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Agrilicious - Contributing Sponsor
Booth 5300 is at the heart of the local food movement providing an exciting way to participate in the local food experience while expanding the family-to-farmer connection. A resource for all things local food and gardening – individuals, farmers, food hubs, restaurants, grocery and meal delivery services, educators and experts all come together through Agrilicious to share ideas, connect, and make a difference! Don’t miss our online show “In Search of Food” featuring Joel Salatin!

Booth 4109
Alenco is Kansas City's finest home improvement company and has been for 30 years! They offer a wide range of energy savings products. Get a free estimate today and let Alenco make your home a better place to live!

ANCO Poultry Processing
Booth 4417

Frozen & shelf-stable inspected poultry, beef and elk meats. Plus, Wonders Guidebooks, Fasttrack Feed Microbials.

Animal Welfare Approved
Booth 1711

Animal Welfare Approved identifies, audits, certifies and promotes family farmers who are raising animals to the highest animal welfare, social and environmental standards, on pasture or range.




Bad Dog Tools
Booth 4311
With Bad Dog Multi-Purpose Tools you'll always have the right tool. The tools are guaranteed for life or Bad Dog will replace them. See 'em in action at FAIR.

Barnetts' Family Farm, LLC
Booth 5101

BCS America
Booth 4300
BCS offers all gear-driven, rear-tine tillers that provide professional results, the industry's best warranty, and power other seasonal attachments (including brush mowers, shedder/chippers and snow throwers).

Bee Thinking
Booth 4409
Bee Thinking specializes in beehives, supplies and books.

Being Onto Something
Booth 1417
Being Onto Something provides shopping and storage bags that are good for the planet! They offer organic and fair trade produce bags, as well as biodegradable bags made from corn.

Bell Aquaculture LLC
Booth 1414

Bell Aquaculture, the nation's largest sustainable yellow perch fish farming operation, will feature its OMRI-listed "Fish Rich 2-2-2 Organic" fertilizer at the FAIR.

Better Garden Tools
Booth 4415

The Better Garden Tools inventory of products includes ratchet pruners, ratchet loppers, pole pruners and folding root saws.

BlackWater Treasures
Booth 1607

Boettcher Supply
Booth 4305

Botanical Interests - Contributing Sponsor
Booth 1208

Botanical Interests is a family-owned business founded in 1995. It offers more than 500 dependable varieties of certified organic, heirloom, non-GMO, untreated and responsibly produced hybrid vegetable, herb and flower seeds. Their goal is to inspire and educate so you can create beautiful and successful gardens. Their packets contain a wealth of information, inside and out. Seeds are available for purchase at independent garden centers, gourmet grocers and health food stores throughout the United States.




Ceramic Garlic Grater
Booth 5100

This beautiful and practical grater will work on garlic, hard cheeses, chocolate, nutmeg, ginger, citrus peel, apples, carrots, and so much more. It's easy to clean, too!

Chapman Creek Cattle Co
Booth 3001

Chapman Creek Cattle Co sells certified grassfed beef by the side with free delivery to most areas. Please see their website at or

Chelsea Green - Special Partner
Booth 4211

Chelsea Green is the leading publisher of books on sustainable living. We are a founding member of the Green Press Initiative and have been printing books on recycled paper since 1985, when our first list of books appeared. We lead the industry both in terms of content - foundational books on renewable energy, green building, organic agriculture, eco-cuisine and ethical business - and in terms of environmental practice, printing 95 percent of our books on recycled paper.

Clear Creek Seeds
Booth 1614

Clear Creek Seeds specializes in heirloom vegetable seeds and also a large assortment of flower and herb seeds. Come visit us and happy gardening!

Booth 1612

Featuring the award-winning CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator, the CobraHead Long Handle, and other excellent gardening products. CobraHead tools make gardening easier. Gardeners love CobraHead!

Coconut Bliss - Associate Sponsor

As a company, Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss comes from the heart. It shows in everything they do from their sourcing of the finest organic ingredients to a conscious awareness of their impact on the lives of everyone they touch. Close your eyes and feel it in every bite. Just one taste of this luscious, non-dairy dessert and you will understand what they mean when they say, "This is Bliss!"

Colorado Yurt - Associate Sponsor
Booth 5400

Community Gardens & Shawnee Co. Extension Master Gardeners
Booth 5511

Cousin Mary Jane & Lady Jane Gourmet Seed
Booth 4117
Cousin Mary Jane and Lady Jane Gourmet Seed Co. brings to market delicious and nutritious hemp food products. Now you can stop bad snacking!

Cromwell Solar - Associate Sponsor
Booth 4111

For more than 30 years Cromwell Solar has offered custom engineered and professionally installed solar energy systems. Today, by partnering with another local, family-owned business (Mid-America Bank) they have developed and are now offering a completely unique no-money-down solar leasing option, the first ever in a state without big incentives. Cromwell Solar is engineer-/installer-owned and operated and always works to create the relationships that will ensure the success for next generation of family ownership.




doTerra Essential Oils
Booth 4412

doTerra essential oils are certified pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils for health and wellness. doTerra also offers vitamin supplements, skin products and hair care products.

Douglas and Shawnee County Conservation Districts

Come and talk with the Douglas and Shawnee County Conservation Districts about their conservation and education programs, as well as explore the Kansas Soil Tunnel Trailer. Educational for adults and kids alike!

Down Home Ranch, Inc.
Booth 5305

A 410-acre ranch in Texas, Down Home Ranch serves as a community for adults with intellectual disabilities. The ranch is home to cattle, free-range chickens, poinsettias, hydroponic vegetables, retreat facilities, and more.

Dr. Earth
Booth 5510
Dr. Earth organic innovations have set the standard for more than 20 years. Healthy and beautiful gardens are simple and easy with great products.




Eagle Log Cabins

Simple to build. Renewable. Seven generations of thinking. Off-grid living with comfort and style! Quality products at affordable prices. Call 800-557-7157 for more information.

Eagles' Rest Natural Mattress
Booth 4408

Organic mattresses & bedding

Earth Elements
Booth 5509

Earth Elements sells handcrafted jewelry, upcycled/recycled items, herbal teas, body products and medicinal herb seeds.

Ellbee's Garlic Seasonings
Booth 5206
Ellbee's Garlic Seasonings are fresh, garlic-based, all-natural, and MSG- and gluten-free. They offer eight unique flavors, two with heat. You can use them in any meal, and they come with recipes.

Ellie Pots Inc.
Booth 4206

Ellie Pots Inc. is the work of decorative ceramic artist Ellary Blair. Working in crystalline and raku glazes, all pottery is wheel-thrown and fired by her.

EnerHealth Botanicals
Booth 5414

EnerHealth formulates, manufactures, and distributes a full line of certified organic, non-GMO, vegan health food supplements, herbal tinctures, and storable food. Our goal is to promote health, wellness, and consciousness to assist people in becoming more self-reliant.

Envirolet - Contributing Sponsor

Envirolet® by Sancor waterless and low water composting toilets are an environmental and economical sanitation solution for your cottage, cabin, home, pool cabana, farm, yurt, basement, workshop and more. The modern Envirolet® FlushSmart series is the most advanced line of composting toilets available. They are ideal for slab-level installations because they can flush up, down and around corners up to 70 feet away using only 0.2L/flush. They convert waste to compost on site using the Automatic Six-Way Aeration™ process. No plumbing or septic is involved, and they are easy-to-install.

Evening Shade Farms Natural & Organic Body Care Products
Booth 5603

Artistic handcrafted natural and organic body care products and gifts for infants, teens and adults. Products are made from natural and plant-based ingredients. Aromas cone from absolute, extracted and pure essential oils. We use home-grown botanicals, goats milk, and honey. Our products are moisturizing and long-lasting.

Evergreen Institute
Booth 1322

The Evergreen Institute offers workshops on residential renewable energy and green building taught by Dan Chiras, who will be staffing the booth and selling books.

Extreme Panel Tech., Inc
Booth 4205

Building with SIPs at least doubles the energy efficiency of buildings resulting in decreased greenhouse gases being emitted into the environment. SIPs structures can withstand tornadoes and hurricane winds. Build stronger, faster, greener - build with SIPs.

EZ Animal Products

Don’t forget to prepare for milking season now — customers love the mechanized Ultimate EZ milker and their hand-pump Udderly EZ milker!




Faith Wellness Center
Booth 4402
The MediMassager is approved by the FDA as a medical device and the American Diabetes Association to help reverse neuropathy. It provides noninvasive, immediate pain relief!

Featherman Equipment
Booth 4419
Featherman Equipment empowers farmers, consumers and communities by providing efficient and affordable solutions for local poultry processing.

Fertrell-Troque Farms
Booth 4420

Fertrell's organic fertilizes and feed supplements for people interested in raising their own nutritious foods. Nixall will allow individuals to have a happier healthier life.

Flinthills Aromatherapy
Booth 1619
Flinthills Aromatherapy specializes in providing products created from renewable, naturally occurring, plant-based ingredients that are healthy for human use and safe for the global environment.




Green Cover Seed
Booth 4119
Green Cover Seed specializes in designing custom cover crop seed mixtures, while utilizing more than 65 species to benefit their broad customer base across the country.

Green Hare Mud & Bunny Beauty Skin Care
Booth 4608

Green Hare Hair Mud™ is 100% natural, nonchemical, cruelty-free hair color with serious gray coverage that is truly healthy, shiny, silky and sexy.

Greensburg, KS Tourism
Booth 4201

On May 4, 2007, 95% of Greensburg, Kan., was destroyed by an EF5 tornado. Come see how they’ve rebuilt better, stronger and greener in Greensburg!

Ground Source, Inc.
Booth 4301

Serving NE Kansas for over 20 years with geothermal heating, cooling and hot water. Cut your heating, cooling, and hot water costs in half. This system will also qualify for a 30% federal tax credit.




Hague Quality Water
Booth 4107
Visit Hague Quality Water's booth and take home a free in-line drinking water filter with their number on it as their business card. (They hope you'll keep them in mind for the whole house!)

Harvest Right
Booth 5405

Freeze dry your own meals for home, storage and camping , fruits and vegetables, snacks and desserts.
Heartland Jerky 4303 Multiple flavors of handmade beef jerky from sweet to spicy that they produce themselves. Holiday gift bags and party trays and some hand-dipped chocolates and baked goods.

High Caliper Growing
Booth 5604

The first fabric aeration container made specifically for growing vegetables. If you want to container grow great vegetables, you need the Smart Pot.

High Castle
Booth 4207

High Castle offers cellphone chargers, solar power station, and residential solar installations.

High Mowing Organic Seeds
Booth 4406
High Mowing Organic Seeds is an independently owned, farm-based seed company dedicated to supporting sustainable agriculture and providing farmers and gardeners with the highest quality certified organic seed.

Homestead General Store
Booth 4506

At the Homestead General Store you will find a full line of products, tools, supplies and books to help meet your homesteading and sustainable-living needs.




Johnny's Selected Seeds - Associate Sponsor
Booth 1307

Johnny's Selected Seeds offers products that include vegetable seeds; medicinal and culinary herb seeds; flower seeds; cover crops, farm seed and pasture mixes; fruit plants and seeds; and high-quality, problem-solving tools and supplies. They ship throughout the United States as well as internationally. They carry sizes ranging from small to large, to suit the needs of home gardeners and small growers as well as retailers and wholesalers.

Juice Plus Company, The
Booth 4401
Juice Plus provides whole-food nutrition from 25 fruits, vegetables and grains, plus the Tower Garden, a vertical aeroponic growing system that makes getting good nutrition easy.




K-State Research & Extension

Kansas Barn Aliance
Booth 5401

Information about barn preservation and reuse.

Kansas Farmers Union
Booth 4316

Kansas Farmers Union is a non-profit, sustainable family farm organization that promotes family agriculture and thriving rural communities.

Kasco Marine
Booth 4312

Kasco Marine provides energy-efficient aeration products for all types of ponds that include 12-volt surface aerators, fountains, diffusers, circulators, de-icers and beneficial bacteria.

King Solar
Booth 4105
King Solar has provided solar installation and service since 1982. They can help reduce your footprint and prepare for the future with solar energy.

Koelzer Bee Farm
Booth 5614
Koelzer Bee Farm makes all-natural products from their hives, including honey, creamed honey, beeswax and more! They’re continuing a family tradition that spans three generations.




Love at First Sit
Booth 4200
Love at First Sit's portable, fair trade, ergonomic back support systems are made of organic cotton and hemp. The company contributes 10 percent of profits toward supporting social, cultural, educational and environmental causes.




Marie's Alpaca Acres
Booth 4407

What can you do with alpacas? See all the neat products that are made from alpaca fleece! They have something for everyone. Made in U.S.A.

Massaging Insoles
Booth 4219

World's best therapeutic massaging insoles. A natural approach to foot, leg and back pain relief. Pedorthic Footcare Association approved.

Metal Ware Corp. - Nesco, The
Booth 211

Nesco/American Harvest manufactures food dehydrators in the USA. Preserve the bounty of your garden by drying foods faster and more evenly. Visit their booth for expert dehydrating tips.

Minuteman Press
Booth 5611

Minuteman Press is proud to be the first certified Sustainable Green Printer (SGP) in Kansas. Your go-to partner for print, direct mail, promotional products and marketing.

Millner-Haufen Tool Co.
Booth 4605
Millner-Haufen Tool Co. is an American company that specializes in high-quality European tools for DIYers, farmers, builders and anyone who wants the right tool for the job.

Miracle Door Mat
Booth 5600

The Miracle Mat stops dirt and mud from being tracked into your home. No more muddy footprints and paw prints on your floors, carpets and tiles.

Mockingbird Meadows - Associate Sponsor
Booth 5500

Mockingbird Meadows is a honey and herb farm using biodynamic principles to blur the line between food and medicine. With healing intent for their land, their bees and their customer, they craft chemical-free herbal health aides, body care and nationally recognized herbal infused honeys. They believe you should eat your medicine, not take it! Mockingbird Meadows' delicious, easy-to-take raw honey spreads make that possible for everything from immunity to sleep issues to daily detox.

Moonwise Herbs and Brooms by Little John
Booth 4320

Visit Moonwise Brooms and Herbs for handcrafted wares, herbal and earth-centered education, and creatively hand-woven brooms made from local grown broom corn.

Mr. Ellie Pooh's Fair Trade
Booth 4618

An innovative Earth-friendly company selling exotic gifts and stationery out of elephant waste. Proud members of the Fair Trade Federation with an emphasis on animal conservation.

Murray McMurray Hatchery
Booth 2201

Murray McMurray Hatchery has offered chicks, ducks, turkeys and more for 97 years. They help families become self-sufficient, eat fresh eggs daily and develop husbandry skills.

My Pillow
Booth 5410

My Pillow stays cool, conforms to your needs regardless of sleep position, is dust mite-resistant, nonallergenic, washable and dryable. 60-day money back guarantee, 10-year warranty.

Mystic Wonders
Booth 5204
Mystic Wonders offers a complete laundry system and single laundry balls.




Naked Goat Farm
Booth 5610

Natural Options Aromatherapy
Booth 4313

Natural Options Aromatherapy offers essential oils, creams, bath salts, roll-ons, shower gels, and mists along with aromatherapy diffusers. They also have Ion Infra Ionic Detox Machines and sessions.

Naturally Ozark
Booth 1511
Naturally Ozark is a family-owned enterprise offering a variety of medicinal herbs and other natural products for the health of you and your family.

Nature's Flavors - Title Sponsor
Booth 4601

Birdie & Bill's is a delicious sugar-free soda that was created through the passion and determination of Bill Sabo - the Flavor Guy. Years of constant sugar consumption caused Sabo a severe heart attack with blockage in three arteries. During his recovery, he made it his mission to use his 35 years of flavor knowledge to keep all the great taste of soda and get rid of the sugar. So, when you wonder why this sugar-free soda has an unbelievable taste, remember that it was created with heart.

Nature's Head
Booth 4411

The Nature's Head Composting Toilet is the latest design, the best value and the most reliable choice for self-contained, urine-separating dry toilets.

Nature's Renewable Products
Booth 4101
Visit with Nature's Renewable Products to learn about the A-Maize-Ing Heat Biomass Furnace portable heater and grill.

Nebraska Sustainable Agricultural Society
Booth 1408

Created by a group of organic farmers who recognized the need to change the way and how our food is produced, NSAS has been promoting sustainable and organic farming and foods in Nebraska for over 45 years. The Healthy Farms Conference is our annual conference and has been held annually throughout Nebraska for over 40 years.

New Society Publishers
Booth 4213

New Society Publishers' mission is to publish books that contribute in fundamental ways to building an ecologically sustainable and just society, and to do so with the least possible impact on the environment, in a manner that models this vision.

Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers' Association
Booth 1026

Beekeeping is the art and science of applied bee biology. The Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers' Association provides spring classes (beekeeping basics), monthly meetings, support and instruction for best practice beekeeping in our area.

Northern Sun
Booth 4404

For more than 30 years, Northern Sun has provided environmental and social messages on t-shirts, bumper stickers, buttons and more. Online and mail order available.

Norwex Enviro Products
Booth 4403

A dynamic, expanding, worldwide company whose mission is to improve quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning.

Norwood Sawmills USA Inc.
Booth 3101

Norwood manufactures manual and hydraulic portable sawmills, bringing to market top-quality sawmills for more than 20 years. Every sawmill, quality-made in the United States and Canada with cutting-edge fabrication technologies, is built rugged for years of accurate, reliable, profitable, worry-free milling. Talk to their knowledgeable staff to learn more.

Nuwati Herbals
Booth 5306
Nuwati Herbals provides "natural remedies from the medicine cabinet of Mother Earth." Their unique line of natural herbal products are made in the United States and inspired by the Cherokee ancestors of founder Rod Jackson.




Oatie Beef
Booth 5104

Heart-healthy beef from their home to yours! Oatie Beef has been tested at Kansas State University, and they know they are the healthiest beef around!

Olea Estates Distribution, Inc.
Booth 5309

From a small Greek estate, certified organic Greek extra virgin olive oil and olives. Handpicked, cold-pressed immediately. One varietal raw, kept below 78 degrees.




Parsons' Prairie Farm
Booth 4309
Parsons' Prairie Farm offers farm fresh natural fibers, yarns, rovings, craft felts and products made from our fiber animals. Ask us about our Fiber CSA!

Paula Winchester Enterprises
Booth 4416
Paula Winchester Enterprises is behind culinary and whimsical herbal products, artistic floral renderings in pastel prints and charmeuse silk scarves, loose leaf Chinese teas and accessories, and miniature dachshund apparel.

Perka Wood Steel Hybrid Buildings
Booth 5613
Perka Wood Steel Hybrid Buildings produces consciously designed Wood Steel Hybrid Buildings that are strong, flexible, and easy to assemble, insulate and finish. They are sustainably efficient, affordably practical and comfortably attractive.

Perpetual Food Company
Booth 5505

Now anyone, anywhere, can grow their own food with Perpetual Food's 3StepAquaponics. Simply plant your seed, feed your fish, and harvest.

Pines International, Inc
Booth 4208

For 37 years, healthy people worldwide have used Pines Wheat Grass as a convenient and economical dark green, leafy vegetable. Seven tablets provide more nutrition that a large spinach salad.

Pollinator Partnership
Booth 5202

The Pollinator Partnership’s mission is to promote the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education, and research.

Premier 1 - Contributing Sponsor
Booth 1019

For almost 35 years, Premier1 has been providing electric fence and netting; sheep, goat and poultry supplies; as well as expert advice! Speak with one of their consultants at the booth and pick up their informational poultry, equipment and fencing magalogs.

Purina - Title Sponsor
Booth 1218

Purina Animal Nutrition is a national organization serving producers, animal owners and their families through more than 4,700 local cooperatives, independent dealers and other large retailers throughout the United States. Species served by Purina Animal Nutrition include both large animals (cattle, horses and swine) and small pets, including hamsters, gerbils and rabbits. Headquartered in Gray Summit, Mo., Purina Animal Nutrition is a wholly owned subsidiary of Land O’Lakes, Inc.




Quarto Publishing Group USA
Booth 4505

Quarto Publishing Group USA represents a dynamic group of imprints dedicated to providing quality and excellence to its readers.




River Hills Harvest
Booth 4607
River Hills Harvest develops, produces and distributes elderberry products for both the retail and wholesale markets in order to provide easier market access for its increasing number of grower members.

Rock Springs - Special Partner
Booth 4115

Rock Springs - Special Partner
Booth 4215

Rocking H Charoais 3000 Homegrown all-natural beyond organic beef and pork. No implants, hormones or extra medicine. Natural Kansas grown brome and prairie grass hay for livestock. Contract




Sandhill Farm & Milkweed Mercantile
Booth 4304
Sandhill Farm is an intentional community that has been farming in northeast Missouri since 1974. They focus on growing food for themselves and to sell.

School of Natural Healing, The
Booth 4118

The School of Natural Healing is the premier herbal school in America, founded in 1953 by Dr. John R. Christopher to teach people to heal themselves and their families naturally.

SeaAgri, Inc
Booth 4413

Sustainable Organic Ocean Products: SEA-90 Ag Mineral and Seasons-90 Baja Gold Gourmet Sea Salt are for home, garden, and livestock. To learn more, visit or call 770-361-7003.

Seafood Producers Cooperative
Booth 4302

Seafood Producers Cooperative, the oldest fishermen’s cooperative in North America, is owned by small boat fishermen members who fish the waters of the North Pacific.

Seed Savers Exchange - Special Partner
Booth 1321

Seed Savers Exchange is a nonprofit, member-supported organization that saves and shares the heirloom seeds of our garden heritage, forming a living legacy that can be passed down through generations.

Serendipity Essentials
Booth 4106

It's a true wonder! Come see how to cook with a minimal heat source or how to keep things cold/frozen without power.

Skinner Garden Store, Inc.
Booth 1412

Skinner’s is everything plants and gardening and is located right here in Topeka. Stop in and see them while you are in town.

Soap Alchemy
Booth 4217

All-natural, handcrafted soap with natural plant oils rich in glycerin.

Southern Distributors
Booth 4120

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange - Special Partner
Booth 1324

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange offers more than 700 heirloom, organic and open-pollinated vegetable, herb and flower varieties, plus garlic, perennial onions and seed saving supplies. Their mission is to ensure that people retain control of their food supply, conserve genetic resources and offer gardeners the option of saving their own seeds.

Star Seed
Booth 5310

Storey Publishing - Special Partner
Booth 4113

Their books are printed on recycled paper using soy based inks.

Booth 4606

Sun-Mar offers self-contained and central systems, composting toilets and garden composters.

Sustainability Action
Booth 5612

A not-for-profit organization providing local solutions for transition to a sustainable economy and ecology.

Swims and Sweeps Inc
Booth 4103




Tasteful Olive, The
Booth 4317
The Tasteful Olive is an olive oil and balsamic vinegar store where you taste before buying! The store also carries olives, pastas, sea salts and spice blends.

Thayer Feed LLC
Booth 5102

Thayer specializes in organic grains for human and animal consumption along with custom-specific feed rations to maximize optimal performance.

Theo Chocolate - Associate Sponsor
Booth 4600

Since 2006, Theo Chocolate has been committed to responsibly sourcing and manufacturing the highest quality chocolate in the world. As the first and only bean to bar maker of organic, fair trade, fair for life, and non-GMO certified chocolate in North America, Theo is creating delicious products while working to improve livelihoods and protect the environment in farm and factory communities alike. Visit their website to find Theo Chocolate at a retailer near you.

Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library
Booth 5413

Visit the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library for resources on home living, cooking, pets, and lawn and garden care for all ages and more – all for free with your library card!

Turtle Creek Farm
Booth 4308

Organic, simple living with Farm Naked™ environmentally-friendly solutions. Stock Tank Secret™ chemical-free treatment keeps livestock water tanks clean. Hopper Stopper™ grasshopper traps don’t use bait or pesticides!




Vermont Marble, Granite, Slate & Soapstone Company
Booth 4307

Stop by to see the Vermont Bun Baker cookstove/woodstove, a full line of soapstone cookware, coolware and drinkware as well as great stone gifts!




Booth 4609
Learn the root cause of eczema and psoriasis from Joseph, who had both from head to toe and now has 100 percent clear skin.




Walnut Kitchen Homestead
Booth 1102
Walnut Kitchen Homestead sells homestead soaps. Discover Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs, home dairy, heritage poultry and small-scale agriculture. Sign up for a 2015 Farm Education Day.

Booth 5409
Water-Revolution offers affordable alkaline, antioxidant water systems that mimic nature’s perfect purification process. Made by a family-owned company in the United States, they provide superior effectiveness in reducing dangerous contaminants.

Booth 5103

Plant based cleaners, top quality spices, extracts, personal care, and health aides. Around since 1868, known for top quality, it is the world's oldest door-to-door company. 785-862-0884

Well WaterBoy Products

Get water from your well without electricity. Well WaterBoy Products designs and builds human-powered devices for the self-reliant, especially regarding water.

White Harvest Seed Company
Booth 1407

White Harvest Seed Company offers Heirloom seeds, Rogue Hoe garden tools, DIY books, and a variety of organic fertilizers/insecticides, and other gardening supplies.

Whole Body Wellness Concepts
Booth 5110

Whole Body Wellness Concepts - Helping you live a longer, fuller and healthier life from the inside out by improving blood flow, digestion, immune system and more.

Wichita Rain Barrels
Booth 4509

They repurpose food grade, UV coated barrels into long-lasting and reliable rain barrels that can stay outside all year. Your garden will thank you.

Wild Herb Natural Skin Care
Booth 4108
Wild Herb Natural Skin Care is dedicated to providing alternatives for like-minded people who also want chemical-free, made-to-order, personal care products. Try their lotions, Fantastic Feeling Feet products, facial cream and scrub, castile soaps, and other natural, handmade goodies! Find them at and

Wild Planet Foods
Booth 5209
Wild Planet is committed to producing premium wild seafood, sourced from fisheries practicing sustainable fishing methods. Their offerings include albacore and skipjack tuna, Pacific sardines and Alaska salmon.

Booth 5205

Wildtree's organic culinary blends, infused grapeseed oils, dressings and sauces enable you to create spectacular, great tasting dishes with just three or four ingredients.

Wise Women Botanicals
Booth 5114

Wise Women Botanicals is a retailer and wholesaler of pure essential oils and essential oil blends (uncut), world class goats milk skincare products, organic lavender, chamomile, helichrysum and other herbs.

Booth 3103
Wood-Mizer is the world's leading manufacturer of portable sawmills and offers eight mode mills. Their other products include industrial sawmills, secondary processing and blades




YL Oils for Health
Booth 5601

Equipping people to prepare for the lack of access to healthcare due to a catastrophic event or an economic collapse while promoting a healthy lifestyle today.

Booth 1418
The YukChuk compost container features twin sealing locking handle and living hinge lid, all dishwasher safe. It's the solution to odor-free, kitchen food waste collection.


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