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Tales from the Community Grain Revolution

Heather McLeod - New Society Publishers
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Grain is the perfect metaphor for how we've lost control of our food supply, and with it the skills and tools to feed ourselves. Learn how communities from Alaska to Arizona are empowering themselves by reviving local grain production to improve food security, local economies and the environment. Come join the conversation, get inspired and learn how to turn your own community into a hotbed of revolution.

Speaker Bio

Heather McLeod is the co-owner of Makaria Farm and the co-founder of the successful community grain-growing project, Island Grains. She is a passionate believer in re-skilling and founder of the Renaissance Women, a group dedicated to personal empowerment through learning practical skills. Her book, Uprisings: A Hands-on Guide to the Community Grain Revolution, was published in September 2013.

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