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Gardening With and for Chickens

Patricia Foreman - Gossamer Foundation
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Workshop Description

This ever-expanding workshop gives you practical and effective ways to feed and employ chickens in your garden. Learn how chickens create and enrich topsoil. Understand that not all chicken feed has to come from bags. Learn how chickens forage ... and which food they prefer. Use your yard as a mini-pasture (including rotational grazing systems) to build soil fertility and provide fresh graze. Control insects, including ticks and fleas. Integrate different types of fencing by understanding what works, and what doesn't. Build up your garden soil with chicken-assisted biomass recycling that transforms trash into black gold. Birdscape with perennials that your flock will perpetually love. Best of all, Patricia Foreman talks about getting truly wholesome, nutritious, non-GMO homegrown food for both you and your flock. This workshop will help you think outside the coop and inside local food systems.

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Speaker Bio

Patricia Foreman is the founding president of the Gossamer Foundation (, and developer of the Chickens and YOU Training Series. She is the author of many sustainable agricultural books, including City Chicks, and co-author of Chicken Tractor and Backyard Market Gardening. She has been widely published in major national magazines. Foreman is a popular guest on national radio and television talk shows, including programs on NPR and CBS. She was the co-host of the Chicken Whisperer Talk Show for four years. Foreman graduated from Purdue University with degrees in pharmacy and animal science (genetics and nutrition). She earned a master's degree from Indiana University's Graduate School of Public and Environmental Affairs. She lectures and facilitates workshops across North America on enabling local food systems.

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