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Workshops/Speakers: Topeka, Kansas

October 25-26, 2014

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I'm From the Government and I'm Here to Help
David Gumpert - Chelsea Green, Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
David E. Gumpert assumes the identity of a high-ranking government official on food policy, and uses that format to provide a history and rationale for government efforts to deny food rights. The official explains government reasoning for denying people access to raw milk, opposing labeling of GMOs, favoring Big Ag corporations, and obstructing sustainable agriculture. At once humorous and overbearing, this official challenges the audience to look at the struggle over food rights in a new light.

Elizabeth Rich
Cheesemaking for the Homesteader: Using plants instead of rennet to make cheese
Elizabeth Rich - Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
Want to make your own cheese, but don't have a calf's stomach on hand for rennet? Nature provides us with many other options. Learn which plants can be used to coagulate milk for home cheesemaking, when they can be gathered, how to prepare them most effectively, and which types of cheeses can be made in this way.

Elizabeth Rich
How to Milk a Goat, Make Raw Milk Cheese, and Stay Out of Jail
Elizabeth Rich - Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
Learn strategies for effective and sanitary hand goat milking to produce milk that is not intended for pasteurization. We'll then make chèvre, feta and ricotta. During the demonstrations, we'll also discuss regulatory trends for raw milk cheesemakers; legal distinctions between cheese production for private vs. public consumption; and enforcement case studies.

Garden-Fresh Drinks
Hannah Kincaid - MOTHER EARTH NEWS
There’s nothing more refreshing than lemonade on a hot summer day, or more comforting than a steaming mug of herbal tea when winter’s chill sets in. Learn how to transform garden bounty, including fruits, vegetables, leaves and roots, into seasonal libations for every occasion.

Seed Starting for Kids
Hannah Kincaid - MOTHER EARTH NEWS
This workshop provides a hands-on experience for kids interested in getting started on the road to becoming gardening experts. We’ll discuss preparing seed starting soil mix, all the materials needed to get seeds off to a good start and the basics of caring for young plants before putting them out in the garden. Participants will then assist with the entire seed starting process. (Hands will likely get dirty!)

The Non-GMO Food Revolution
Ken Roseboro - Organic & Non-GMO Report
There is an unprecedented wave of consumer awareness and action rising on the threats posed by genetically engineered foods. Americans are demanding GMO labeling and non-GMO food choices. In this presentation, Ken Roseboro, described by Acres USA magazine as “the nation’s reporter on GMOs,” gives an overview of GM foods and their risks and provides practical steps people can take to avoid them and support non-GMO food production.

Farmstead Chef: Organic Eating on a Dime
Lisa Kivirist - New Society Publishers
What’s the key ingredient to eating healthy, saving money and stewarding the planet? A return to our nation’s farmstead roots of independence, self-sufficiency and frugality. Learn simple, creative tips for rethinking household food budgets, from preserving the homegrown harvest to stocking the kitchen pantry.

See Jane Grow: How Women Are Transforming Food
Lisa Kivirist - New Society Publishers
Women are launching farms and food-based enterprises in record numbers. From farmers to innkeepers, from writers to jam-making entrepreneurs, come hear the inspiring stories and experiences of women homesteaders crafting careers that prioritize healthy food, family and local community ... and build your own idea bank.

How to Cook With Tea
Paula Winchester - Paula Winchester Enterprises, LLC and Twelve Winds Tea Company
Using a rice cooker for some simple recipes, mortar and pestle to blend herbs, tea, and seeds to make Lei Cha. Taste prepared items. Receive recipes.

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