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Finding Hidden Jewels of Nutrition in Food Markets and Seed Catalogs

Jo Robinson - Natural Health Network
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Jo Robinson will tell the story of how we have unwittingly bred healthy plant compounds out of our fruits and vegetables for hundreds of generations. You will learn that these missing "phytonutrients" are now proving to be essential for health and healing. The good news is that Robinson has discovered that some varieties of present-day fruits and vegetables have far more phytonutrients than others.You will learn which ones they are and how to prepare them for optimum health. Home gardeners will be given a list of delicious and nutritious varieties to plant in the Northwest area. New research shows that this groundbreaking information has the potential to reduce your risk of disease and extend your healthy lifespan.

Speaker Bio

Jo Robinson was born in Tacoma, Wash., and now lives on Vashon Island. Throughout her long writing career, she has championed ways to produce healthier food and protect the environment. She is the founder of the popular website, which has become the national clearinghouse for information about the benefits of choosing eggs, meat and dairy products from grass-fed animals. Her most recent book, Eating on the Wild Side, a New York Times best-seller, explains how we have bred healthful compounds out of our fruits and vegetables and how to reclaim them. She is the co-author or author of 14 books with combined sales of more than 2 million copies. Robinson has appeared on CBS This Morning, CNN with Sanjay Gupta, and the Today Show, and she has been featured on four National Public Radio programs: All Things Considered, Fresh Air, The Splendid Table, and Science Friday. Her work has also been featured in The New York Times, Prevention, Epicurious, Gourmet, Men's Health, MOTHER EARTH NEWS, Health Magazine, Scientific American and Bon Appetit.

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