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Washington Poultry Exhibitors Spring Show
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Poultry Show

The Washington Poultry Exhibitors and MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR have teamed up for the Washington Invitational Spring Show, and to offer utility classes for backyard poultry folds, a sale area, egg classes, and roundtable discussions on different aspects of raising and showing birds.

This is the oldest non-fair show in the Northwest. It was started in Tacoma in the mid-1930s by the Northwest Bantam Club and moved to Oregon during the war. It returned to Washington in 1963.

Tim Bowles, Bill Wenger and Paul Weiser will judge the poultry.
Heather Hayes will judge the Serama Table Top (ASA sanctioned).
Jason Earl will judge the Youth Showmanship Classes.
Pigeon judging is to be announced.

An egg show, sponsored by Payback Feed, will be a part of the event.
Another judge will be found as entries merit.
Poultry entries are $3.00 per bird, $5.00 for a trio and $2.00 per pigeon.
There’s no exhibitor fee. All exhibitors will receive gate passes for the weekend and free parking passes.

Hosting the following meets:
District Meet Old English Game Bantam Club
District Meet American Silkie Bantam Club
State Meet for Sebright Club of America
State Meet for Wyandotte Breeders of America
State Meet for Belgian D'Uccle and Booted Bantam Club
Special Meet for Dominique
Special Meet for Langshans
Special Meet for Belgian D'Anvers
Special Meet for Polish Breeders Club

For entry catalog and any specials you wish to donate please contact Larry Urban (360) 273-7705 or Barb Tuss (541) 673-2997,

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