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Washington Off-Stage Demonstrations
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Baby Kinder® Goats and Bottle Feeding – Booths #1206, #1208 & #1210
Kirsten Simons – River Birch Farms
Observe a baby Kinder® Goat being bottle fed.

Chicken Waterers: Using poultry valve waterers to lower work and increase cleanliness – Booth #330
Mark Delman –
Traditional chicken waterers dispense water into open pans that are easily contaminated by dirt and droppings. Learn about poultry valve-based waterers that eliminate contamination and require less cleaning. This demonstration covers: benefits of using poultry valves, correct setup, cleaning and dealing with freezing conditions.
Saturday and Sunday on the hour

Hand-Milking – Booths #1206, #1208 & #1210
Kirsten Simons – River Birch Farms
Observe a Kinder® goat being milked by hand and using a Henry Milker.

The Magical and Many Facets of Llamas – Show Arena
4H/JNK Llama Farm/The Llama Collection
Llamas are the only animal that you can do 4H, therapy work, fiber arts, driving with a cart, showing, packing, manure for your gardens/plants and much more. Stop by our area to see some of these things and have all your questions answered. Check our schedule for obstacle demonstrations throughout the day in the herding dog arena.
Saturday and Sunday 11:30-12:30 and 2:30-3:30

Stock Dog Herding Demonstrations – Show Arena
Corinne Berg – Fido's Farm
Come watch a variety of stock dogs work sheep and ducks.
Saturday and Sunday 10:00-11:00, 1:00-2:00 and 4:00-5:00

Ultimate EZ and Udderly EZ Milker Demonstrations – Booth #1221
R.C. “Buck” Wheeler – EZ Animal Products
Milking Nigerian Dwarf does with the new ultimate EZ electric and udderly EZ hand milkers. They work on cows, goats and sheep and are very quiet. They are fast and easy to clean up with no tubes to wash.


Getting Dirty With Earthen Floors! – Booths #631 & #730
Sukita Reay Crimmel and James Thomson – New Society Publishers
These hands-on demos show the steps of installing your own earthen floor. The simple tools and materials will be shared.
Saturday 2:00
Sunday 11:00 and 2:00

Modern Homesteading

Blacksmithing With Raw Wood Fuel – Booth #1523 & #1524
CoriAnna Whitlock – Whitlox Homestead
View a live demonstration of forging household and homestead items on the Whitlox Wood-Fired Forge.

Crafts of the Past – Fort Nisqually Living History Museum Demos
Fort Nisqually Living History Museum – Part of Metro Parks Tacoma
Historic re-enactors from Fort Nisqually Living History demonstrate traditional crafts or hand-crafting that would have been common during the mid-nineteenth century. Come experience hand hewing logs, rope making, blacksmithing, wool spinning, 19th century period children's games and music.

Nature and Community

Your Last Act: Preplanning for natural burial – Booth #1231
Jodie Buller – White Eagle Memorial Preserve and Sacred Earth Foundation
Putting your house in order will help to reduce the stress on the loved ones handling your burial. Green burial is a simple way to return to the earth, and with a little preplanning now, you can be confident that your loved ones will have all the logistical information they need to make sure that your wishes are met. It's your last act ... Make it meaningful!
Saturday and Sunday 2:00
Ongoing as available

Organic Gardening

Become a 'Locally Grown' Commercial Grower – Booth #503
Lainie Kertesz – Johnny's Selected Seeds
Buy Local is becoming more and more important throughout the United States. If you've considered growing for sale, come to this presentation, which includes handouts on how to get started. Learn about becoming a commercial grower and marketing locally.
Saturday 2:00-2:30
Sunday 11:00-11:30

Container and Raised Bed Gardening – Booth #505
Tina Canham – High Caliper Growing
This demonstration covers the advantages of gardening in fabric containers and fabric raised beds.
Saturday 11:00

Maggot Barriers to the Rescue – Booth #1209
Linda Sartnurak – Seattle Tree Fruit Society
Protect your fruit from apple maggot, codling moth and Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) by using Maggot Barriers.
Saturday and Sunday 10:00, 1:00 and 3:00

Old Timey Community Seed Swap – Booth #1008 & #1009
Experienced Seed Savers – Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Come share your seeds, your knowledge and your enthusiasm for different plant varieties with other gardeners and farmers. Bring any seeds you have to share or just stop by to “Meet the Experts” from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, the Organic Seed Alliance and the Seed Savers Exchange etc. This is a great chance to answer your seed saving questions and see hands-on demonstrations.
Saturday 2:30-4:30
Sunday 1:00-3:00

Real Food

Stock the Frugal, Self-Sufficient Pantry – Booth #1330
Lisa Kivirist – New Society Publishers
Learn how to stock your home pantry! Lisa Kivirist covers bulk buying, pantry organization and making your own hot cocoa, vanilla extract and more.
Saturday 11:00
Sunday 1:00

What's Lurking in Your Water? – Booth #533
James C. Fiedler – LifeMist USA Water Distillers
This hands-on demonstration reveals what's in tap, well and bottled waters. Chlorine and its dangers are revealed.

Renewable Energy

Off-Grid Solar – 1509
Dave Cozine – NorthWestSolarGroup LLC
Solar module mounted on a recycled satellite dish connected to a charge controller, inverter and battery. Demonstrates how 120 volt power can be produced using daylight. Also, a small version of a solar hot water collector.

Kids' programming

Learn to Draw Farm Animals! – Bookstore
Carolyn Guske – Heritage farm animal artist
Learn how to create animal drawings using big shapes and the basics of perspective. Anyone can learn to draw! There will be a demonstration, and then Carolyn Guske will help you with your drawings.
Saturday 10:00-11:00, 2:30-3:30 and 5:30-6:30
Sunday 9:30-10:30 and 2:30-3:30

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