How to Grow Tasty, Nutrient-Dense Fruits and Vegetables

Larry Bailey - Clean Food Farm
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Workshop Level: Intermediate
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Workshop Description

Why is it that only 10% of organically produced fruits and vegetables have more vitamins and minerals than their conventional counterparts? Workshop participants will learn practical techniques they can use in gardens and farms to build better soil to grow nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables that taste better (and are better for you). Learn how to use soil test results to remedy nutrient, microbial and mineral deficiencies found in many Western Washington soils. Also learn how soil health and nutrient content of produce are linked. If you have produce gardening or farming experience, this workshop will help improve your ability to grow tastier, healthier produce.

Speaker Bio

Larry Bailey is co-owner (with his wife, Sarah) of Clean Food Farm, a certified organic farm located in the Orting Valley. He has been using various organic soil building methods backed by testing lab results and sustainable production practices to improve the flavor and nutrient density of produce and fruit. He has a bachelor's degree in horticulture from Washington State University in Pullman. In 2012 he placed 11th out of more than 250 competitors in a nationwide nutrient density contest for butternut squash.

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