Raw Milk Production: Safety and benefits

Charlotte Smith - Champoeg Creamery for Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
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Charlotte Smith's dynamic, engaging and emotional talk covers how and why her family started and maintains a successful, sustainable raw milk dairy. She goes through the history of how pasteurization came to be, and why, with today's technology and with proper training, we can work toward having a pool of safe raw milk for everyone in America! Smith addresses the safety of raw milk production on the micro-dairy level, as well as some key things to look for that both consumers and producers love to learn about. She will also delve into the question "Why raw milk?" ... reviewing all the beneficial enzymes and the new medical paradigm embracing healing probiotics (supported by specific stories of healing from several of her longtime customers). Smith will also cover how raw milk benefits the small farm. Raw milk is a product that gets people to farms each week, so farmers can build from there and offer other products for sale to an audience who already trusts them. She will also demonstrate making fromage blanc from raw milk. It's super easy, anyone can do it, and it's full of beneficial enzymes and probiotics, making it tasty and good for you!

Speaker Bio

Charlotte Smith owns Champoeg Creamery, a micro-dairy consisting of three Jersey cows, and is also a certified nutritionist and raw milk dairy consultant. After spending six years trying to work with doctors to cure her children’s eczema, she discovered raw milk nine years ago and experienced firsthand the idea that a traditional foods diet is our best medicine. Her children were healed of eczema within weeks without the use of medication and Smith began her raw milk research to find out why.

She is the creator of the website, which mentors raw milk producers across the United States.

In September 2012 her dairy, Champoeg Creamery, was chosen to be the first dairy “Listed” by the Raw Milk Institute, an organization that has developed common standards nationally for safe raw milk production. This “Listing” showcases the excellent standards the dairy must achieve and maintain at all times for raw milk to be safe and healthy.

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5/7/2014 7:27:29 PM
Please tell me what you think. According to these 2 US government studies raw milk actually has a negative risk factor. 1. Raw Milk Consumption among Patients with Non–Outbreak-related Enteric Infections, Minnesota, USA, 2001–2010 by Trisha J. Robinson, Joni M. Scheftel, and Kirk E. Smith An estimated 17.3% of raw milk consumers in Minnesota may have acquired an illness caused by 1 of these enteric pathogens during the 10-year study period. (That's 1.7% per year.) or (1 in 59) < from cdc gov > 2. About 48 million people (That's 15% per year or 1 in 6 Americans) get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die each year from foodborne diseases, according to new estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. < from cdc gov > When you look at these 2 studies you can see that the US Center for Disease Control has inadvertently demonstrated that people who don't drink raw milk are 9 times more likely to contract a so called foodborne illness. In other words raw milk prevents 1.3 million cases of foodborne disease and 90 deaths every year in the US.

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