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Potent Plantings to Lure Primo Pollinators

Robin Haglund - Garden Mentors®
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Whether you garden in containers on a balcony or on a larger plot of land, adding plants for pollinators not only helps the environment and promotes better edible harvests, it also ensures your garden is filled with beautiful flowers and fantastic fragrance day and night. Plus, pollinators – from bees to butterflies to birds and even bats – provide nonstop outdoor entertainment. And, they may even help with pest control and pruning! For those who want to maximize their fruit and vegetable harvests, luring beneficial fauna is key to your success. Join award-winning garden designer, honeybee hive host, and pioneering garden coach Robin Haglund to learn how to develop a gorgeous garden with year-round interest plants that pollinators simply can’t resist.

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Robin Haglund, founder and president of pioneering garden coaching firm Garden Mentors®, is viewed nationally as The Garden Mentor. She is an HGTV, WALP, WSNLA and NWFGS award-winning designer, a down-to-earth speaker, and gardening television writer and frequent guest. Haglund dedicates much of her own gardening time to educating others, developing habitat for bees and other pollinators, and raising crops and plants to feed others in need. Her articles and seminars are infused with vibrant anecdotes derived from her childhood on the farm, her daily adventures with honeybees and pets in the garden, and her everyday garden coaching experiences working hand-in-hand with professional and aspiring novice gardeners in their home gardens.

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