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Growing Dry Beans and Grains in Your Backyard

Krista Rome - Backyard Beans & Grains
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Workshop Level: Beginner
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Workshop Description

Growing grains and beans may be the most important thing one can learn in the quest to eat more locally. Enhance your pantry and your life by learning the basics of growing your own storable staple crops. Krista Rome will discuss variety selection, planting, maintenance, harvest, threshing, storage and cooking methods. This class is intended for gardeners of all levels, with an emphasis on low-tech methods and hand tools. An optional instruction manual and locally adapted seeds will be available for purchase for those who are ready to get rolling.

Speaker Bio

Krista Rome is a farmer/homesteader with a degree in environmental science and botany. She runs the Backyard Beans & Grains Project and Non-GMO Corn Preservation Project in Whatcom County, Wash. Her main focus in farming is empowering others to eat locally every month of the year by teaching them how to grow a winter garden and long-term storage crops such as dry beans and grains. Through the Backyard Beans & Grains Project, Rome conducts seed trials, sells seed, and teaches workshops on homesteading skills with an emphasis on low-tech food preservation and self-sufficiency.

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