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What in the World Is Happening to Our Honeybees?

Dr. Joe Carson - Complete Bee, Alaska Heavenly Honey
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Workshop Level: Intermediate
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Workshop Description

Hear up-to-date information on winter bee losses, colony collapse disorder, chemical cause and effect on honeybees, pollination and stressors on bees, and what it all means for our future food supply.

Speaker Bio

Joe Carson is the founder and president of Complete Bee, which manufactures naturopathic honeybee food supplements, and is the owner of Alaska Heavenly Honey - Beyond Organic! He's a former chairman of the Research Committee for American Beekeeping Federation, and has spent eight years on the board of directors for the foundation. He is a member American Honey Producers Association, a former president of Southcentral Alaska Beekeepers Association, and a lecturer on bee diseases (with an emphasis on nutraceutical alternatives to common and "approved" chemical treatments for honeybees). He's a beekeeper with apiaries in Alaska, California and other locations.

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