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Free-Range Clothing

Alina Bartell - Natural Clothing Company
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The textile industry takes a heavy toll on our planet and even on your own health. There's a lot to be concerned about: from cotton agriculture being considered the world's "dirtiest" crop due to its heavy use of insecticides to manufacturing requiring huge amounts of energy (as well as using and releasing chemicals into environment). Your favorite T-shirt might have used up a 1/3 pound or more of serious toxins.

What can YOU do about it? Learn about sustainable textiles as well as natural and organic fibers. And see a hands-on demo of creating “free-range” clothing: new and upcycled, but not costing our planet and your body its health.

Speaker Bio

Alina Bartell is an owner of Natural Clothing Company store in Snohomish, Wash., offering natural and organic clothing for the whole family. Their textiles are made from either organic or chemically free grown crops, manufactured safely and in socially responsible conditions. The fibers carried include hemp, organic cotton, bamboo and more. Natural Clothing Company is a certified member of Green America (the oldest network of green businesses in the United States) and many other green groups, such as Sustainable Snohomish. Natural Clothing Company is an organizer and sponsor of the annual Snohomish Earth Day celebration. Bartell is deeply involved in her community's eco-friendly activities, as well as the arts, with a special focus on issues of sustainability. Her goal is to reconnect people to what has worked for humans for thousands of years: respect for nature and living in harmony with environment

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