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Workshops/Speakers: Topeka, Kansas

October 25-26, 2014

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Sheep Butchering and the Merits of Mature Meat: Two-hour workshop/demo
Adam Danforth - Storey Publishing
Once upon a time, the meat we consumed was full of flavor, harvested from animals on a farm, and cooked in a continuum of tradition and wisdom. Today we revere meat coming from younger and younger animals, having lost our connection to a time and place of harvesting, and we have no clue how to maximize the utility of a carcass. In this workshop, learn about why prioritizing youth and tenderness results in bland meat, why on-farm slaughtering and humane handling result in the best quality meat, and how to utilize traditional and modern techniques of food preparation to maximize the results from properly matured meat. Two-hour workshop with carcass breakdown.

Fats and Flavor: The art of butchering
Adam Danforth - Storey Publishing
Poor fats, they are so misunderstood. The little guys are just trying to do good things like efficiently storing (or delivering) energy and, upon cooking, provide the vast majority of flavors that the eater experiences. Unfairly, they are the vilified component in the meat trifecta of protein, collagen and fat. In this workshop we will discuss the three main types of fat, how they play a role in flavor and shelf life, and how to butcher for maximum fat advantage.

Finding Good Farmland
Ann Larkin Hansen - Storey Publishing
Good soil, enough water, farmable terrain, and access to markets and jobs are your primary criteria when looking for a farm. Figuring out how to get onto the land once you’ve found a good place requires either cash or creativity. Ann Larkin Hansen will cover both finding and obtaining the farm that’s right for you.

Electric Fencing Essentials
Ann Larkin Hansen - Storey Publishing
How to plan, build and maintain an electric fence: Ann Larking Hansen will cover how to pick the right size and type of energizer; correctly install the grounding system and hook up the fence; lay out fencelines, corners and gates; and pick the posts and wire appropriate to the animals you're trying to control or the plants you're trying to protect. If there's time, she'll also cover how portable fence is used for rotational grazing.

Making Hay
Ann Larkin Hansen - Storey Publishing
Cut, dry, rake, gather and store: We’ll define these simple steps, discuss the more complicated details involved in doing each one successfully, and cover the various tools and techniques you can choose among to put up hay in a way that’s suited to your farm, your budget and your livestock.

Raw Milk Production: Safety and benefits
Charlotte Smith - Champoeg Creamery for Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund
Charlotte Smith's dynamic and engaging talk covers how and why her family started and now maintains a successful, sustainable raw milk dairy. She touches on how pasteurization came to be and why, with today's technology and proper training, we can work toward having a pool of safe raw milk for everyone in America! She addresses the safety of raw milk production on the micro-dairy level, including some key things for both consumers and producers to look for. She also delves into the "Why raw milk?" question, reviewing all the beneficial enzymes and the new medical paradigm that embraces healing probiotics (supported by specific stories of healing from several of her longtime customers). She covers how raw milk benefits the small farm. Raw milk is a product that gets people to your farm each week, so you can build from there, offering other products to an audience that already trusts you. She will also demonstrate making fromage blanc from raw milk. It's so easy, anyone can do it ... and it's full of beneficial enzymes and probiotics. (They're tasty and good for you!)

Elizabeth Rich
Taking Care of Business
Elizabeth Rich - Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
Learn about some of the legal issues faced by direct-to-consumer farm businesses. We'll cover choice of entity issues (should you operate as a sole proprietorship, LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, or other?); employment law issues affecting those hiring interns; zoning and right-to-farm issues; hosting on-farm events; and innovative business models. Bring your legal questions for the question-and-answer session.

Powering your Homestead With Renewable Energy
John Ivanko - New Society Publishers
Whether you want to go off-grid or supply it with renewable energy and make energy a positive cash flow for your business or homestead, explore your many options to power up with renewable energy. Explore wind, solar electric, solar thermal, geothermal, wood heating and other aspects of sustainable living.

Sustainable Living Simplified
John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist - New Society Publishers
Break free of fossil fuels. End the mortgage. Be your own boss. Grow most of your own food and prepare it in your farmstead kitchen. Craft your version of the good life that's based on self-reliance and interconnected systems that address food, energy, nature and finances. Explore our journey, so you can, too.

Beginning Beekeeping
Matt Reed - Bee Thinking
Learn about getting started in beekeeping using natural beekeeping methods, including the use of foundationless Langstroth, top bar and Warre hives.

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