Permaculture: Design for regeneration

Darrell Frey - New Society Publishers
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Workshop Level: Intermediate
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This presentation will provide an overview of Permaculture Design principles and practices through a study of Three Sisters Farm and several other projects. Three Sisters Farm is a 5-acre market garden. Since 1989, they have been marketing produce and hosting educational programs from their bioshelter and gardens. The farm strives to promote biodiversity and conserve energy and resources, caring for the earth while producing a range of farm products.

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Speaker Bio

Darrell Frey is the author of Bioshelter Market Garden: A Permaculture Farm (New Society Publishers, 2011). Bioshelter Market Garden is a comprehensive guide to the small-scale intensive farm and its role in the sustainable food system, and a case study of 30 years of the application of permaculture design.

Frey is a Sustainable Community Development Consultant with three decades of experience in the application of ecological design; and he is the owner and farm manager of Three Sisters Farm. Three Sisters Farm is a 5-acre market garden located in Mercer County, Pa. Since 1989, Three Sisters Farm has been providing high-quality organic produce to regional restaurants, grocers and caterers.

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