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Financial, Emotional and Environmental Benefits of Living Tiny

Andrew Morrison - Straw Bale Innovations
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Join Andrew Morrison as he guides you through what it takes to live comfortably, debt-free and stress-free in a tiny house. This presentation will cover everything from how much money you can save by living tiny to some first steps you can take right now toward a simpler and healthier life. Discover strategies for making the move into full-time tiny house living.

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Speaker Bio

Andrew Morrison, a retired contractor and now teacher/consultant, has empowered people to reach their dreams since 2002. He has personally taught more than 1,000 participants in his 7-day, hands-on construction workshops, as well as thousands more through his step-by-step DVD productions and personal growth circles. He understands that the dreams we hold in this world are within the grasp of anyone who truly wants them. Let him inspire you to grab a hold of yours.

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