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Down and Dirty Ways to Amend Your Soil

Hendrikus Schraven and Nirav Peterson - Hendrikus Organics
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Workshop Level: Intermediate
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Workshop Description

From the Master of Soil… It’s all about the soil! And getting your soil to its optimum is the foundation for everything else you will be doing with that soil, regardless of what you grow, or the location you are in.

We will get practical, down and dirty, with this lively demonstration on how to test and amend your soil, by yourself, with your own hands. You will be intrigued by these easy and effective ways to discover your soil's ills or strengths. Learn how to improve drainage, root growth, get rid of hard pan and ultimately grow the best food, flowers and trees with our soil amending methods.

NOTES: This is practical knowledge and hands-on skills that will get you results in understanding and improving your soil. We will have samples of our typical soils and do demonstrations of different test methods, along with images or illustrations on the screen. Along with hands-on testing, you will learn the best amendments to use, why, when, where and how.

Speaker Bio

Known for his many episodes on Gardening with Ciscoe and award-winning landscapes, Hendrikus’ agricultural and construction background started in Holland, where he gained a firm foundation in soil ecology, structural applications and design, and the role of organics in environmental health.

In 1972 he made the Seattle Puget Sound area his home, and within two years established what has become one of the most respected, environmentally conscious, landscape construction and design companies in America. He has garnered over 60 state, national, and international awards for environmental excellence and erosion control technology.

Covering the topics of organics, living soils, environmentally sound construction practices, and erosion control, he has consulted all the way from Haiti, Fiji, Holland, New York, California, Arizona, Washington State and Hawaii.

Through his company he supplies high-quality organic fertilizers, soil amendments and compost tea sprays and equipment that have helped make his projects so environmentally successful.

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