The No-Mortgage Natural Cottage

Chris McClellan - Natural Cottage Project
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Before the Industrial Revolution our ancestors generally lived in small houses they built for themselves from local earth, stone, straw and wood, mainly because the materials were cheap or free and didn't require a great deal of specialized skill. Today's houses might be bigger and more comfortable, but they're also often toxic and expensive. For all sorts of good reasons, basic DIY shelter is making a comeback. With a little guidance, almost anyone can still build their own home with low-cost natural and scrounged materials for under $10,000 and opt out of the industrial building and mortgage rat race.

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Speaker Bio

Chris McClellan is a board member of The Natural Building Network and a partner at The Natural Cottage Project, which teach people of all ages that they can do things themselves. He raises free-range, organic children in the wild suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.

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