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Learn to Draw Farm Animals!

Carolyn Guske - Heritage farm animal artist
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Workshop Level: Beginner
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Workshop Description

Learn how to create animal drawings using big shapes and the basics of perspective. Anyone can learn to draw! There will be a demonstration, and then Carolyn Guske will help you with your drawings.

Speaker Bio

Carolyn Guske has had a lifelong passion for animals and a 30-year career as an artist in animation. She's a fourth-generation Californian who grew up in the San Fernando Valley. Her animation career started in ink and paint, moved on to color key, took her back to art school and then on to background painting.

Starting in March 2009, between animation gigs, Guske began to paint farm animals. She received such personal satisfaction from rediscovering watercolor after a 20-year hiatus that her focus has turned to paint every rare breed farm animal. "Having a subject you are passionate about is paramount," she says.

An avid traveler, she enjoys the process of visiting farms to take photos to create her compositions or use owner's photos to capture the essence of each breed. Her hope is to communicate her impression of the beauty and personality of each animal, and that her paintings will bring attention to these rare breeds and increase appreciation for our agricultural heritage.

Dutch Belted cattle, American Buff geese, Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs: These are all animals that were among the livestock and poultry breeds that served as the backbone of agriculture for generations. Known as traditional, endangered or heritage breeds, these creatures are now faced with extinction as agriculture favors only a few highly specialized breeds, selected for maximum output within controlled environments.

The traditional breeds represent an irreplaceable piece of the American agricultural inheritance. In an effort to help spread the word and promote these endangered breeds, Guske hopes to show how beautiful and unique each breed is with her paintings.

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