North Carolina Off-Stage Demonstrations
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Organic Gardening

All About Herbs - Booth 7010-7015
Ira Wallace, Alan Salmon and Jeanine Davis - Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, Wildwood Herbal, and the NC State University Alternative Crops and Organics Program
Stop by throughout the day and learn how to save your own herb and flower seeds, grow culinary herbs, use fresh herbs in everyday meals, and propagate bloodroot and black cohosh for your woodland garden.

Black Soldier Fly: Grubs 101 - Booth 5126
Karl Warkomski - Prota Culture
Black soldier flies are a nutritious, live feed that can be produced sustainably on your property, lessening your dependency on store-bought foods for your animals. Learn how to attract, raise, harvest and store black soldier flies.
Saturday and Sunday at 10:00

Companion Planting From Seed - Booths 1200 and 1300
Susan Berry - Itzy Bitzy Farm, care of Botanical Interests Seeds
Learn the basics of how to choose plants that complement each other and how to grow them from seed.
Saturday and Sunday at 12:00-1:00

Growing Herbs is a Snap! - Booths 7010-7015
Alan Salmon - Wildwood Herbal
Saturday and Sunday at 12:00

Herb and Flower Seed Saving - Booths 7010-7015
Ira Wallace - Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Saturday and Sunday at 10:00

How to Propagate Bloodroot and Black Cohosh for Your Woodland Garden - Booths 7010-7015
Jeanine Davis - North Carolina State University - Alternative Crops and Organics Program
Saturday and Sunday at 2:00

Seed Saving and Apple Propagation - Booths 6001 and 6002
Seed Savers Exchange Staff - Seed Savers Exchange
Join Seed Savers Exchange to discuss the processes of saving seeds from garden fruits and vegetables, and grafting scions from orchard fruit such as apples. Demonstrations will include threshing, winnowing, fermenting and grafting.

Using Fresh Herbs in Everyday Meals - Booths 7010-7015
Alan Salmon - Wildwood Herbal
Saturday and Sunday at 4:00

Veggie Gardening 101: 10-Minute Talk - Booth 1708
Reems Creek Nursery and Landscaping
Here's all the basic info you need to get growing! Topics will include: siting your garden for success, soil improvement, determining garden size, soil amendments, water considerations, tools, and more.
Saturday at 10:00, 12:00, 2:00, 4:00 and 6:00
Sunday at 10:00, 12:00, 2:00 and 4:00

Modern Homesteading

Blacksmithing - Booth 6024
Paul Garrett - John C. Campbell Folk School, Sponsor

Paul Garrett, a resident artist at the John C. Campbell Folk School, will be on hand to demonstrate various blacksmithing skills and processes. Using a small forge and anvil, he will show how many items are forged from raw materials using the ancient techniques that are still in use today and taught at the Folk School's blacksmithing program. There will be a wide variety of hand-forged items for viewing and handling, and for sale.

Broom Making - Booth 6024
Marlow Gates - John C. Campbell Folk School, Sponsor

Using traditional Shaker and Appalachian methods, natural wood handles and broomcorn, Marlow Gates will demonstrate the skills needed to make your own brooms. This simple style of broom making, currently being taught at the John C. Campbell Folk School, requires no special tools or equipment yet yields one-of-a-kind works of functional art.

Carving Spoons - Booth 2616
Amy Umbel - Fiddlehead Woodworking
This ongoing demonstration of spoon-carving basics shows the process from roughed-out spoon blank to finishing cuts.

Chair Making - Booth 6024
Lyle Wheeler - John C. Campbell Folk School, Sponsor

Woodworker Lyle Wheeler will demonstrate ladderback chair making techniques: shaping red oak wood on a shaving horse with drawknife and spokeshave and assembly with a brace-and-bit and mortise chisel.

Foot-Powered Mechanized Grain Threshing for Small-Scale Growers - Booth 1402
Sharon Howard - Sylvan Foot-Powered Wheat Threshers
Come see a live demonstration of human-powered wheat threshing using a foot-powered grain thresher. Attendees will also have the opportunity to actually operate a foot-powered thresher themselves.

Goat Milking Demo - Booth F12
Siegfried Forster - Sunrise Farm
Sunrise Farm will demonstrate how to hand-milk a dairy goat. Information on machine milking and general goat care will also be available.
Saturday and Sunday 10:00, 2:00, 5:00

Horse Logging and Tiny Cabin Construction - Booth 6504
Ian Snider - Mountain Works Sustainable Development
Mountain Works Sustainable Development will host multiple sessions regarding draft animal power, sustainable forestry, and handcrafted Tiny Cabins. Showcasing the rare Suffolk Punch draft horse, these field demos are sure to be a highlight of the FAIR for horse lovers, homesteaders, woodworkers, forestland owners, and anyone interested in small-scale living in the Southeast.

How Artisans Support Agrarians - Booth 2204
Steve Walsh - Cottage Crafted is creative community handicrafts created by traditional artisans supporting agrarians ... offered in the context of a self-sustaining small village typical of the past. Demonstrations may include woodworking, pottery, blacksmithing, textile crafts and more.

Spinning and Dyeing - Booth 6024
Martha Owen - John C. Campbell Folk School, Sponsor

See all the steps necessary to make a garment from the animal to individual colorful thread to original garments. Watch a dye pot demo using natural dye materials, spinning from the back of a rabbit, carding fibers and spinning sheep's wool on a spinning wheel.

Spinning Cotton on the Gandhi Wheel - Booth 1310
Eileen Hallman - New World Textiles
Gandhi called for the development of a portable spinning wheel to help India peacefully gain independence. Eileen Hallman will demonstrate spinning organic cotton on a book-sized charkha.

Traditional Broom Making Demonstration - Booths 5033 and 5034
Little John Holzwart - Brooms by Little John
Broom making is a traditional art. During these demonstrations Little John Holzwart will delight you with broom-making techniques and stories about the broomcorn plant.

Weaving - Booth 6024
Pam Howard - John C. Campbell Folk School
The John C. Campbell Folk School’s resident in weaving, Pam Howard will demonstrate weaving textiles on a loom. Learn the ancient craft of making functional and beautiful textiles such as rugs, scarves, coverlets, and weaving cloth used for items such as clothing, dish towels and curtains.

Wheel Throwing and Hand-Building Rectangular Bowls - Booth 5138
Alan Stegall, Nancy Stegall and Crew - Stegall's Stoneware Pottery
Stegall's Stoneware Pottery will demonstrate wheel throwing next to their booth 5138. Also, rectangular bowls will be made using hand-building techniques.

Real Food

Gluten- and Dairy-Free Meals in Minutes! - Booth 2304
Sharon Greenspan - Wild Success
Participants will learn several fast, simple recipes that kids of all ages will love! Come have spirooli fun!
Saturday 12:00, 2:00 and 4:00

Homemade Bread Made Easy! - Booth 2507
Ginny Perkins - EZ DOH
The simplicity of making bread dough with the EZ DOH manual bread dough maker will be demonstrated, along with creative recipes and serving suggestions for homemade bread. Samples will be served.

Homemade, Healthy Herbal Snacks - Booth 2712
Dawn Combs - Mockingbird Meadows, Sponsor

It can be challenging to use herbs to maintain the health of your household if you have someone in the family who is resistant to new tastes. Come learn how to make simple, delicious, no-bake cookies that can be used to treat a variety of issues.

Mead Making - Booths 1400 and 1500
Jereme Zimmerman, aka "the Yeti" - Earthineer, Sponsor

To coincide with his "Make Mead Like a Viking!" workshop, Earthineer's own "RedHeadedYeti" will run an off-stage demo. Learn to make your own mead using wild fermentation techniques!

Top 10 Wild Edibles - Booths 6603
No Taste Like Home
Join No Taste Like Home in discovering some of the most common wild foods in the area. They will have samples of plants and mushrooms to look at, and they will talk about how to incorporate them into your diet. Wild foods are abundant in the area, and No Taste Like Home feels that everyone has a right to know them!

Wood-fired Cooking - Booths 6024
Nanette Davidson - John C. Campbell Folk School
Discover the art of cooking with fire. See a simply constructed outdoor wood-fired brick oven in use, and sample freshly baked biscuits topped with butter and a sampling of homemade jams.

Animal Husbandry

From Sheep to Yarn - Booths F6 and F7
Elizabeth Strub - Hobbyknob Farm
Elizabeth Strub of Hobbyknob Farm will spin cleaned wool from her sheep using a modern spinning wheel. She also will have her carder, so visitors can see one of the ways a cleaned fleece is prepared for the spinning process.

Goat Hoof Trimming Demo - Booth F12
Siegfried Forster - Sunrise Farm
Sunrise Farm will demonstrate how to trim goat hooves. Regular trimming of your goat's hooves is required to keep them in sound condition for a long, healthy and productive life. Information on milking goats as well as general goat care will also be available.
11:00, 3:00 and 6:00

Renewable Energy

Green Building

DIY LED Grow Lights - Booths 1400 and 1500
Don Adams - Earthineer, Sponsor

To coincide with their DIY Aquaponics workshop, Earthineer will be displaying their LED grow lights. Learn how to build your own for pennies on the dollar!

DIY Solar Panels - Booths 1400 and 1500
Don Adams - Earthineer, Sponsor

To coincide with their DIY Solar Panels workshop, Earthineer will run an off-stage demonstration. See what is required to build your own ... from framing to tabbing to encapsulation. Try your hand at tabbing solar cells, and have your questions answered by Earthineer's resident crazy engineer.

High Performance and Net-Zero Home Building - Davis Lecture Hall
Leigha Dickens - Deltec Homes, Sponsors

Learn about building high performance and net-zero-energy homes with Deltec, including what energy-efficient design features set a truly high-performance home apart, how to integrate renewable energy, and a little bit about the six designs in Deltec's new Renew Collection.
Sunday 11:30-12:30

Why a Deltec Home? - Davis Lecture Hall
Joseph Schlenk - Deltec Homes, Sponsors

This presentation will feature a basic description and slideshow about the value and benefits of building a Deltec home.
Saturday 11:30-12:30

Natural Health

Applying Hair and Scalp Preparations - Booth 2005
Jeannie Wrightson - Green Hare Mud
Learn about proper hair partings for even application of hair and scalp preparations.

Blessings of the Bison: A genetic revival - Davis Lecture Hall
Dr. Frank King - King Bio Inc. and Carolina Bison, Sponsors

To many Native Americans, white buffalo signify a revival of peace, wholeness and completion. Similarly, Dr. Frank King – who owns half of the white buffalo in North America and cares for one of the largest bison herds in the Southeast – sees tremendous benefits for both man and beast through the restoration of this noble breed. In the 1980s, Dr. King began interbreeding the plains bison with the woods bison, to produce some of the largest and most vigorous animals in the world. Moreover, we receive super-health benefits from many wild foods – like camel’s milk from Dr. King’s herd right here in Western North Carolina.
Sunday 1:00-2:00

How to Awaken Your Highest Health Potential - Davis Lecture Hall
Dr. Frank King - King Bio Inc. and Carolina Bison, Sponsors

Dr. Frank King says "We deprive ourselves of healthy nourishment, exercise, sunlight, relationships, and life-giving benefits in each of what I call the Eight Essentials of Life ... Small changes in each of these eight areas allow you to accomplish much more by doing less. You can work smarter, not harder, in the Healing Revolution." Dr. King shares practical healing tools that are safe, effective, and freely available to everyone. These healing tools are the secret weapons of the Healing Revolution. Fill the holes in your wholeness by awakening the healing power within.
Saturday 1:00-2:00

Isha Kriya Guided Meditation - Booth 1002
Alison Murry - Isha Institute of Inner-Sciences
Learn a simple, but powerful kriya practice that aligns your mind, body and inner energies to easily and naturally become meditative. Once meditative, your experience of the life within you and the world around you becomes much deeper and richer. Daily life becomes effortless and joyful.

Making an Herbal Salve - Booth 2201
Red Moon Herbs Staff
Learn how to make an herbal salve from fresh plants growing in your yard!

Nature & Community

Animal Neighbors
Lindsay Green - Muddy Sneakers
Wildlife is everywhere! We share our terrestrial ecosystem with lots of different critters. Participants in this presentation will learn about a few species of wildlife and play a game that will illustrate the effects of various limiting factors on their population.

Kids' Programming

Fresh Food Family Fun! - Booth 1800
Karen Leonetti - Yummy Tummy Rainbow Garden
Come DIG into live demonstrations of easy ways to create healthy foods together. The kitchen is the heart of the home, where lifelong memories are made. Your family can create, eat and thrive together from fresh foods. Join Karen Leonetti as she shares FUN, proven techniques and gadgets to involve the whole family in kitchen and Family Table Time. She's bringing families back together "one bite at a time."

Eat the Rainbow Craft Make 'n Take and Gardening Giveaway - Booth 1800
Karen Leonetti CDA, CDS - Yummy Tummy Rainbow Garden
Is your child a picky, fussy eater? Visit with author Karen Leonetti for easy ways to create healthy foods together in fun, interesting ways! She will share fun, proven techniques and gadgets to involve the whole family in the kitchen. Her new book has four easy gluten-, sugar- and dairy-free recipes in the back that families can make together. Children can create their own "Tabletop Rainbows" to remind them to eat a rainbow every day! Karen will raffle a Gardening Kit at the end of each day!

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