Becky Venn of Alpacas of Wintercreek discusses the benefits of raising alpacas
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Becky Venn of Alpacas of Wintercreek discusses the benefits of raising alpacas

Fair videographer:
Hi, I’m here with Becky Venn and we’re at the Mother Earth News Fair in the Modern Homesteading tent. Becky is of Alpacas of Wintercreek, and she’s going to tell us a little bit about her two friends that she has here today, and also tell us about, if someone is considering livestock, why they might choose alpacas. Take it away.

Becky Venn of Alpacas of Wintercreek, Fair exhibitor:
This is Licorice Whip, and this is Connor. These are both fiber boys that I have on the farm just for their fiber. I raise them for their fiber.

What we do is shear them once a year, take it from their fleece straight into roving and then straight into yarn. Versus sheep, they don’t have any lanolin, so they’re what we consider hypoallergenic, so anybody and everybody can wear it, and there’s very little guard hair so you don’t have any of the prickly factor that some of the wools have. That’s why we like them, and that’s why we breed them, is because we like their fiber much better. It’s much easier to use than other fibers out there.

Besides that, they’re sweet, they’re easy on the land, they don’t tear up the land at all. They have padded feet, and just teeth on the bottom.

Wintercreek is actually a breeding farm, and so I have herd sires and babies and females all there that I sell, and we do that on the farm also.

Other than that, fiber is what we grow them for. That’s what they’re for, and that’s why they’re so sustainable. We don’t eat them. Some people do, but we don’t eat them, we just grow them for their fiber.

Wonderful. Thank you for sharing that with us.

You bet! Thanks for coming.

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