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Livestock Guardian Dogs: Utilization and training

Evan Gregoire and Rachel Kornstein - Boondockers Farm
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Workshop Level: Beginner
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Workshop Description

Using livestock guardians can take time and patience. This class will demonstrate easy steps you can take to train a livestock guardian dog to bond with your flock. Evan Gregoire and Rachel Kornstein will also show techniques related to fencing and housing options. They will try to have participants leave the workshop with a sense of what a guardian can do for a farm. Gregoire and Kornstein specialize in using Great Pyrenees with poultry, which presents many other challenges, yet the dogs work efficiently with minimal on-farm losses to predators.

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Speaker Bio

Evan Gregoire and Rachel Kornstein have been providing the local Northwest and United States with rare ducklings and breeding stock for the last eight years. They concentrate on the heritage Ancona duck, among the best of foraging ducks, and use the ducks in large rotational areas in a permaculture-focused farm. They are home to the main breeding population of the Ancona at Boondockers Farm, outside of Portland, Ore. Great Pyrenees guard the flocks all year round.

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