hog breed for your farm, learn the basics of husbandry, reproduction, processing and marketing that will make your endeavor a success. We will discuss innovative feed resources to improve your bottom line and how direct marketing to consumers can be a win-win for both sides.

Pig Pickin' - An Introduction to Heritage Breeds
Jeannette Beranger - The Livestock Conservancy
Heritage pigs are hot with today's consumers and a welcome addition to small-scale sustainable farms. Learn about the wide array of breeds to choose from and how they compare with each other for personality, adaptability, dress out, and more.

Pickin' Chickens - An Introduction to Heritage Breeds
Jeannette Beranger - The Livestock Conservancy
There is an amazing array of heritage chicken breeds available today, and it can be complicated deciding which is most appropriate for your land, climate and needs. Learn which questions to ask before committing to a breed, and explore the diversity of chickens to choose from.

What the Cluck?! Getting Started on Gardening With Chickens
Jessi Bloom - Timber Press
Come learn the basics of how to integrate chickens into your garden, starting with chicken raising myth busters and moving on to designing habitat for them (and for you to benefit from). Jessi Bloom, best-selling author of Free-Range Chicken Gardens, will also share her favorite top 10 chicken garden plants!

Get Started with Family Flocks
Patricia Foreman - Gossamer Foundation
Many folks feel there is too much effort involved in keeping chickens, and that the learning curve is too steep ... so they never start. This workshop simplifies and demystifies family flocks, showing it's so easy and simple that kids can do it—inexpensively. Learn the newest techniques, equipment for raising baby chicks and keeping adult birds. This workshop covers chick and hen behavior, handling, health care, nutrition, furniture, housing and time-saving management. By the end, you will know the basics of successfully raising your own baby chicks from day one to productive adult chickens. Co-presented with chicken celebrity Oprah Hen-Free."

Adding a Cow to Your Family
Ryan Walker - The Livestock Conservancy
Come learn everything you need to know about cows from an expert from The Livestock Conservancy. This introductory workshop will prepare the small farmer or homesteader for a useful bovine addition to the family. Topics covered include breed selection, purchasing, infrastructure, feeding, breeding, milking, processing and more. Mooove over Fido, Bessie's here to stay!

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