Making Leather: Traditional hide tanning

Chris Chisholm - Wolf Camp and the Wolf College
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Whether you harvest your own farm animals, go hunting in the fall, or just want to buy hides to make beautiful leather traditionally, this presentation will show you how to honor animal skins for a plethora of uses. Wolf College staff will demonstrate each step of the tanning process, from fleshing to bucking to graining the rawhide, then soaking it in eggs before stretching, buffing and smoking your finished leather for protection against weathering.

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Speaker Bio

Chris Chisholm grew up in the North Woods of Minnesota, graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1991, and founded Wolf Camp in 1996. It has grown into the Wolf College, now located less than a mile from the Puyallup Fairgrounds, where he teaches skills of the Neighborhood Naturalist, Traditional Herbalist, Wildlife Tracker, Survival Scout, Ancient Artisan, Honorable Hunter, Sustainable Citizen and Environmental Ed.

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