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Flu Prevention and Treatment Tips

David Christopher, M.H. - School of Natural Healing
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The three top herbs for flu prevention (echinacea, garlic and elderberry) will be taught, giving the background and the properties of each herb and why they are effective against the flu. An amazing treatment called the cold sheet treatment will be taught, providing step-by-step instructions on how to do it and why it is effective. Learn why a fever isn't always bad, how to handle a "healthy fever," and what it is actually doing for the body ... as well as what nutrition a person should be feeding the body during this time.

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Speaker Bio

Having been raised in the simple ways of natural health, David Christopher found his interests growing beyond his university study. In 1974 he took his place by his father's side at The School of Natural Healing. His book An Herbal Legacy of Courage is a loving tribute to his father.

In 1979 he became a master herbalist and the director of the school. Today, thousands safely apply the Christopher methodology thanks to his directorship.

Christopher is an international lecturer and was instrumental in influencing natural healing principles taught in several European Herbal Colleges. He and his wife, Fawn, host a weekly radio program, "A Healthier You." Christopher has generated new ideas on the management of high blood pressure, diabetes and autoimmune diseases, and was one of the first to discourage the use of Prozac in favor of natural methods. His goal in life is to help others learn to benefit from a healthier lifestyle.

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